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I write original stories. All my characters and storylines are my creation with some help from friends and family. I try and post chapters in a timely manner but as a single parent it can be difficult to keep up with stories. If there's a story you like please let me know. I love to hear your feedback!  https://None. Bradenton , United States.
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Life of a Villain

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte You've read about Gabrielle's adventures as a side character but what about the other characters? In the second part of the series of Adventures of Fictional Characters we hear a different side of the story. Everet Hamilton is a self aware character…
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For Love and War (Revision)

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte This is the story of Pandora Frostwelm. Born into the prestigious Clouds of Heaven clan along with her twin sister Allura, she has had a difficult life. Being the daughter of the clan leader and head of the Divine Council, she's had to keep up appea…
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Life of a Side Character

In every story, there are Main Characters and Side Characters. We all know the stories of the Main Characters. Their stories of adventure and romance bring us happiness and joy when we read about them. But what about Side Characters? Gabrielle Swans…
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Within Arms Reach

Asher has had a hard life. His parents died when he was a child, sending him to St. Michaels Orphanage at the age of 5 where he meets the love of his life, Jasper. Unfortunately, because of Asher's personality it puts them both in dangerous situatio…
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Life of a Side Character: Side Stories

Curious about some of your favorite characters? Want to know more about their experiences in their world of fiction? Well wonder no more! In this collection of short stories you will discover more about what our characters have gone through to get t…
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The Tales of Dog and Seraphine

These are the stories of Krohn Thamuz and Seraphine Cruorem. Based off of Dungeons and Dragons, the adventures of this duo are full of danger and comedy as they explore the world together. Krohn is a young Tiefling Druid Shapeshifter who knows nothi…
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In the End

Rose just wants to live her life in peace. After her husband left her with her son for another woman, she decided to give up on love all together. Her job as a Mental Health Consular at the cities most prestigious Jackson State Hospital keeping her …
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