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I'm just an author who decided to share the stories she cooks up with the world. Please understand that Annalesà is just a pen name as well. Hope you enjoy my stories! United States.
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BEIGETRETEN Feb 11, 2020

Meine Stories

True Darkness

This is a dystopian story about a little boy and his family.
1.6k Abrufe 4 5 Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Who is to blame: yelling at a dead girl.

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Story about pain and death
96 Abrufe Abgeschlossene Geschichte


Nicht überprüfte Geschichte What the Devil sees and wants. His game.
2.0k Abrufe Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Her Only Mistake

This is the story about a young woman's troubles. Read at your own risk.
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So soul shattered (A soul seer short story)

A sample of my short story to a hopeful story idea. I hope you enjoy. Thank you!
1.6k Abrufe Abgeschlossene Geschichte

Hello Readers

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Just a blog and update page for you guys
1.7k Abrufe Im Fortschritt

Views of those I care about

Nicht überprüfte Geschichte Just the thoughts of me and my friends, who knows maybe some good story lines will come out of this, with their consent of course. Any names given as chapter titles are not, NOT, their real names
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