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Fueled by a night of bad decisions and good wine, Aella, in a completely out-of-character move, sends a witty, self-deprecating message to Devil of temptation, a popular porn voice actor, about his sexy voice. To her surprise, he's intrigued by her rebellious and unapologetic attitude and responds. How can a virtual meeting, sparked by a drunken message, turn into something she never knew possible? Nightmare or dream, one thing's for sure – tonight, she wishes you all a good night's sleep... next to your own temptation.

Erotik Nur für über 18-Jährige. © Copyright devil of temptation by P.Cat. All rights reserved.

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Fucking voice


Saturday nights are always a pain for me. My friends end up drunk and sprawled out on my couch. I feel like every week end its the same, and every day of my life... well same too "fucking boring".

I put the blanket on Leah before walking in my room, the alcohol smell make me dizzy but the sensation in my body let me think that im cool. maybe its because of the society who made us learn that woman who wear short skirt, with crop top and drink a lot can be pretty cool and become popular. Well this is clearly wrong when you dont habe the body of Kendall jener.

My TikTok account doesn't even have more than 43 followers. If you take away my family members, well, I only have 30 followers. Those are probably bots or people who just want me to follow them back. I scrolled through for a while before I even realized I wasn't falling asleep.

The sleep goddess must not have been interested in me tonight, i should call her myself.

Sliding playfully my hands between my thighs i began the ritual by taking my AirPods and making my phone mode called «quiet» yeah the one you all know. After taking my perfect silicon boyfriend in my hand, sliding my already damp panties on the side i began to look for the perfect audio video for my little play. That porn site was huge, and finding a perfect video was complicated sometimes but tonight i was too drunk to even care. Yeah that title seem good, daddy good slut [M4F] i put on my wireless headphones.

« Bea good girl and take off this pantiesfor daddy» The first second i heard his voice, well oh hello.. i think i could cum just with that. His voice was exactly like some author would write and describe it as Overall, a smooth and seductive male voice is one that is deep, warm, melodic, confident, and self-assured. It is a voice that is both appealing and persuasive, and that can make you feel comfortable, engaged, confident and particularly horny.

I think i need a breath before playing the sound again, after a long minutes i plunged my rabbit lovensence inside me. The vibrator moving against my g-spot perfectly.«You’re so wet for me baby girl» his voice echoed in my heard, a sensation of heat ran in down between my thighs creating a pool. His voice was going to be my holy pray from now on, i shouldn’t talk like that but god thank you for this type of men’s even if i don’t see his face on the video i can say for sure that this man surely didn’t came back home alone tonight on contrary of me who was playing with myself alone with his voice.

«Fuck baby, you’re so tight while taking every inch of me» the fact that he was adding some kiss and male moaning sound was making me blush and feel like i was near.

«Such a good girl» his voice purred in my ears and before i knew i was already shaking and cuming arching my back while riding my best orgasm.

Oh shit.. i think I’m definitely going nuts. A post masturbation clarity hit me and the mix with alcohol was hard to digest, but the good point was that i felt asleep without even feeling it.


**Sunday 22th of August**

I woke up with a major headache and nausea. The feeling was the same as the time where i ate a lot of junk food the night before. I took some advil to help ease my headache and drank a full bottle of water before getting out of bed.

After brushing my teeth and taking a shower i looked at the time. 11:07 AM. I decided to make brunch and watch a movie while eating. I was craving a bagel sandwich so I made a ham, lettuce and cheese bagel withsome cream cheese and before i know I was thinking about him, that voice from the open video.

I sat down on my couch and started a movie, not focus at all i was looking at my instagram feed.I sat down on my couch and started a movie. Halfway through the movie, i noticed that Leah was coming out of her room.

"Morning Leah."

"Ugh, shut up," Leah groaned as she walked towards the bathroom.

I heard her throwing up in the bathroom. She walked over and sat down next to me.

"How much did you drink last night?"

"A lot. Too much. I feel like absolute shit right now."

"You do look like shit," I said jokingly.

