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Jungkook's hatred cemented itself the moment he saw Taehyung on the tennis court. The idiot smile, the quirky jokes and teasing only to annoy him made him want to throw the tennis ball straight into his face. Jungkook and Taehyung were born rivals. The two best tennis players in the country, constantly fighting among themselves for the same titles and competitions. But, away from the tennis court, what Jungkook felt for Taehyung was stronger and more intense than a player's hatred. [translated from Portuguese]

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There is no tie in a tennis game.

Each game consists of three sets, in a majority, and each set of six games won. For a set to close and the tennis player to win, he needs to make six games, with two points more than the opponent. If they both tied at 5/5 the set will change from six games to seven, giving one player the chance to score two points more than the other. But if they tie again at 6/6, the first to score the game wins the set.

The tie-break is the final tiebreaker moment of a set. The winner of the game is the winner who has won the most sets, that is, to win two out of three sets.

A simple logic and yet, still complicated like hell.

Jeon Jeongguk liked this. He loved it. One of the things he loved about tennis was the fact that there were no ties. There was no division. If he won, and he always won, he'd be the winner. If he lost, and he never lost, he'd be the loser. Jeongguk didn't share matches, he didn't share the spotlight, and he didn't share his fucking titles.

That is, of course, until Kim Taehyung showed up. Jeongguk loathed him.

He was Jeon Jeongguk! National tennis record holder. Champion. Medalist. His name carried a ton of titles. The sports spotlight was his only. And out of nowhere another came to threaten his reign.

Kim Unbearable Taehyung.

And he even showed up with that fucking son-of-a-bitch-smirk that made Jeongguk want to throw the fucking racket in his face.

Taehyung and Jeongguk had already faced each other twice on the tennis court. Two fucked-up times. All two shameful to hell, for Jeongguk. The first one Jeongguk lost. He lost in a horrendous way that gave him agony just to remember. They didn't even have the third set of the game, because Taehyung had already won the first and the second, there was no reason for the third set.

The second time they faced each other, Jeongguk won. It served to regain some of his external honor, but internally the victory had not yet been enough to rebuild the enormous ego Jeongguk possessed before he lost the first time to Taehyung.

In that second game, his victory was very difficult. He won the first set, lost the second and had to play the third set with a tie-break to be able to win over Kim Taehyung with a lot of effort. Ludicrous. Out of nowhere, he, the little prince of the courts was losing his crown and having to unfold and sweat to beat a rookie who came out of nowhere to the world of tennis. Why did he have to be a tennis player? Why couldn't he play football, golf or basketball? No, of course not, he had to hit Jeongguk head-on.

Taehyung almost purposely picked on Jeongguk, and “almost” meant “almost explicitly”. That was from the start, Taehyung appeared already pissing him off. Before being ridiculously defeated on the field, Taehyung had already poured subtle venom on Jeongguk's name when he was interviewed for a sports magazine, which Jeongguk was recurrently on the cover of.

This magazine once stamped as a story title, at the foot of Jeongguk's photo, a nickname that was quickly very well accepted by all his fans: The Unstoppable. After that, even if Jeongguk already knew the magazine for being a little biased, he acquired the habit of reading the interview column with the newbies, since as he was the viral sensation of the moment, the journalist always asked the same characteristic question: And what about Jeon Unstoppable Jeongguk?

The responses of new players in the world of national tennis were always very similar. An incredible compilation for Jeongguk's ego. The answers ranged from "one day I want to play like him!" to "competing against him would be an honor, but the guy is scary on the field!".

However, Taehyung once appeared on the cover of this magazine for the first time and the full amount of all the conversation he had with the interviewer was there, stamped on for God and the world read: "Kim Taehyung, you're making a name. How do you feel knowing you're going to play against the Unstoppable?"


"Yes, Jeon Jeongguk."

"Oh, Jeon. I don't understand why you guys call him that. I saw him one of these days at a party at a friend's house, Park Jimin. He didn't strike me as scary or unstoppable as they say."

"No? And what did you think of him then?"

"I thought he was cute. [Laughs]"

"Cute? Is that it?"

"Yes, cute. [Laughs] You know? He was jumping on this friend of mine's couch, he tried to make the unstoppable [ironic] go down, but he got angry, throwing a tantrum. It wasn't scary, it was cute even. It must be fun to play against him. I want to try it."

"So you're not afraid?"

