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It wasn´t me , It can´t be me. Why isn´tshe reacting, my darling wake up, those are not my finger tips, they can´t be.

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It wasn´t me

I grab her arm with the force of my strong hands, pull her towards me while I catch the smile on her face. I smile even brighter looking at her gorgeous eyes crying for help. ¨ Just come to me, don´t pull away darling.¨ She opens her mouth in an attempt of a scream ¨ why are you grabbing me so hard! John let go of me.¨ Her voice is like a coffee in the morning, like a bath in a freezing winter. Oh I love her so much. I grab her neck, her warm neck, and I hug it with my fingers, showing all the love that I can give her; infinite love. My hands start closing gently, vey slowly, not to bruise that pale skin. Her voice starts sounding more and more like a broken whistle; until there´s just no sound anymore. Who could have done this to her? Take those gorgeous eyes away and replace them with a white emptiness. ¨ My love, wake up, it´s time to wake up, don´t do this to me!¨ I watch my hands shaking, it must be just a reflex. Her neck, that beautiful pale neck, with red finger tips printed on. ¨ It wasn´t me, It wasn´t me!¨ I love her to death, I loved her to death. She is my angel, please wake up, open those blue eyes to the world, delight me with your melodic voice. Don´t leave me here, don´t leave me with myself; you know how much I love you Katherine, you know it. I get my phone out of my right pocket and type them, those three numbers. ¨ 911, what´s your emergency?¨ I grab the last breath from my tearing lungs and stutter, ¨ my girl.., my girl is not responding¨ ¨ Sir calm down, what´s your exact location¨ I hung up the freezing phone, those red stripes around her neck have a name imprinted, and that´s mine. But I´m not a murderer, I wouldn´t do this to her, I love her. You believe me right?

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LS LunaR Studios
Wow, this is powerful and full of emotion. Love how you dived into the mind of a abusive lovers mind and perceived their thoughts about this situation! Phenomenal job.
January 07, 2020, 19:30

  • ana hoy ana hoy
    Thank you so much!!! This really means a lot to me !❤️ January 08, 2020, 02:13
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