"Well, I feel like shit," Leah responded. "How come you're not hungover?"

"I'm just good at hiding it."

Leah rolled her eyes and stood up to go back to her room.

I kept watching the movie until it was over, then went into the kitchen to eat a snack.

"Hey, wanna come over to the clubhouse tonight?" Leah asked, coming into the kitchen.

"Uhh, sure," I said, taking a bite out of an apple.

"Cool, we're gonna be drinking so, you can leave the kids at home," she joked.

My cat Plump came on my thighs purring like I was his goddess, I patted gently his head while taking back my phone. I was thinking about his video, a new one was online but in day light like this I couldn’t listen to it that was pretty naughty and you know what? I’m totally a naughty girl so when Leah got out of the house I rushed in my room. Closing my curtains, creating a dim light ambiance while putting my AirPods on. “Mafia mob want to eat you until you scream his name” the title of his new porn audio was clearly hot.

He was starting his audio by a growl which sent a wave of shivers down my spine, the vibration running to my pussy.

The growls became louder, and the sound of fabric shifting could be heard.

I was imagining his body and how it would feel on me, but then I snapped out of it, remembering that the audio was recorded, not live.

His voice was low and commanding.

"You like it when I tell you what to do, don't you, you dirty slut."

My hands moved slowly, trying to match the rhythm of his voice.

«Mhm. You want to cum, don't you?»

I could only nod,thinking about what he would do to woman like me if he saw how I was masturbating like slut on his porn audio in daylight.

I started stroking myself faster, imagining what he might look like.«Good, because I'm going to fuck you until you can't remember your name.»

The sounds of his moans and growls turned me on more, and the wetness between my legs grew.

«Do you like that, baby girl? Do you like it when I fuck you?»

I was so close, I could feel the familiar tightening in my lower abdomen.

«Come on, baby, cum for me. Cum for me.»

I couldn't take it anymore, and I came,tensing all my body.

«That's it, good girl

The audio ended, and I lay there for a while, breathing heavily.

I thought about him again, wondering what he looked like. I was curious about him, but there was no way for me to know, so I decided to keep it to myself.

It was just a fantasy, and it would have to be enough.

**Sunday 5th of September**

My days were mostly the same. Go to work, come home, and go to bed. I didn't have any friends except for Leah and her friends, so I would usually just stay home and hang out by myself. I had a few friends from high school, but we didn't really talk that much.

I was in the bathroom, looking at my reflection.

I was 5"5' and 176lbs. My hair was a dark brown and my eyes were a deep brown. My skin was clear, and I had a small, heart-shaped face.

I sighed. I didn't like the way I looked.That not new, I didn’t like myself as teenager and now as 26 it was the same again and again like a fucking smile biting his tails.

I looked down at my belly, my double chin.

I was chubby and I hated it. I tried dieting, but nothing worked.Having endometriosis was making it even more harder to lose weight. But that was not even the real problem, because when I was in high school after a hard break up I lost 66 lbs and I was still not loving myself.

I turned away from the mirror and went into the living room.

My best friend Leah was sitting on the couch, texting someone.

"Who are you texting?"i asked curious, her smile was already telling me that was a man.

"A guy I met at the bar last night." she replied with smirk.

"Oh. Is he nice?"

"Yeah, he's pretty cool." yeah like the other's who were pretty cool and let you all broken. Oh boy i really hope that time he's not gonna be a piece of shit.

"You wanna come out tonight?" she asked excited to go out again even if she always finish drunk dead. I dont know how she can even like drinking i would probably be disgusted just by the smell if i was her.

"Sure. Where are we going?"

"To a new bar that opened downtown."

"Sounds good."

I looked at myself again, thinking that maybe tonight would be different.

I decided to get a shower, washing my hair and body. When I got out, I dried myself off and looked at the clothes I had picked out for tonight. A black, lace top and a short, pink skirt. I put on a little bit of makeup, and a pair of black heels.I looked in the mirror again.

I was ready for anything tonight.

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