"You say afraid of what? To lose? No. It's a game, the odds are there, we must deal with it. Now, afraid of Jeongguk? [Laughs] Certainly not. I don't think it's going to be a scary game."

"What do you think it will be?"

"Fun, perhaps. Any other question or the flashcards are just about him?"

When he read the story, Jeongguk spent five minutes staring at the magazine. Jeongguk remembered that damn party. It had happened a few days before Taehyung's interview. His reputation had changed out of nowhere from Jeon: Unstoppable, to Jeon: cute.

"I thought he was cute”, for real? If he could, Jeongguk would have hit a ball in his forehead. He remembered calling Jimin to ask about this Taehyung, but all he heard from his friend was an apology for Kim's lines in the interview. He would have even believed Jimin's apology if he hadn't apologized amid a crisis of laughter.

Jeongguk joined forces from all his patience supply stock, which already wasn’t that big, and tried to ignore Taehyung's comments in the magazine. The memory of that unfortunate party was still swirling in his head when the first game against Taehyung arrived. He passed straight through the man in the middle of the court, ignoring his outstretched hand for a courteous greeting between players and got ready to play. And what came was his miserable defeat in straight sets.

It was too embarrassing to remember. But as much as the defeat hurt his ego, Jeongguk could swallow it down, he wasn't a bad loser after all. Even if he didn't want to lose, and losing to Taehyung out of all people, unfortunately a game was a game, and defeat was part of the possibility. Jeongguk was mature enough to admit that Taehyung was a great player, but one thing caused Jeongguk to send that maturity out the window: At the end of the first game he played against him, Kim Taehyung went around the court, bypassing the net, and went straight to Jeongguk. Again, reaching out to greet Jeongguk, just as he had done at the start of the game and Jeongguk had ignored it.

And that's what made Jeongguk's anger reach its apex and declare Kim Taehyung as his mortal enemy.

Despite all the "camaraderie” surrounding Taehyung, his smile was not friendly, it was mischievous, cocky, challenging him and laughing at him internally; as if thinking of an inside joke, and Jeongguk knew what he was thinking about...

In that first game finale, when the camera approached to take a picture of the two competitors together in front of the scoreboard, Jeongguk took the moment to speak low, only for Taehyung, smiling beside him for the photo: “Was it fun?” he asked.

Taehyung took a while to realize that Jeongguk had finally decided to talk to him. Then, completely ignoring the cameras focused on him, he paid attention to Jeongguk only, smiling as he replied. "Yes, it was.”

“Great.” Jeongguk returned in the same low tone as before, without looking at Taehyung. "Now be ready because I will get all over you without any mercy.”

"Is that a threat?” Taehyung asked with grace.

"Take it as you please.” he replied by turning to face Taehyung, giving him the last handshake, so he could finally walk away from the reporters.

Taehyung smiled as he stared at him. When Jeongguk tried to take his hand away, Taehyung held him, keeping him in place as he leaned over to whisper in his ear, only for him to listen. "I don't know if it ever crossed your mind, but I might love having you all over me.”

And that’s it. Jeongguk's squabble was cemented at that very moment.

Jeongguk regularly had the unfortunate fatality of encountering Taehyung. First because Taehyung had won a title when he beat Jeongguk, he was no longer considered a rookie, he was a star, a revelation player, his "level" had risen and now he was facing high-class players in high-class tournaments, which were the same ones Jeongguk participated in. Jeongguk's opponents were now also Taehyung's opponents. Although the second game between them took a little longer to happen, there were still dozens of times when Jeongguk's challenging look crossed half the stadium to find a concentrated Taehyung, energetically hitting the opponent's ball on the court.

His coach, Kim Namjoon, had once asked him: “If only seeing him annoys you, why do you want to come in person to all of his games?”

"Studying the enemy." Jeongguk had replied to him, a little too quickly as he went away way too fast, when Taehyung would find him among the crowd and would start going towards him.

When the second clash between them arrived, Taehyung did not go through the trouble to go greet Jeongguk, he never answered him anyway, his hand would always stay outstretched and lonely in middle air. This time he just said something to him, not even hoping he'd reply, since he never answered him. "Did you come to lose again?” said Taehyung, looking at Jeongguk, turning the handle of the racket between his hands.

