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O.J. Zainab, a young lady from Ghana who is always fascinated by the dreamy world of novels, and would love to give back to the world some joy she got from reading. She gets her inspiration from God, the love & support of family and friends. Shout out to the design owners used for my books. https://None. Tema, Ghana.
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Broken Fates

Amira was a go-getter and had always gone after what she wanted with the ferociousness of an untamed bull as far as she could recall. Lessons learned in life branded her that way. Her vigorous and forceful nature mostly made folks around to misunde…
#11 in Romance 4.9k Abrufe 42 6 Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage

Revelations of the Enchanted Mirror

Alex, a billionaire who bought an island to get away from the stress of his daily life discovered the island wasn't all that met the eyes. Nope, his island was concealing a mysterious magical realm and he realized that when he fell into a big rabbit…
#1 in Paranormal 10.0k Abrufe 15 8 Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage


Shane was the king of campus, he earned that title when he transferred to Lincoln University and everyone seemed to gravitate towards him like a sapling to the sun. Girls threw themselves at him because of his looks and he was on the football team t…
#14 in Romance 3.3k Abrufe 24 5 Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage

The Valley of Death

Ethan woke up from a coma, lured to consciousness by the harsh beeping sound of the machines attached to his body. In a lame quest to detach himself, he found a mysterious note embedded in his palm. A note that left him breathless and scared for the…
536 Abrufe 3 3 Abgeschlossene Geschichte


Rose thought love was supposed to be a haven where one lets go of his/her inhibition and is accepted for who they are. She thought love was sweet and nice and full of passion. She thought love was about sacrifices and giving your all for the peace a…
#16 in Romance 6.9k Abrufe 6 7 Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage

Valencia, The Fallen Empire

Captain Laura was the first female astronomer to venture out to the outer space with her crew members. They were able to study and develop safety measures to protect them against the hazardous elements of space. Their mission was to unravel the myst…
720 Abrufe 3 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte


A story based on a true life event, narrated to me by my late grandmother about an incident that took place in her hometown that shook her village and imprisoned them in an influence of fright and terror.
950 Abrufe 2 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte


Sarah won a card game with her friends and dared them to take a trip with her to her grandfather's cabin. She never in her wildest dream thought the trip would end up in mayhem with their car getting a flat tire on the way and having to trek the res…
4.1k Abrufe 2 3 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Shattered Moments

A poem about heartbreak found in misplaced love and fighting through the pain to make sense of it.
1.3k Abrufe 5 4 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Tears of a Burning Heart

(This story is based on a true-life event. A recap of one of 🇬🇭 Ghana's tragic moments. The Accra Stadium tragedy-2001. My condolences go to all involved. May the souls of the victims rest in peace, amen.) Michael was a survivor of one of life's h…
#4 in Memoir & Life Stories 5.3k Abrufe 4 6 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The Cries of The Missing Souls

Shirley lived in a small isolated town haunted by invisible forces that cast a shadow over it, dimming its radiance of happiness. Every year several kids disappeared with no trace, her younger sister included, clouding the judgment of the townfolk w…
2.4k Abrufe 5 4 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The CIty of Echoes – fighting back

Dion, a citizen of a small country (suriname) in South America, was sick and tired of the ruins his city had fallen into, the bondage his people seemed complacent with. He was tired of the aggressive ruling of BDS; a government that was brutal and w…
#7 in Adventure 2.5k Abrufe 5 6 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

24 Hours to Midnight – winning her back

A short story about second chances, going back to win back what was lost. A story about a love not destroyed by time and separation. Alex realized he had made a mistake when he left his love behind in pursuit of his dreams. Now fully accomplished a…
#21 in Romance 17.7k Abrufe 6 12 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

When love walks in

A misplaced love. A wounded heart. A vengeful soul. And a healing touch. Secrets, lies, and betrayals were the rules of the game. A story about perseverance, the strength of friendship, and finding love when hope was lost. Lillian is a sweet innoce…
#15 in Romance 18.8k Abrufe 75 19 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The Memories Remain

She woke up with memories that seemed hers but weren't familiar. Out of the blue she was saddled with a husband and a kid that she couldn't remember, and he was dangerous and wanted her dead. She knew who she was, and no make-believe would make her …
#11 in Thriller/Mystery 5.5k Abrufe 4 7 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

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