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A fighter pilot, named Ryan Hathorn, is lost in space with his crewmate Sam Hinks. In attempts to escape from an enemy ship they flee to a nearby planet where they are pulled into a planet similar to earth which they soon realize is their prison. As they attempt to escape they soon learn their true feelings for each other. I'm a new Author, all feedback is appreciated and encouraged.

LGBT+ Alles öffentlich.

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Im Fortschritt - Neues Kapitel Alle 2 Tage
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Crash Landing,

Lost and Stranded

Chapter I

“Command, this fighter pilot Ryan Hathorn, we've taken heavy damage. Both engines are damaged and we're about to lose shields.” A red laser strikes the ship's side and the entire ship shakes with a loud bang, Ryan quickly pulls up on the throttle, “This is command, we've got no units to spare,” Ryan breathes heavily as he struggles to avoid fire, the enemy ship directly on his tail, "WHAT THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO!” Command stays silent, an alarm starts to go off from the panel to the left of the pilots seat, the system chimes with a feminine voice, “shield power 10%, estimated time remaining 15 seconds.” Ryan laughs fearfully, “Just fucking great" He calls out, "Sam how's the engines looking?” Ryan looks over his shoulder, a skinny man with long blonde hair appears from a door behind Ryan, “Engines are toast, we're quickly going to lose the ability to move once shields drop,” Sam quickly sits as another laser strikes and he loses balance slightly, he quickly speaks to Ryan, "Our best bet is to attempt to hyper jump to the nearest planet." Sam quickly turns to the screen next to him.

Ryan keeps the throttle steady, "Where's the nearest syndicate base?" Sam quickly responds, "There's no nearby allied syndicate bases." Ryan hastily says back, "Fine, just pick a planet and divert power to hyper drive." Sam quickly stands and runs through the door to the lower deck, he runs to a silver panel with red switches and begins to flip them one by one until the lights flash blue.

Sam runs back to flight deck, struggling to maintain balance from the fire, and sits back down and straps In. "I've diverted power to hyper jump, charge is 17 and rising, shields are about to go down." Ryan looks back and nods, he quickly pushes the throttle away, nose diving the ship, the computer chimes, "Shields down, hull integrity 20%"

Ryan shouts as another laser strikes, sparks fly throughout the flight deck, "HOW'S THE HYPER JUMP CHARGE!" Sam yells back, "PREPARING IN, 5, 4, 3, 2-" A tunnel of white light forms out the front glass, pulling the ship in, the white light floods the flight deck and the ship shakes vigorously with loud bangs taking over the empty silence.

Sam quickly shouts, "WE'RE GOING TO BURN WITHOUT SHIELDS!" Ryan slowly reaches his arm over to the left panel, struggling to do so from the force, and flips a switch enabling emergency power. Shields come back online and the white light fades from the room, Ryan and Sam catch their breath.

Ryan looks back to Sam, "You alright?" He says while Panting slightly. Sam nods, "Alright, the emergency power will be enough to finish hyper drive but after, we'll have to rely on whatever is left." He turns back to the window as the ship pulls out of hyper drive. The white light from the window dissipates revealing the black void of space and a blue planet resembling earth close ahead.

Ryan presses a few buttons, the computer chimes, "No unknown ship signs within the region." He sighs in relief while he turns his chair around to Sam, "What's the current ship status?" Sam taps the screen to his right, "We have basic functionality, engines are barely working. We'll have to divert all remaining power to life support."

Ryan nods, "If we do that, we'll be stranded." Sam replies, he says childishly, "And if we don't we suffocate." Ryan sighs and shakes his head while he leans back in his chair, "Alright, do it." Lights in the flight deck shut off and the ship slows, only moving slightly due to drifting. Ryan stands up and walks over to Sam, "How's the hull looking?"

Sam looks up to Ryan, "Barely holding up, the computer shows we're missing the left wing and weakness in the engine room. It was automatically sealed until it's repaired." Ryan turns and walks back to the pilots seat, he softly says, "Go check the escape pod, ill see if we can get a distress signal out." Sam nods, stands, and makes his way through the door.

