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The world of Raul is forgotten by the gods, left to fall to ruins after a great magical catastrophe. The Arat-Tsat empire created the perfect conditions for the rip in the magical weave that is the center of the Daedlands, and the heart of a dead god. Journey through a desert where death is never the end, and find out what happened to the creators and the empire that never fell. Non Verified Universe Imaginäre, surreale Fantasie Teilen

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Stories of The World of Raul - The Daedlands

Rapture of the Daedlands Canon Main Story
An anthology of survivor stories penned by Ordo Amni, with tales of loss, life, and the end of all things. Praise Gytha…
The Daedlands: Adapting a magical catastrophe f… Canon Side Story
Your Primer to the Daedlands and the world of Raul - it's civilizations, maladies and gods, complete with system agnost…
The Isle of Amel Canon Side Story
A fisherman fairy tale - displaying honor to the gods of the sea may lead to further rewards. Based of of the Norweigan…

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