Jeongguk froze to a stop in the middle of the court and then turned to Taehyung. "That's what we're going to see, Kim.” he responded in a threat that strangely cheered on Taehyung much more than frightened him. He discovered one thing about Jeongguk that day: friendliness did not work to capture Jeongguk's attention, irritation did.

"That's what we're going to see", and they did, in fact, see it. Jeongguk won. Taehyung lost. However, it had not been just any loss, the game was very challenging, completely different from the defeat that Jeongguk had previously. The game extended to a third set of tiebreakers, Jeongguk won by a close call, Taehyung had almost reached him in the points score. It didn't serve as a rematch for him, he wanted to beat Taehyung just as Taehyung had beat him: In straight sets.

Taehyung had something; something that pushed Jeongguk into a rage, a strange rage that was seething on the inside to the point of burning. He needed to beat him to see if it would finally tone down. He had won a game and that had not yet solved it, so surely it would only be done with when he won completely, without a hitch.

And his big chance had arrived. The third game. The first set had been won. Jeongguk had the upper hand, but Taehyung's games were tied with his own; he was one point away from winning the second set of the match and resulting in a tie with Jeongguk having to (like the second clash they had) need a third set to decide the winner.

The game was fierce, a fervent and apprehensive crowd, and yet, when Jeongguk looked at Taehyung on the other side of the net that split the court in half, there was that son-of-a-bitch-smile that Jeongguk hated. Whenever Jeongguk caught Taehyung looking at him, that stupid smile was on his face. He didn't even seem to care about the fact that he lost a set. Taehyung sported the confidence of a winner, commanding the game, controlling his flow. The ember of wrath in Jeongguk burned harder inside when he countered Taehyung's shot.

The ball cut high to the back of the court. With what seemed to be little effort, Taehyung managed to stop it from crossing the line and hit it against Jeongguk's side and laughed. He laughed. He laughed in the middle of the game. "Take it easy, cutie.” Jeongguk heard Taehyung shout at him, without a care in the world.

"Unbearable.” Jeongguk grumbled, with an angry smile, as he hit back. He put so much force on the shot that his shoulder snapped and hurt. He ignored it and continued the play. The ball was taken higher and Jeongguk again applied an unnecessary force on the racket. For a second, Jeongguk and the fans on his side went into ecstasy: fast and strong, Jeongguk's ball crossed the air into the opposite side to which Taehyung was. Even running he can't hit it back. By a few inches apart, it went straight through Taehyung's racket and bounced on the floor court. The point of victory. That's what it was. Jeongguk had won the second set.

Then Taehyung stretched out his arm, lifting the racket over his head to get the referee's attention. “Electronic challenge.” Taehyung spoke without delay.

"What?!” Jeongguk was angered to hear, marching towards him. "The ball was in, Kim!”

Taehyung laughed, and then shrugged. "I think it was out.” he answered. “Electronic challenge.” he completed, asking again for the referee.

"Do you need a fucking system to show you the ball falling into the fucking court?!” Jeongguk fought back, gesturing with the racket in his hand. Both were close, divided by the court’s net that bounded a safe distance for Taehyung to continue to disturb and pick on Jeongguk, with no possibility of winning a ball to the forehead.

"I need the system to show your ball out of the court, cutie.” Taehyung responded in a purposely presumptuous tone.

"It was in, Kim!” Jeongguk cried.

"It was out!” Taehyung screamed back using the same tone to annoy him.


The big screen in the corner of the block turned on. The projection of the ball’s trajectory system, the so-called electronic challenge, appeared on the screen. Jeongguk's trajectory of the ball was shown on the canvas in a yellow line. According to the rules of the game, if the ball fell on top of the white line that binds the size of the court, this ball is considered "inside", a ball valid as a point. It didn't matter if the ball was ninety-nine percent out, if one percent leaned on the line, it was in. Jeongguk's ball was very close, very close even, but still, it didn't touch the line.

Taehyung smiled. "It was out, cutie." He implied.

The game was not over; Jeongguk had not won. There was still too much of Taehyung to deal with. Jeongguk grunted in frustration. He knew it was a serious foul, but still threw the racket to the ground. The problem that followed was not the penalty he received from the chair referee.

Jeongguk's shoulder hurt even more when he threw the racket to the ground with too much force. Not like before, not like a low pain he could ignore. His shoulder was throbbing and really hurt, as if he had received a beating located exactly where it already hurt. The pain that struck him was such that Jeongguk tripped, almost falling to his knees to the ground holding his own shoulder, with a cry of pain.

