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Gabriela is in the last year of her degree when a person she thought she had forgotten, Alex, shows up at her same university. He will try by all means to fix the mistakes he has made with her in the past and win back her love. In the process, they will have to overcome potholes and problems that will try from happening. Will these problems prevent them from being a couple again? Will Gabriela be able to forgive him for all the bad things the one who was her first and only love has done to her?

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Chapter 1


Finally, the last year of college. I was tired of studying so much, but we are finally in our last year. Today was the first day of class, and Sara and Clara were waiting for me to enter the university. I was studying fine arts, while they were studying teaching and psychology. As soon as I get to them, the first one who approaches me to say hello is Sara. She has a character very similar to mine, with the only difference she gets angry faster than me.

“Finally, the last year to finish college. I'm looking forward to the end of the course." Sara said happily "But we're still going to start it now." I replied, rolling my eyes, "I know, but I want it to end now."

As soon as Sara stops hugging me, Clara approaches. It could be said she was the calmest of the three, because she never got into trouble. Sara and I did it sometimes, but only when we get tired of some of them or didn't leave us alone, but otherwise, we never got into trouble.

"Girl, I missed you so much." Sara said, hugging me as if we hadn't seen each other for a long time. "It's only been two weeks since we met, I don't think it's that long."

"Yes, it is, Sara is unbearable." said her sister, denying "Hey, don't talk to me like that, I'm your older sister, and I can't stand you either."

Oh, I almost forgot. Sara and Clara are sisters, but they don't get along very well. They are always together and all, but they can't stand each other. I don't get it, and as hard as I try not to get them to fight, the more they do, so sometimes I kind of ignore them. For me they were like my sisters, sometimes more than my own brothers, but I also love them very much.

"Are we going to stand here all morning?” Sara asked and I rolled my eyes. "Are you that impatient Sara?" I asked ironically "Yes, I want to leave college, and the sooner we get in, the sooner we'll get out."

Clara and I started laughing at Sara's impatience, but the truth was this was something she did every year since I've known her. We entered the university even though Marcos hadn't arrived yet. He was my lifelong best friend and it seemed like he was a little late today, but hey, it's not something that's not normal for him, that's why most of the time we came in the same car. It was a way to make sure he got to college on time. There was also Carlota, she wasn't my best friend for as long as Marcos had been, but it's not very far from time.

It didn't take us long to enter college and when we did, I noticed a guy who had his back turned, but he sounded familiar to me. I didn't know what, but it he and something inside me told me it wasn’t a good thing. While we were walking, I kept looking at the mysterious boy, but he stops being mysterious as soon as he turns and looks at me. I couldn't believe he was here; I didn't want him to be here. I just hoped it was a nightmare or something, because I couldn't stand it. At what point did I stop and stop walking? I have no idea, I just knew he was in this college and Sara and Clara were asking me questions, but I was ignoring because I was in shock.

When he starts walking in our direction, I get out of that initial state of panic and start walking in the opposite direction with Sara and Clara behind me, until the first one stops me and makes me turn to face her.

"Don't you hear that boy’s calling you?" Sara asked, but I denied it, because I didn't care if he was calling me "I don't care if he’s calling me." I said sincerely.

"Gabriela, are you okay?" Clara asked and I nodded "Yes, I just want to go out and get some fresh air." I affirmed and I think she didn’t believe it at all, but I didn’t care exactly "But we are outside the university?"

At that moment, he arrives next to us with another boy next to him and they stand in front of us. "Hello Gabriela." I didn't answer, and I wasn't going to, but Sara and Clara did.

"Hi! I'm Sara. This is my sister, Clara, and this is Gabriela, a friend, but I suppose you already know her." She said, looking sideways in my direction. “I know her, I'm Alex, an old classmate of Gabriela's. By the way, how are you? It's been a while since we've talked."

I wasn’t going to answer him for anything in the world, and despite the fact something inside me wanted to come out, I wasn’t going to allow this boy to hurt me again in his life. I didn't want to see him in front of me.

"Sorry, she's a bit weird today, she doesn't feel like coming." Sara said and I huffed, because my state of mind had nothing to do with not wanting to be in college right now. "Don't worry, but do you think you can let me talk to her alone?"

"Sure." They said, which makes me look at them. The last thing I wanted was to stay with him “You don't have to. I have nothing to talk about with him” But they ignored me, they left and left me alone with him, the thing I least want to do in my life.

"Gabriela, I know you're mad at me for what I did to you, but I want to apologize." he said and I raised an eyebrow "Apologies for what?" I asked, because I hadn't needed it in these last eight years, even less I needed it now "Because of what I did to you when we were little."

"And you do it now? After eight years?” I asked ironically, letting out a little laugh “Yes, but I didn't have the chance to do it, when I wanted to do it you had left school, and even though I went to your house a couple of times, your parents didn't let me talk to you. “

"Well, you don't have to say it now, because I'm not going to forgive you in my whole life." I assured her “Gabriela, I'm sorry. I know what I did to you is not done to anyone, I shouldn’t have ended our relationship the way I ended it and I should have asked you before trusting what they told me, but I still love you and all this time hasn’t helped me to forget about you, I will never forget you."

"You're kidding, aren't you?" I asked, because this couldn't be real at all. “I'm not, I'm telling you the truth, I love you and I miss what we had so long ago. I just want you to know even if you're mad at me and don't want to see me, it's not going to stop me from fighting for you. I want us to be together again and in love like we were before. I really regret everything I did to you, and if one day you forgive me, I want you to know I will be there for you and however you need me, as a friend or something else, you decide. Stay with my words. Now I'm leaving because I don't want to bother you anymore, just think about it and when you're ready, we can talk if you want.”

I couldn't believe what he was saying. At some point eight years ago, I loved this boy with all my being, but like everything in life, there is a and he broke my heart into a thousand pieces, making me lock myself in for a while and change to the person I am today, because I promised myself no one would hurt me again like he and others did.

He had left a couple of minutes ago, and when I realized I was alone and everyone was starting to look at me strangely, I went to my first class thinking about what the boy I loved once, had just told me, but today, I hate him with all my being.

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