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In a tale that revolves around Mellisah, a young girl with extraordinary powers, she finds herself torn from her home planet for her own safety. A mission orchestrated by a ruler from Uranus brings her face to face with Mellisando, a girl who appears in her dreams and eventually in reality. As they exchange their life stories, Mellisando begins to suspect that Mellisah may be the very girl her father sent her to find. Rather than jumping to conclusions, they embark on a joint quest to uncover the truth. Their insatiable curiosity drives them to connect their assumptions with reality, setting off a chain of events. Miraculously, Mellisando completes her mission, and Mellisah finally discovers her true identity and origins, bringing her immense joy. However, their happiness is short-lived when they learn that their father had attempted to sell Mellisah, leading to her banishment from her home planet.

Thriller Nur für über 18-Jährige. © All Rights Reserved

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Mellisah's family had always danced with destitution, their worn-down abode serving as a constant reminder of their struggles. But Mellisah, a beacon of unwavering hope, refused to surrender to their circumstances. She clung to the belief that one day their fortunes would shift, that their tattered existence would be replaced by something grander. And her tenacity, her unyielding spirit, bore fruit when they were finally able to trade their meager dwelling for a two-roomed sanctuary, and later, a sprawling five-roomed haven nestled within their compound.This newfound comfort, this oasis of stability, illuminated Mellisah's understanding of hope and faith as formidable weapons against life's trials. Her earthly experiences taught her that no obstacle was insurmountable, as long as one clung to these virtues with unshakeable resolve.

Meanwhile, in the far reaches of the celestial realm, the ruler of Uranus devised a cunning scheme. He plotted to dispatch his daughter, Mellisando, on a sacred mission to Earth, with the sole purpose of locating Mellisah. Mellisando, entrusted with explicit instructions, was to ensure the mission's triumph, with the promise of her powers being amplified in return.

Though Mellisando held a lingering intuition that Mellisah might be her long-lost twin, she possessed no concrete evidence to substantiate this notion. She had merely caught whispers of her father's musings, never receiving the full tapestry of truth. Nevertheless, Mellisando embarked on her interstellar quest, driven by the singular objective of finding a girl named Mellisah, whose essence aligned with predetermined characteristics.

Back on Earth, Mellisah gazed upon her mother with profound admiration. She regarded her as a paragon of virtue, an embodiment of inspiration. Her mother's exceptional qualities and traits served as a guiding light, shaping Mellisah's own path and aspirations.Mellisah dwelled in blissful ignorance, completely unaware of the enchanting realm of Mellisando or the majestic sovereign reigning over Uranus. Her knowledge of the planet's name merely lingered as a faint whisper from a distant classroom lecture. Her universe revolved solely around the tender embrace of her adoring mother and the tight-knit bond shared with her kin.

Yet little did Mellisah fathom that destiny, with its intricate threads, had intricately woven her path with that of Mellisando. In a twist of fate so unforeseen, their encounter would ignite the spark of an extraordinary odyssey, brimming with awe-inspiring revelations and wondrous explorations.

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