Vivien Zsolnai

Being inside a game and having your own experiences as the main character is a dream come true and surely does sound cool. Especially when you can feel the grass on your skin or flying on a dragon with your friends going on wondrous quests making memories. But what if you couldn’t log out? What if game over IS game over? Does it still sound good? No? It matters not to the people who are already stuck in a game that has no end, in a game where codes and names are everything. Cassian, Leah, Louis and Evangeline are the only ones who are trying to figure out how to play the game in order to end it, while millions of people have given up on it including most of the players. While they are trying to figure out how to end the game, a brand new problem awaits them that went unnoticed from the beginning. This made the problem even bigger than it already was. Which code name will end the forever game? Type the wrong name in and you shall never know… (Please subscribe to the story!!)

Fantasy Episch Alles öffentlich.

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Game in progress. Server launched. Program activated. Command Inserted. Code approved. Virus Detected. Error detected. Logging out…

Not Possible

6. Dezember 2023 13:43 1 Bericht Einbetten Follow einer Story
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