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In a frozen forest shunned by lovers on Valentine's Eve, Krampus lurks with none but his cruel wrath for company. This beast is no mere bogeyman - he is fury given fur and claws, terrorizing the woods out of resentment for the affection that will never be his. When Krampus comes upon a lone rose defying winter's chill, its beauty only fuels his fire. But before he can destroy the small bloom of color, a fair maiden emerges like something out of a dream. With hair of snow and eyes bright as new ferns, she stops Krampus in his tracks. Though fearless in the face of his monstrosity, the maiden bears no weapon save a gift - the rose, made whole once more by her touch. "All deserve love's light," she says, pressing it to his chest before disappearing back into the trees. Where once only cold coal embers smoldered, Krampus now feels stirrings anew in his frozen heart. From that night forth, the forest bears witness to a transformation; where the beast once prowled to punish, now he protects. What magic lies in this Snow Maiden's petals that they could thaw even the coldest of cruelties? Set on the lyrical edge between shadows and hope, this Gothic fairy tale romance explores love's power to redeem even hell's heaviest hooves. Dark fable meets valentine in this beguiling fantastical what if - what if a monster found the light, and a wild woods knew kindness, thanks to just one rose? Will add next mystery what happen next for Krampus.

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A Beast Valentine

In a frozen forest on Valentine's eve, the evil Krampus stalked through bare trees, despairing that love had passed him by once more. Suddenly, a rosebush caught his eye, its single blood-red blossom defying winter's chill.

"Such beauty does not deserve this desolate land!" Krampus growled, plucking the rose. Yet holding it filled his gnarled claws not with warmth, but anger - for he knew his monstrous form could never inspire love's touch.

In a rage, Krampus crushed the rose. But as crimson petals drifted to the snow, a girl emerged from the brush. "Please kind sir, do not destroy what little joy remains in this bleak season."

Her beauty outshone the rose, fair as fresh fallen snow. Krampus dropped the flower, entranced yet ashamed. "Begone girl, these woods are no place for your radiance!"

But she only smiled, saying "All deserve love's light, even gnarled souls as yours." Stooping, she gathered the scattered rose into her hands, mending it whole again through some magic.

"A gift, to lift your spirits as you have lifted mine." She pressed the rose to Krampus' chest then disappeared amongst the trees. There in the groves of his cold heart, love's seed had taken root, warmed by a maiden's gift on Valentine's day.

From that hour Krampus' cruel ways faded, replaced by kindness toward all in the forest. And some say if you listen on Valentine's eve, you may hear the beast thanking his rose maiden for the greatest gift of all - the bloom of compassion within his soul.

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