The Seductress Reborn

Anne Boleyn reborn as Caterina Romanov to help King Henry VIII find love at last. Non Verified Universe Historic, Renaissance Teilen

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The Seductress Reborn Canon Main Story
Anne Boleyn reborn as Caterina Romanov Queen of Russia. After her death and a push from a surprising person she tries...

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Michele Lugetti Michele Lugetti
Dear Anastaisa. I read in your profile, that u „need help“ with storyline. It seems, that u have enough ideas of your own. But one thing is true.... Henry VIII often participated in horse riding competitions and he visited France and met there the French King. Perhaps something u could need. Good success with your writing.
March 19, 2021, 19:03

  • Anastaisa Marrow Anastaisa Marrow
    I might, that could go well with the timeline. I kind of forgot about that. I'll have to change it as although I like having input on the story. I have a lot of ideas. March 19, 2021, 20:54
Michele Lugetti Michele Lugetti
Already started to write.?... nice idea for a reborn story! ... what could be the reason that Henry should meet mrs Romanov and where... and is she eager to take revenge or to fall in love again with Henry... To my mind a location not in England could be more appropriate and thrilling.. what about an completion in France oder Burgund..where Henry is kidnapped by Spanish knights and Russian Soldiers .... try to free Henry or to fetch him ... to bring him to Russia.
March 18, 2021, 23:39