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He isn't like the Others. He's special, he's unique, he's... Ethereal. © miewgic | Yasmin de Carvalho 04/02/2020, 16:38hs. All rights Reserved.

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He's not like the others...

He's different.

He is not the shy and withdrawn type, even though he is very quiet; his elegant posture is almost poetry in human attire.

Yes, he's different, very different...

His face does not turn red when he is ashamed, he does not stutter in front of his loved one, much less is afraid when speaking in public.

He's different, especially different.

He doesn't cry watching animations, but he almost always cries when it rains. He says that the rain looks like the tears of God, pouring out on humanity, its discontent and disappointment.

He does not believe in heaven and hell, but neither does he deny his existence. He does not believe that the past is more valuable than the future, nor that the future is worth more than the past. He believes in the present, and in what it can offer.

He thinks it's silly to waste time with people who don't feel the same way as we do; he thinks ridiculous, people who change their personalities, just to please others.

He can lose track of time talking about music, poetry, art, cinema and quantum physics. Even though he is very quiet and observant, he goes to great lengths to demonstrate what he feels, even in his own way.

He's fearless... But he's afraid to disappoint, hurt. He always thinks a thousand times before speaking or acting; some people think he's annoying for that, he thinks he's prudent, and I agree.

He is cultured, elegant, but he knows how to be stripped and detached. Do not waste time with frills or games, it is direct and objective, but always in a tender and attentive way

He's... Ah, he's... Different, unique.

He loves to sleep under a starry sky, loves to eat mangoes for lunch and swaps any meal for a good piece of pizza.

He's different... He's unique.

It is a trace of love, lost in eternity; a breath of kindness, in the midst of so much desolation; a sweet smile amid sullen frowns.

He's... Different, special.

And that's why I fell in love with him.

I fell in love with its unique details, the rare personality, the precious way of seeing the world through mists rooted since growth. I fell in love with his way of acting in the face of problems and his skills in everyday things.

I fell in love with the way that everything in your hands becomes uncomplicated, subtle and light. I fell in love with his simplicity and generosity, the kind and cordial way. I fell in love with his passion for life, for art, for well-being.

And there is nothing in the world that sounds as sweet to me as it is to love you.

Because you are special, you are unique, you are rare and precious, but above all, you are singularly the love of my existence.

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