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There are lots of horror tales to scare you and have some fun with. I hope you're prepared to spend a few sleepless nights. Warning: Reading horror stories can cause addiction and an uncontrollable urge to consume more horror content, so read in moderation.

Horror Geistergeschichten Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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The amusement park

The police arrived at the scene and were confronted with the worst image they had ever seen in their lives:

Dozens of dead young people, covered in blood, bones exposed, skulls sunk...

The scene was so disturbing that they would never forget it.

Everyone wondered what had happened there. Although many people called the police, none were there at the time of the crime.

Nobody knew how it all happened, but there were hundreds of theories. A serial killer? Mass suicide? A sick prank gone wrong?

Everyone had their opinions, but no one had concrete proof.

An ever—growing crowd gathered outside the no—passing lane, arguing and taking photos, as if it were an exhibition.

Meanwhile, inside the lane, a little girl was crying in despair.

"They'll never know... they'll never understand... but I need to; I need them to know."

A few hours earlier, she was walking down the street with her friends when they came across an amusement park.

— Since when is this park here? — Emma asked.

— I don't know; this has always been a wasteland," Mauricio replied.

Curious, the teenagers decided to enter the park.

All the toys were on, but there was no one in them.

— The park must be new; let's buy the tickets — Raquel said excitedly, as she had always loved amusement parks.

They circled the entire park, but couldn't find anyone selling tickets.

— That's strange, there doesn't seem to be any staff," Emma commented.

— Could it be that the park closed and someone forgot to turn off the rides? — suggested Mauricio.

His explanation didn't seem to make sense, but there was nothing else, so they just agreed.

— Let's get on the rides! — shouted Leonardo, running to the stairs of the roller coaster.

— Wait, we can't do that! — said Emma.

— Don't worry, we'll come back tomorrow and pay for the tickets," Raquel suggested, and everyone agreed.

Everyone started climbing the stairs to the rollercoaster and, when they reached the end, jumped into the carts.

At that moment, the park disappeared. And the old wasteland that had always been there became visible again.

It was too late for the teenagers to turn back. As soon as they jumped, they realized that they weren't on the stairs of the roller coaster, but at the top of a huge beam, more than 50 meters high.

They all fell to the ground and died instantly.

Now Emma knew, but what was the point? She couldn't go back to the past. The cursed amusement park only appeared once a year, at 11:32 at night, and everyone who entered it had their fate sealed.

The spirits were there, looking at the curious crowd, trying to talk to them, to warn them of the danger, but they couldn't do it.

No one will ever know until it's too late.

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