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A flashback to the dawn of time shows how a godlike being created the first living being. This godlike being charged the first living with the responsibility to watch over the multiverse in order to help those who live in rise to become they're best selves.

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Within the empty darkness of the void a being of light stretches out his hand to create an African-American man with black hair in a black business suit. “Hello James Gabrial”the being said as the man stood on his two legs looking confused. “What is this where I am?”he asked “This life I have given you I have given you out of the kindness and love that I have for you in my heart”the being said. “But why give me this life?”James asked “Because the multiverse my creation is about to be born and I ask that you watch over my creation and guide all those who live in it,so that they may become the greatest versions of themselves and live happy lives”the being said. “But why me?”James asked “Because I have chosen you to do so,but in order to do this you must first live a life of your own,so that you may know the value of life”the being said as it showed James a vision of the life that he is to live. “It is almost time,”the being said as they both watched the multiverse being born in the form of a giant burst of blinding light as they saw several worlds emerging from the shining light at the center. James looked with amazement causing him to cry “It’s beautiful it’s the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever seen. I shall do so I shall watch over this multiverse”James said as he became consumed in the light.

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Multiverse I
Multiverse I

The future is made of an infinite amount of possibilities each world containing their own story. While none of the stories aren't perfect it's the life the people live that make them special. For in the it's not the end that matters it's the journey. Erfahre mehr darüber Multiverse I.