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A serial killer is hiking through the mountains, when he comes across a vehicle that picks him up. realising the driver has a sinister plan, the two guys have no idea will have to battle each other to see who is the most serial killer.

Thriller Nur für über 18-Jährige. © @(C)copyrightJasondunn2023

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The Hiker

It was early morning, mist had covered the area making the trees dim look unsettled.

A hiker makes his way through the forest, pine trees tall as a building cover the whole area as the wind gently blows through, a twig falls to the ground when the hiker stops and looks up at the trees.

feeling the cool breeze on his face the hiker sighs as he keeps on walking when he notices an incline heading up,

the hiker started to climb digging his fingers into the ground as he climbed up. slipping and losing balance the hiker struggles to climb but luckily gets to the top grabbing onto a tree as he pulls himself up.

noticing the road, the hiker looks around staring down at the road when he sees the road has moisture on it, Taking hold of his straps the hiker shrugs his shoulder when he starts to walk on.

A mile away a vehicle drives along, heading in the hiker's direction, driving around the mountain as the tyres slip and slide the driver takes care as he grips the steering wheel and firmly watches what he is doing.

approaching the hiker he spots the man on the side of the road, glancing at him with a frown, the hiker also hears the vehicle behind him, approaching as he turns around and stares, the driver drives past him then slows down coming to a complete stop.

the hiker also stops noticing the vehicle’s brake lights come on, hesitating for a second the hiker walked towards the vehicle when the driver stares back into the rearview mirror.

approaching the passenger door the hiker open the door as the driver told him to get in quick, As the hiker settled into the passenger seat of the old pickup truck, a shiver ran down his spine. The driver, a grizzled man with a sinister glint in his eyes, had picked him up on the side of the desolate mountain road. The hiker had been relieved to see the truck approaching, but now he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong.

As they drove deeper into the wilderness, the hiker's unease grew. The driver's conversation was unsettling, filled with veiled references to isolated hunting grounds and stories of unsolved disappearances in the area. The hiker began to suspect that he might be in the company of a dangerous man, but he had no way of knowing the true extent of the driver's malevolence.

Suddenly, the truck lurched to a stop in a clearing surrounded by towering pine trees. The driver turned to the hiker with a wicked smile, revealing a glint of metal in his hand. Before the hiker could react, the driver lunged at him, brandishing a gleaming hunting knife.

In a desperate struggle, the hiker managed to wrestle the knife away from the driver, but not before sustaining a deep gash across his forearm. Blood seeped from the wound, and the hiker realized that he was facing a fight for his life against a ruthless adversary who relished the thrill of the hunt.

The forest echoed with the sounds of their savage combat as they grappled with each other, the hiker fighting to survive while the driver sought to prove himself as the superior predator. Branches cracked underfoot, and the hiker's breath came in ragged gasps as he evaded the driver's relentless pursuit.

As the struggle wore on, the hiker's survival instincts kicked in, and he began to turn the tables on his assailant. With a burst of adrenaline-fueled determination, he seized the initiative, using the unforgiving terrain to his advantage. He lured the driver into a treacherous ravine, where he managed to gain the upper hand and incapacitate his would-be killer.

Victorious but battered, the hiker emerged from the wilderness, his clothes stained with blood and his senses heightened to a razor-sharp edge. He knew that he had narrowly escaped a gruesome fate, but the chilling realization dawned on him that he had crossed paths with a true monster—one whose sinister legacy would haunt the remote mountain trails for years to come.

The hiker staggered out of the ravine, his heart pounding and his mind reeling from the harrowing ordeal. He stumbled through the dense underbrush until he emerged onto the rocky riverbank, gasping for breath. His eyes widened in shock as he glanced back at the treacherous chasm he had just narrowly escaped. The thought that the driver might still be out there, lurking in the shadows, sent a chill down his spine.

Just as the hiker was about to make his way back to civilization, a sudden movement caught his eye. To his horror, he saw the driver, battered and bloodied, but unmistakably alive, struggling to pull himself out of the water onto the jagged rocks. The hiker's blood ran cold as he realized that the battle was far from over.

The driver, driven by a relentless determination to prove his dominance, fixed his gaze on the hiker with a primal intensity. With a guttural growl, he lunged toward his prey once more, driven by a single-minded obsession to claim his prize.

The hiker's instincts kicked in, and he sprinted through the dense forest, his heart thundering in his chest. Every fiber of his being screamed at him to keep moving, to put as much distance as possible between himself and the relentless pursuer on his heels. The relentless pursuit led them through the dark and foreboding woods, with the hiker desperately seeking a way to outmaneuver his relentless stalker.

The chase eventually led them to a remote, dilapidated hotel, its faded facade looming like a forgotten relic of the past. The hiker burst through the creaking doors, seeking refuge within the decaying walls of the ancient building. The interior was suffused with an eerie stillness, broken only by the sound of his own ragged breaths and the ominous creaking of the structure.

As the hiker frantically searched for a place to hide, a low, menacing chuckle echoed through the corridors, sending a shiver down his spine. The driver had followed him into the hotel, his presence a malevolent force that seemed to seep into every shadow and corner.

The hiker realized that this was where their final, gruesome showdown would take place. With a grim determination, he steeled himself for the inevitable confrontation, knowing that only one of them would emerge from the haunted halls of the hotel alive.

The hiker moved stealthily through the dimly lit corridors, his senses on high alert, every nerve in his body electrified with dread. The oppressive silence was shattered by the sharp clang of metal as the driver's hunting knife scraped against the rusted banister. The hiker's heart raced as he realized that the time for evasion had come to an end.

In a sudden burst of movement, the hiker leaped from the shadows, confronting his relentless adversary in a brutal clash that echoed through the desolate hotel. The two adversaries grappled with savage intensity, their struggle a symphony of violence and desperation.

In a savage frenzy, the hiker managed to gain the upper hand, driving the driver back with a ferocity born of survival. But just as victory seemed within his grasp, a glint of steel flashed in the dim light, and the hunter's blade found its mark. The hiker's agonized cry reverberated through the desolate corridors as the cold steel pierced his flesh.

As the hiker slumped to the ground, the last vestiges of life ebbing from his broken body, he locked eyes with his assailant. In those final moments, he saw not triumph, but a hollow emptiness lurking behind the driver's eyes—a void that no amount of bloodshed could ever fill.

The hiker's vision faded to black, and the ancient hotel seemed to absorb the echoes of their violent struggle, its walls bearing silent witness to the grotesque finale that had unfolded within its decaying embrace.

In the end, there were no winners, only the suffocating weight of darkness and the grim legacy of a battle that had consumed both predator and prey. The mountain trails would forever whisper the chilling tale of the hiker and the driver, their fates intertwined in a savage dance of death—a haunting testament to the unfathomable depths of human depravity.

The End

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