Destiny Scott Folgen

Young author Also a young mother so if my chapters are too short don't come after me because taking care of a little baby is time consuming and kind of makes me feel like garbage United States.
BEIGETRETEN Feb 26, 2022

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Adult stories of supernatural creatures taking advantage of innocent females and males for thirst pleasure
4 Stories 432 Abrufe 2 2


Beware of the silver moon
5.8k Abrufe 13 10 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Lost ones

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Life of two best bitches turned sisters from other misters for life
774 Abrufe 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte


Nyla was walking home from work when she ran in to her boss who Nyla found to be very hot. they drove back to her apartment where things started getting interesting. The next day when Nyla got to work, her boss was waiting for her with a job offe...
2.0k Abrufe 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Rise of Moreamus

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Matt Moreamus was a game designer from 1999 who fell victim to his game and the creation of the game has warped his mind to a super villain. Marcius found the game in 2370 and he was walking home with game in hand when he ran into his crush and he...
794 Abrufe Abgeschlossene Geschichte


Nicht überprüfte Geschichte A group of kids were taken from a party and placed in a series of horrendous games leading in death and trauma. Is it all a dream or is it real?
1.6k Abrufe Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The shadow man

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Walking home from work when Myla met the man who she thought was the one
693 Abrufe 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

The demon that follows

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Becareful when walking home
528 Abrufe 1 1 Abgeschlossene Geschichte


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