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HI, my name is Ella Mae, or E for short. I’m an author in my spare time, but normally a musician and student just trying to survive. I’m a violinist and have an appreciation for the arts, which you’ll probably see in several upcoming stories I’m hoping to write. If you like my stories, pls follow!!! https://None. Los Angelos, California , United States.
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Aria is just a girl. Well, just a girl with an amazing talent. She grew up in a rich family of musicians, so, of course, she was expected to take on a musical journey of her own. At only four years old she began taking lessons from world-renowned te…
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Diary of a Broken Heart - Freshman Year

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Liara Reese is beginning her freshman year of highschool, and she couldn’t be more unprepared. Struggling to win over an years-old crush, she questions things like love, happiness, and friendship. Read into this youthful diary of a teen girl just tr…
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Dearest Janie

Old friends and lovers, Janie and Will’s heart touching emails brought them back together after being apart for seven years. Finally reunited, will they accomplish what so long ago they failed to do? This story was written for the writing competiti…
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Video games… everyone tells him it’s not a matter of life or death. But in Arcadia, the rules are about to change. Buckle up for a hyper-speed style ride where even your wildest dreams become possible. Join Lucas Stafford on a journey through epic …
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Arcadia: The Experience

Video games… everyone tells you it’s not a matter of life or death. But in Arcadia, the rules are about to change. Get ready for the ride of your life as you battle your way through choices left and right. The power is in your hands, the choice is …
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Interaktive Geschichte


Rosa Stanley - your completely average girl. But when she starts to unravel both her past and others, she finds truths that could shake the foundations of her world. And what of Adrian Moonscarr, the boy with more than a few secrets in his past? Wi…
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Suddenly thrown into a life she can’t remember, Mira is brought back to sharp reality as she struggles to regain her memory. She needs to find the answers faster than ever, especially when relationships start getting complicated…
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Dear Dreamer…

A collection of poems on life, love, and dreams…
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It’s finally second semester at the elite Daleman High, and excitement is practically buzzing in the air. Talk of summer, graduation, and sports are going viral at the school — especially during lunch break. Amazing things are about to happen, dream…
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