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Hello, my name is Bailey and I’m not a very experienced writer but, I try. Some things about me is I have a dog named, Uggles. I know it’s a weird name. I also have a brother and sister. Thank you for actually reading my books! I hope you enjoy them! https://None. Ohio, United States.
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Willa Jane

Do you want to here a story about a 6 year old girl that has a magical adventure inside a magical mirror? Well here it is! I hope enjoy this fantasy adventure inside a magic place. I hope you like it :)
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If Lies Were Petals

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Ellie Moore’s father had died near her 14th birthday. She was heartbroken and the only thing that reminded her of him was this bench they would go to to talk or look at the stars. Soon after his death she finds this sunflower on this very same bench…
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