Before the referees could see what was going on, before the coaches knew and the crowd understood what had happened, Taehyung, who had never taken his eyes off Jeongguk, quickly ran towards him, bypassing the net as fast as he could. The racket was forgotten and dropped to the ground along the way. Taehyung listened but did not pay attention to the referee who imposed a fine on him for breaking into his opponent’s field.

“Hey, hey, Jeon, what's up?” Taehyung asked, visibly concerned, lowering himself next to Jeongguk.

"My shoulder." Jeongguk grumbled, annoyed with himself.

"Damn it, Jeongguk.” Taehyung replied, and Jeongguk looked at him in confusion at hearing the completely different tone from which Taehyung usually used to talk to him. "I told you to take it easy.” He fought.

"I had no way of knowing you were going to hurt me. "Jeongguk breathlessly replied, trying to control a grimace of pain.

Taehyung can’t answer him, two of the field referees arriving to assess the situation. "Let's call the tournament’s physical therapist for an evaluation." One of the men said and Jeongguk nodded.

Taehyung didn't seem to agree. "He's not going to play." He spoke, turning to the referee.

“I will." Jeongguk claimed.

"With that shoulder like that?”

"The physical therapist will look at it in the evaluation.” Jeongguk answered without caring.

"A fucking three-minute evaluation?!" Taehyung snapped. "So what if the doctor looks at your shoulder, you're really going to play in pain?”

"Patience, right." He grumbled.

Taehyung walked away a bit from Jeongguk, the not very good expression on his face. "You're not going to play.” Taehyung said in a low tone, but as in an order.

Jeongguk snorts. The referees stepping aside to call the tournament’s doctor. "If I leave, I lose.” Jeongguk replied. "I'm not going to give you another victory, Kim.”

"Can you stop it? Now is not the time.” said Taehyung.

Jeongguk rolled his eyes and then looked at Taehyung, kneeling on the floor of the court next to him. "Why are you being so dramatic about it?”

"Because you're in pain." Taehyung responded seriously, not even a shadow from his previous mocking smile present. "Get up or I'll get you off the court by force Jeongguk.”

It was Jeongguk's turn to wear that mocking little smile. "You?” he teased. "Take me by force? You know I'm going to break you with a punch, right?”

To Jeongguk's misfortune, with Taehyung the teasing didn’t work. He didn't even care about his debauchery, the irony in his voice or his implied threat. Without discussing anything else, he bent carefully towards Jeongguk, trying to get as far away from the injured area as possible. One of the arms reaching his hip and the other the lower part of his knees. With quite some effort, Taehyung lifted him off the ground and simply began to carry him off the court, ignoring most of Jeongguk's protests.

"Put me down!" Jeongguk complained.

"You're not going to play.” Taehyung simply replied, increasing the grip on Jeongguk's body to keep him in his arms.

"Okay, okay, I'm not going to play, I'm not going! Just let me go!" he struggled in despair.

Taehyung stopped the march he was making towards the off-court bathroom and took a look at Jeongguk before letting him go with a resigned sigh. His muscles thanked him. He wasn't pumped like the one he carried, he couldn't easily carry around a guy of the same weight as his, but he stayed alert in case Jeongguk was just lying to let him go and decided to go back to the court.

That's not what happened. As Soon as Jeongguk's feet touched the ground again, he simply turned and practically ran towards the bathroom, leaving a confused Taehyung behind.

"Shit!” he exclaimed to himself as he rushed into the empty environment. Opening the tap of one of several sinks distributed along the marble countertop, Jeongguk threw water against his own face. The shoulder hurting and hurting with every minimal movement it made. He took a deep breath, calming down, his heart was beating a little faster than normal.

Taehyung's fault only.

Jeongguk's mind, unhappy and treacherous, went against his own will when Taehyung approached to pull him off the ground, bringing up memories of that unfortunate party. Making him think of things that were already very hard not to remember. Making him remember exactly what the feeling of Taehyung's hands coming down his hip was like, the deep voice whispering nonsense, the pressure he applied on his body against the wooden door, how his mouth traveled down his neck, how good it was to let himself be explored by his warm body, how his hands fit so well on his waist, of what it was like to pull him closer, to encourage him to dominate him completely...

There was also that, that profoundly annoyed him. Taehyung disturbed his mind until he took away all his patience; excited his body until he took away all his resistance.

