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We are commited to disrupt the traditional publishing model and the way content is written

We are multi-cultural team of writers, designers and passionate readers, with the mission to make all independent publishing easier, smarter, more flexible and fair; and to deliver the best reading experience in any device to readers who are on-the-go.

Inkspired is a company that was born in Ecuador, and is nowadays operating the business and product team in Ecuador and Luxembourg. We work together everyday with a multi-disciplinary team around the world, in the US, UK, Canada, Brazil, Germany and Spain.

On Inkspired we aim for quality rather than quantity.


  • Inkspired Web Platform for emerging writers and readers, to connect by allowing them to discover, read, write and publish creative stories and book series, while also growing their author's career. We love to focus on quality content, and we aim to help our authors to develop their writing skills and connect them with resources to boost their careers.
  • Inkspired Mobile Reader for readers, a set of mobile apps available on iOS and Android, focused on reading, discovering and following Inkspired stories.
  • Inkspired Writer App for professional creative authoring and writing better fiction. Available for Mac and Windows.
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  • Free publishing and reading of serial stories on the web and mobile apps.
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  • Self-publishing services to help writers increase the quality and reach of their stories on Inkspired and outside of it.
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  • A Writer Premium Subscription, specialized in enabling tools and services for
    writing smart fiction, the creation of digital books, and publishing in different publishing platforms.
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  • Matchmaking between our Inkspired authors and Premium subscribers with publishers and other opportunities.
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Inkspired started its BETA in 2015, founded by passionate Ecuadorian entrepreneur Galo A. Vargas, who realized the challenges of publishing his own first book, and the non-practical experience of writing it over the years without feedback and a readership. With the objective to innovate in the digital publishing space, Inkspired started developing its prototype to transform it into a smart tool for writing online fiction and publishing faster. The official version of its website and the mobile apps set was finally launched by August 2016, available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian; followed by the release of the Inkspired Writer desktop apps for Mac and Windows by late 2017.

Getting started

If you are a passionate reader, start discovering all the wonderful stories posted in Inkspired. If you are emerging/independent writer, or an already established-author with a desire of expanding your current readership, please have a look at our authors' benefits and our Writer Premium subscription.

To get constant updates of what we are doing and the upcoming new releases, check our official Product Blog and Twitter channel.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to make all independent publishing easier, smarter, more flexible and fair; and to deliver the best reading experience in any device to readers who are on-the-go.


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