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I had a dream, where I died.

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My Death.

There was I, at the edge of this real world, and the world of dreams. There was a voice, saying my name. A cold wave ran through my body, my heart was bouncing out of my chest, a cold sweat was falling through my cheeks and forehead. I couldn't stand any longer and I closed my eyes. -"Hey, I'll count down to 1 and you'll wake up" - a mysterious voice said. -"5, 4, 2, 3, 1. Open your eyes" - the voice added. I opened my eyes and everything I could see was black, a darkness. I felt how it was taking my feelings and emotions, and somehow, my soul. Many miles away I saw a weird figure, coming at me with a weird and twisted head, its legs were broken and bleeding, its eyes were turn back, its tongue was touching the floor, a big mount of sharped teeth came out of his jaws with flesh between them. It stopped 5 meters in front of me, it started to spin its head. Its eyes found me between that darkness. It raised one arm and point me with its rotten finger, where his flesh was falling out of it, and its rotten finger, with its bone in a color between yellow and green was showing up of it. It stood in that position for about 3 minutes, and started to walk quickly right to me in a morbid way to do it, it was a nonhuman walk, the horror was raising and getting worst each second. I tried to run but it was pointless, my body didn't obey my orders. That thing reached me and started the slaughter, breaking my bones, and biting my whole body and tearing off my flesh, letting my blood fall like a waterfall and my guts swinging from side to side. It tore my arms and legs off. I was dying, I knew it, not only in the world of dreams but in the real life. I felt myself heavy, everything turned black, and quiet... And so, I knew I was dead.

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Javi Iruegas Futuro Médico Veterinaria y Zootecnista. Me gusta mucho leer Lovecraft, King, Abraham Stoker, y el filólogo Tolkien. Espero les guste mi contenido y estoy más que feliz de leer sus comentarios. Sigan me en mis redes sociales, ahí podremos estar en contacto ya que estaré subiendo fotos, vídeos, memes, etc.

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Ignacio Medina Ignacio Medina
Intenso, deberías escribirlo en español para que te dieras cuenta de algunas palabras que repites en algun párrafo, la gramática en inglés hay que revisarla con algún " native speaker" para asegurarte que este bien.
March 30, 2020, 16:12
Ana Jiménez Ana Jiménez
Un relato interesante, la muerte y el modo en que fallece son momentos bien trabajados. No puedo dar opinión sobre la calidad tiportografica, pero deberías fijarte en cuanto al diálogo bajo las reglas anglosajonas. Del resto un buen relato y una muerte atroz.
March 30, 2020, 16:07
Cuenta Borrrada Cuenta Borrrada
Un relato muy intenso, lleno de imágenes dignas de una película de terror. No puedo opinar a cerca de su calidad ortográfica ya que no soy muy bueno con el inglés, pero en cuento a contenido, está excelente!
March 30, 2020, 15:50