"You went crazy for good, didn't you?” Jeongguk heard Taehyung's voice say as the bathroom door opened.

"Leave me alone, Kim Taehyung.” Jeongguk muttered without looking at him. Looking would make things worse, it’d make it even harder for him to calm down.

Taehyung approached slowly, trying to study the expression on Jeongguk's face by the reflection on the large mirror that extended itself by all the sinks on the wall. "Why did you run?” he asked with a few more steps towards Jeongguk, standing behind him.

"To not be around that sly face of yours.” Jeongguk attacked. The best defense was always the offense. He saw Taehyung smile behind him in the mirror, that provocative smile that Jeongguk did not know whether to feel anger for or attraction. Still, the mocking wasn't all there.

For a second Taehyung seemed about to reply to Jeongguk's provocation, but his gaze suddenly descended from the reflection he saw of Jeongguk's face down to his shoulder, and a crease appeared between his eyebrows. He walked towards Jeongguk, unrestricted now.

Jeongguk swallowed dry, shivering and trembling as he felt Taehyung's body stick to his. There goes all the progress he made to control his own breathing. His heart skipped frantic beats. "What is it?" Jeongguk asked, his trembling voice stuttered as he tried to phrase the question.

Taehyung didn't answer. Jeongguk felt it when he rested one hand on his hip and paid attention when the other rose slowly, finding the base of his neck. The too slow movements ignited the anxious body of Jeongguk into pure frenzy. Without order or command his neck was gently tilted to the side, leaving the space completely free for whatever Taehyung wanted to do.

Taehyung, however, ignored this movement. His eyes were focused on Jeongguk's shoulder, an annoyed grimace on his face. He pulled a little at the collar of Jeongguk's white shirt’s standard tennis uniform, only to see how the injured area was, if it had any marks or bruises. "It's swollen.” he muttered in an annoyed tone.

As if the deep voice so close to his ear was not enough to make Jeongguk tremble completely, Taehyung also approached his lips to the shoulder on display and left an almost untouched kiss, over the injured spot. He pulled Jeongguk's shirt back into place, taking every possible care, afraid of ending up hurting him.

When his gaze rose, the sight that greeted him in the reflection on the mirror in front of him was Jeongguk's wrecked expression. His jaw raised; his neck tilted in a silent invitation. The lips half-opened releasing heavy breaths; eyes closed and eyelids trembling.

Taehyung did not move forward, and neither did he move away. Remaining there, in the same place, he let himself be hypnotized into every milliliter of Jeongguk's skin, memorizing and absorbing every corner of his expression of pleasure, memorizing it and delighting in it.

When Jeongguk freed himself, though just a little, from his inner delusions of pleasure, he opened his eyes just a fraction. Jeongguk and Taehyung faced each other in silence for a while by the reflection in the mirror. "You're too close, Tae.” Jeongguk whispered, trying to return to an unlikely normal under that extremely dangerous closeness.

"Does our bathroom history affect you? Do you want me to back off?” Taehyung asked him, even though the space was free for Jeongguk to cut off any contact if he wanted to.

Jeongguk did not respond, but turned, still in the same place, facing Taehyung. Taehyung let his tongue travel through his own lips, dampening them in an almost automatic movement towards the new proximity. "Now you're the one who's too close, Jeon.” he warned.

"Are you going to do anything about it?” Jeongguk questioned, but his low, drawn-out voice sounded almost like a request. "do something about this closeness." it was that what his body was asking for.

"Why?” asked Taehyung. There was no more room to cease between them, but Taehyung brought his body closer. Their hips were glued; an unacceptable proximity to any conversation; visibly indecent act. Jeongguk found himself trapped, Taehyung in front of him and cold marble at his back. "Did you decide to stop playing your little game of pretending to hate me?”

Both of Taehyung's hands were on his hips now, holding him in place. The firm grip under the big hands softened him completely. He had already felt the pressure from Taehyung's hands squeezing him and pulling against him. Even though it was only over his clothes, his pants, the memory of that feeling was enough to rob him of the little sanity he had at the time. Already knowing what Taehyung was like was worse; knowing how he spoke when he was turned on, how his body moved against his, made him want more of it, want to feel everything again and this time completely.

"I hate you.” Jeongguk replied, contradicting his own skin warmed by Taehyung's presence. "It's not an act.”

