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***My skin slides against the wooden floor, leaving pieces of splinter stuck inside “Issabella, get up,” Fresh blood enters my nostrils, mom’s bloody view frightens me “Why are you covered in blood mom? Where is dad?” Her weight does not leave the door, “Something attacked your father…” Her red polish digs into the wooden door, causing my trembling legs to force upward. “Mom... what happened?” Her knotted bloody brown hair does not fit her, one moment she hesitates to answer, only her green eyes demands… and the next, her hands throw me toward the bathroom entrance. “Bunny, hide p-please.” “Why mom, what happened? What is going on?” I focus on her hands, shivering against the wood, afraid to let go of the handle. Her lips parch slightly with each breath, “Issabella!”*** — Everything changed around me, everything I thought was just a movie happened in a few seconds… I lost everything, I lost all I care about… but will I give up? Will I allow this unknown world to consume me? I-I don’t know… this journey I embrace will be a tough fight I never thought I would ever have to walk… all I care about is making through today, to face tomorrow…

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#romance #horror #friendship #drama #violence
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For everyone reading this book...

I'm rewriting it because of some computer problems and I lost a lot of files which will cause the book to malfunction.

I know I have edited it like a thousand times, and I know many are reading this book, but I have no choice, and I apologize...

All right, enjoy, thank you for understanding... 🌹🐽

Updates will be available every day...

I apologize once again.

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