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Da'Saeya A. here. I normally go as Val'Aishlym. I post original fiction under Rypsy. I'm an avid gamer and currently a student studying writing and game design. I'm prone to write things fantasy, action, and drama. None of my stories are absent of dramatics. You can find me on multiple platforms, all of which are named on my personal website. Consider supporting me: https://ko-fi.com/rypsynigh http://https://sites.google.com/view/valaishlym/home?authuser=0. Japan.
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Shattered Glass

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte A letter from Noah's presumed dead clan turns his world upside down. Can the inquisition stand to have Noah as their leader considering nearly all they knew about the elf is a lie. How will Noah and Dorian's relationship fair when another face is ...
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Roots; Enter The Mage

“Maybe I will take you up on the offer….When the temptation of throwing myself over the railing while in your company abates,” Dorian reflects back on his relationship with the Inquisitor. What was said and not said; what was done and not done. ...
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Val’Aishlym reflects back on his romantic choices during the inquisition and the ramifications of such. Spoiler Alert: this series takes place post-game. Be warned that it will reference past missions you may or may not have gone through. As this...
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