"Really?” Taehyung questioned while inching his hands up to Jungkook’s slim waist, his fingers unpretentiously entering the wide white game blouse.

“Yes.” He muttered, breathless, leaning into Taehyung; their breaths tangled with each other with their lips about to touch. “A lot.”

The bathroom door is opened. The tall figure of Namjoon, Jeongguk's coach, came into the scene. "Jeongguk, they agreed to...” Namjoon stopped when he saw Taehyung and Jeongguk, and they did too, by getting caught; their chests touching, thighs fitting into each other. "Am I... getting in the way of anything?” Namjoon asked looking from one to the other, completely shocked at what he was seeing.

Jeongguk finally woke up. He quickly reacted, flattening his hands on Taehyung's chest and pushing him, ignoring his own shoulder pain. He walked away from Taehyung as fast as he could, completely ignoring him as he turned to Namjoon. "They who, agreed with what?" he said in a feigned tone, crossing his arms in front of his chest. Still, a flush went up his face, betraying him. He heard Taehyung's ironic snort after him, making him even more eager to get out of there.

“They, the judges and referees." Namjoon replied, still confused, taking a second look at Taehyung before returning to Jeongguk. "They agreed to postpone the game. You two left the court at the same time, there is no way to give the victory to either of you.”

"Go to the doctor." Taehyung told him, approaching Jeongguk again.

"Mind your own business!" Jeongguk said, pointing his finger at Taehyung.

Taehyung rolled his eyes. "Take him to the doctor." He told Namjoon, ignoring Jeongguk and leaving the bathroom of the sports court.

Jeongguk didn't want to see a doctor.

But it wasn't like he wanted much. The tournament organizers would require a medical test that justified what happened in the match and any way, it wasn’t as if Namjoon wasn’t dragging him to a physical therapist already without Taehyung having told him to do it. Jeongguk didn't want to go just because Taehyung told him to go. Yes, simply to not do what he told him to do.

It didn't come to anything. The first thing his coach did when Jeongguk sat in the car seat was to take him to the nearest hospital, before taking him to the hotel where all the competitors from the tennis tournament were staying. A sullen grimace remained on Jeongguk's face throughout his appointment with the physical therapist, but his mind was still stuck on Taehyung and when he returned to the hotel, throwing himself into the bed in his room, it was still in him that he thought.

Jeongguk didn't like to think much about things that had already occurred. Jeongguk was impulsive and determined, if he liked it then he liked it, if he didn't like it then he didn't. All black in white, make it or break it. He didn't like to think about things because it didn't do any good at all. There was no point in rationalizing anything because his feelings came before his thoughts. It was something primitive, very tied to his undisciplined heart. He acted according to the will that sprouted in him, and there was nothing wrong with it. Jeongguk didn't know what he felt for Taehyung, he just knew how he felt; and what he felt, whatever it was, was good; from the teasing, the sarcastic grimaces, the anger ridden phrases until the heath that left his skin, everything was good.

But it was also frustrating and confusing. The fact that he didn't like thinking didn't mean he could "not think", that's not how it worked. No, on the contrary, the more he told himself not to think more his head was full of Taehyung.

Fortunately, the muscle relaxant caused drowsiness. Jeongguk ignored life and embraced the pillow, letting sleep take place. The darkness of the room began to disappear and gave way to a precarious familiar lighting, but almost unrecognizable to Jeongguk at that time. A sound became strong, audible. His parted lips let out hoarse breaths; with each new movement more intense, his moans could no longer be contained by his lips. Taehyung's dragged voice resonated in his ear in a deep groan calling for his name only. Jeon.

Jeongguk's eyes could hardly remain open by such stimulus felt in his body. What he saw when his eyes opened was the mirror; his own reflection breathless and shirtless, the strong muscles of the spotted chest containing reddish marks here and there; a fillet of saliva still dripping down his nipple, where Taehyung's mouth had been.

Over his shoulder, Jeongguk could see Taehyung's messy and wild image. He left a trail of gentle kisses across his shoulder with all tenderness, but his arms surrounded his waist in a strong grip, keeping his already weak body firm while violently pushing into him. Jeongguk palmed his open hand against the mirror, tilting his hips a little more towards Taehyung.