Ryan presses a blue switch on the side panel and waits for a light. The light doesn't come on, he looks around the room for any metal debris and finds a decently sized piece of jagged metal. He grabs it off the floor and presses the pointed edge to the side of the panels face and pulls down. He applies pressure and grunts as he struggles to pull off the panels face.

After some trying the panel gives and the top rips up, some sparks fly up towards Ryan, while his hand slips on the long piece of metal and cuts his palm. He jolts from the sharp pain and cries out, "FUCK!" Sam responds, slightly distressed,"What happened?" As he walks back through the door towards Ryan.

He sees Ryan slightly hunched over with his right hand in his other with palm to him. Blood runs down Ryan's arm, Sam takes Ryan's hand and looks at it closely, "That's definitely gonna need some stitches. Let me grab the medical kit," Ryan nods and sits as sam walks to the red medical bag hanging on the wall to the right of the door.

He grabs the bag and walks back to Ryan and sets it on the ground. He unzips it and pulls out an emergency suture kit and opens it, Ryan looks at Sam, "You know what your doing?" Sam smiles and chuckles, "Yes, they taught us in basic training " Ryan watches Sam as he takes the needle and gently presses into the skin and flesh, he winces a little.

Sam loops the needle through and repeats until the wound is stitched closed tight. He then wraps a large bandage around the wound, and sets the medical stuff aside. Ryan sits back and looks to Sam, "Well, since I'm down a hand your gonna have to finish what I was doing." Sam moves to Ryan's side and looks down to the open panel.

"Alright, what do I do?" Ryan leans in and points to a blue wire, "So, unplug that and loop it around the yellow one." Sam nods and carefully follows Ryan's instructions, "Now what?" Ryan points to a small plug on the circuit board, "Split the end of the yellow wire and carefully push it into that plug. If there's any chance of power, that light will light up."

Sam takes the yellow wire, his hand shaking slightly, he splits the end and guides it to the plug. His shaking hand prevents him from plugging in the wire, Ryan sees this and takes his non injured hand and wraps it around Sam's to steady his. Sam Blushes slightly and smiles, and continues to guide the wire in. They wait patiently for a light, but nothing happens.

Ryan sighs and softly says, "Dammit, we officially have no way of calling for help." Sam pulls the chair from his station infront of Ryan's, he calmly says, "And we have no escape pod, the docking system broke during hyper jump." Ryan says sarcasticly, "Great!" Sam looks around, Ryan looks to Sam, "Where exactly did you set the coordinates to?"

Sam looks to Ryan and replies, "Well, all I did was run the emergency protocol. It took us to the nearest planet since there was no nearby syndicate base." Ryan nods, "Okay, well all we can do now is sit around and wait. Hopefully someone will find us." Sam's voice softens, "yea." Ryan stands and takes off his black pilots jacket and sets it on the floor.

He sits and lays on it, Sam looks down and does the same. They lay side by side, staring up at the ceiling. Ryan looks to Sam and asks, "Hey? Can I ask you something?" Sam looks to him, "Hit me." Ryan looks back to the ceiling, "How did you end up in the syndicate?" Sam looks back at Ryan, "I guess... how most people ended up in the syndicate."

Ryan quickly interrupts, "The draft?" Sam nods, "Yea, I was about to start college and then.. poof. The Dextos started invading, they needed troops, and so the draft started and I was first pick for my family." He sighs, Ryan looks to him, "How'd you feel about it?" Sam pauses and thinks for a second, "At first I definitely was scared, but after some time I guess I started to feel pride."

They sit in silence for a few moments, Sam looks to Ryan, "So.. how about you? How'd you end up here?" Ryan opens his mouth, "Well...." A beeping interrupts, they turn to see it was the panel they were working on. Ryan stands and moves into his chair. He turns his chair and looks in on it, "Odd. it's not transmitting a distress signal, but more like receiving." Sam stands and moves closer.