Taehyung's wavy black hair almost fell over his eyes, sticking to his sweaty forehead. Jeongguk wanted to pull on it, but he could only moan even more. He felt Taehyung's big right hand go lower, grabbing his member, stimulating the entire length of his cock. The mumbling sounds that came out of his lips were completely sly. Taehyung ceased the kisses he deposited over Jeongguk's shoulder and rose his gaze. They stared at each other through the mirror; both their lips on fire, both figures sweaty.

The asshole smile Jeongguk loved to hate appeared on Taehyung's face. Without warning, he strengthened the grip of his arm around Jeongguk's thin waist and buried himself deep within him all at once. Jeongguk's back arched in delight, feeling Taehyung's cock hit his prostate while his own was stimulated by his agile hands. The expression of pleasure on Jeongguk's face seemed to be enough fuel to burn in Taehyung for a long time. Jeongguk saw when he leaned against himself; the arm that surrounded his waist leaving it momentarily.

Taehyung held Jeongguk's chin, guiding his head to almost rest on his shoulder. Jeongguk felt it when his lips touched his ear, biting his lobe. Taehyung thrusted into Jeongguk again in that same aggressive manner, his hips slapping against Jeongguk's buttocks in a lascivious sound. Jeongguk's moan was loud, unrestrained. No longer able to bear it, he rubbed his ass indecently against Taehyung, rolling his hips against his hardness.

"That's the way you like it, isn't it, Jeon?” Taehyung's deep and tired voice struck him, causing a wave of ecstasy.

Jeongguk's eyes opened; The hotel's dark room, illuminated only by the lamps on the sides of the bed. Jeongguk gasped for air at waking up suddenly. His breathing coming out in pants and his body warm by the intensity of the dream. He could feel the grip of his own hard-on pressed up against the fabric of his underwear. "Fuck." He cursed under his breath in the silent room. "You’re dreaming about him now, that’s it?" Jeongguk grumbled to himself by pulling away the duvet that covered him. He felt like he would suffocate; his mind still clouded in sleep, immersed in how turned on he was because of the dream.

Taehyung's normally peaceful image twisted into a violent expression of pure pleasure was still clear in his mind and radiated waves of ecstasy throughout Jeongguk's whole body. He rolled around on the bed, his body arched in instinct, his eyes closing, biting his lower lip while remembering his own image surrendered in front of the mirror. Jeongguk gasped and cursed into the nothingness. He needed relief.

Jeongguk got up from the bed, ripping off his blouse and throwing it angrily along the way as he walked into the hotel's tiny bathroom. He crawled under the shower when he finished undressing; hot water dripping down his wet body; drop by drop rolling by the black lines of tattoos that covered the skin of his back.

Jeongguk held his own cock, letting his fingers run through the throbbing and sore length. He started masturbating slowly, his forehead against the cold ceramic of the wall. The warm water caused the steam to rise, clouding the small bathroom. Jeongguk groaned in pleasure and distress, rubbing himself in his own hand. The long fingers squeezing, up and down over his completely hard member; thumb circling around the glans.

The steam left his body in an even more febrile state. Jeongguk sighed, leaning over subtly; his right hand went down his thigh, squeezing his own flesh. Hot water flowed directly through the division of muscles on his wide back. Jeongguk, lifting his right hand, massaged his entrance, letting his middle finger circle him in a delicious pressure before penetrating. Jeongguk's sensitive and excited body responded to the stimulus with a groan; a sly and affected sound like a whimper calling the name Taehyung.

He let go of his erection, stopping mid-masturbation, just holding his cock firmly, focusing solely on the other stimulation. His legs parted and a little more, opening himself more to thrust his finger in and out. A second digit was added to the act, and Jeongguk increased the pace and pressure at which he fucked himself with his fingers. Jeongguk did not plan to leave the bath too soon, if it depended on his state of horniness, he would still spend long minutes there. He turned off the shower, but it was the worst mistake he ever made.

With the water off, the silence returned, while Jeongguk was snapping his fingers inside himself, he could hear the angry knock of someone at the bedroom door, as if they had been knocking for a while. Jeongguk tried to ignore it, but it was impossible. The knocking continued and continued. His mood soured. Having to interrupt his own pleasure, he wrapped a white towel around his waist, running to the door with his hair still dripping water across the carpet.

"What the fuck is it?" he snapped while opening the door, only to freeze when he realized who was there.