"Receiving what?" Ryan moves some wires inside, "I- I don't know?" All of the sudden the ship shakes, Ryan looks around, "What the hell?" It shakes again, and begins to move towards the planet ahead quickly, Sam runs to his station and checks his computer, "We're gaining speed, fast." Ryan turns to the window and grabs the throttle tightly.

"We're getting pulled in, divert the rest of the power to engines." Sam quickly responds, "We're missing a wing and we'll lose life support," Ryan looks over his shoulder and loudly speaks, "And if we don't try to lose speed, we'll crash and die." Sam quickly looks down and diverts all remaining power, he quickly runs to his seat and straps in.

The ship's still picking up speed, hurling itself towards the planet, Ryan pulls the throttle towards him in attempt to slow down, "I- I- CANT SLOW DOWN!" The ship keeps speeding towards the planet, flames engulf it as they enter the atmosphere. They fly over miles of dense trees and over huge peaks of mountains. The speeds through dense fog.

Ryan looks towards Sam, "HANG ON. THERE'S NO STOPPING!" The ship breaks through the tops of dense layers of trees and plummets into the ground. The sound of the impact flooded the surroundings and dense black smoke rises through the hole in the tops of the trees.

The ship is upside down, and broken in half, Ryan and Sam are hanging upside down in their seats. Ryan opens his eyes, he's in immense pain. A large shard of glass from the window is embedded in his thigh, and blood is dripping from a large wound on his head. He quickly looks around,

"Ah- f-fuck." He rubs his head and breathes heavily as he attempts to unbuckle himself from his seat, "Dammit, it's stuck. Sam! you alright?" He tries to turn his head, "AH! Sam.. y-you good?" He calls one last time, panicking, "SAM!" With no response, he quickly looks for something to cut his straps.

He sees the red medical bag beneath him, and he reaches his arm out to try and grab it. But doing so adds to his pain intensely. Ryan stops for a second and attempts once more, his fingers just barely wrap around the black handle. He pulls the bag to him and slowly unzips it, "C-come on."

He breathes heavily and sifts through the bag while barely conscious. He sees a black handled emergency knife and pulls it out. He presses the blade to the first strap and starts to saw back and forth, the belt loosening as he cuts it. He finally cuts through the first strap, and begins on the second.

He presses the blade to it and begins to saw, the belt gives and he falls down out of his seat and on his back, "AH! DAMMIT" He grunts in pain as he slowly turns over and gets up on his legs. He gains his balance and looks around for Sam, but all he can see is large pieces of debris in his way. He limps forward, using anything he can to support his weight.

He pushes a large piece of metal out of his way and locks eyes to Sam's seat. Sam is hanging looking almost unharmed a part from a few bruises to his arms and a gash on his head from where debris hit him. Ryan slowly limped over to Sam's seat and positioned himself under Sam.

He takes the knife and cuts the straps, catching Sam with his back. He screams in pain from the weight and carefully sets Sam down and props him up against a flipped desk, then proceeds to open the medical bag hanging from his side. He grabs a vital signs sensor and wraps it to Sam's upper arm and waits, "Come on, please." He says softly.

The screen flashes green indicating life, Ryan sighs in relief and quickly grabs smelling salts from the bag and cracks it open. He presses it underneath Sam's nose until Sam began to open his eyes, Ryan smiles and hugs Sam, "Oh- thank god." Sam Chuckles, "Alright. Alright." Ryan let's go and looks at Sam, "From what I can see, you just have some bruises and a head wound."

Ryan looks down at himself, "But, I wasn't so lucky." He examines the shard of glass in his leg, Sam gets closer. "Can you walk?" Ryan nods, "Barely." Sam softly replies, "Alright," Ryan holds his hand out, "Help me up, we need to get out and away from the wreckage. I wouldn't doubt that there's fuel leaking in somewhere."

Sam takes Ryan's hand and pulls him up, Ryan puts his arm around Sam and they slowly start to make their way through the wreckage.

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