Taehyung's figure, still at the doorstep, arched his eyebrow upon hearing the swearing. He seemed ready to answer, but then his mouth closed again. Taehyung's gaze descended over Jeongguk's exposed body, unintentionally dampening his lower lip, letting the vision run from the sculped abs to the ridiculously attractive thin waist, which held the towel loosely tied to it. Taehyung searched Jeongguk openly, like a predator, without making the effort to disguise it. Before his look reached the voluminous outline marked on the towel, Jeongguk closed the door on his face.

While Taehyung was confused outside, inside the room, Jeongguk was wide-eyed as he was taken by surprise. A certain panic running through him, just as he had felt earlier when Taehyung approached him to pull him from the ground to his lap. He heard Taehyung knock on the door again and slapped himself on the forehead upon realizing his stupidity, closing the door in his face without an explanation. It was justifiable if he stopped to think of Jeongguk's side; seconds earlier he was moaning Taehyung's name, masturbating at the memory of an erotic dream he had with him, burying his finger in himself, wondering what it would be like to be filled by the other, and when he opened the bedroom door he just had to stand face to face with him. It felt like he had just been caught in the act.

"Jeon?” Jeongguk heard Taehyung's voice calling him behind the door. With a resigned grumble, he opened it partially, leaving only his face visible in the crack, hiding his own body and the volume of the hard-on outlining the towel behind the door.

"What do you want?” Jeongguk asked by forcing the angry tone he usually used, trying to hide his own panic.

Taehyung rolled his eyes. Without taking the trouble to reply, he pushed the door and entered Jeongguk's room. "Do you always answer the door half-naked, or is this a special occasion because of me? " Taehyung implied sitting on the edge of the bed.

"I don't remember letting you in.” Jeongguk accused, restless. Taehyung shrugged without defending himself and Jeongguk closed the door with a dramatic sigh. “Speak up." He told him in an authoritative tone, walking around the room. It was easier to disguise his excitement and visible nervousness if he didn't look at Kim.

“I found your coach in the lobby.” Taehyung answered, following him with his gaze. "He said that that in your shoulder was a muscle distension.”

Jeongguk snorted, still restless. "I didn't distend anything. I almost distended, it's different.” he answered.

"And?” Taehyung pressed.

“Tennis rest for at least a week." Jeongguk told him. “In addition, a muscle relaxant packet for pain.”

"Is it still hurting a lot?”

"You're worried, are you?” Jeongguk mocked him, picking the shirt off the floor where he had thrown it to fold it.

Taehyung grimaced in distaste. Crossing his arms in front of his chest he straightened himself on Jeongguk's bed before speaking again, with a crease between his eyebrows. "Are you always an asshole like that or do you just try this hard with me?”

"The front door for the street is right there." Jeongguk grumbled.

"Your door goes to the hotel corridor." Taehyung answered with a tired sigh.

"What is it, Kim?” Jeongguk spoke, leaving his blouse folded above the bed. "Don't we always treat each other like this? I don't understand your sudden change of behavior.”

"You've been hurt. There's the difference.” Taehyung answered him.

Jeongguk's gaze rose to face Taehyung. He sought the slightest hint of irony, waited for the characteristic sarcastic smile in the corner of his lips, but all he saw was Taehyung's serious countenance. "And what does that have to do with you?” he asked sincerely, staring into his eyes.

Taehyung sighed before speaking. “Come here.” he asked and Jeongguk moved almost automatically towards him. "You were playing like you were going to hit me with the racket at any second.” he completed when Jeongguk stopped in front of him. Because he was seated, Taehyung had to raise his head a little to look directly into Jeongguk's eyes.

"Who said I wasn't going to?” Jeongguk joked by crossing his arms over his bare chest. He had even forgotten the shame with his hard-on marked on the towel.

Taehyung gave a small smile. "It's not funny, Jeongguk.” he answered. "I had it before. I disturbed you, you pulled up a storm; It was nice. Now you're hurt, it’s not anymore.”

Jeongguk frowned upon hearing him. "That's not your fault.”

"If I was playing against someone else, I wouldn't be batting like that, so yes, I'm feeling guilty." Taehyung answered in the same tone. Jeongguk made to correct him, but Taehyung interrupted. "Here," he said to Jeongguk, pulling something out of his pants pocket. "It's to redeem myself.”

"What is this?” Jeongguk asked by looking at the small glass jar the size of Taehyung's hand.

Taehyung didn't answer it at first. Giving two pats on the mattress, he commanded to Jeongguk. "Sit down.”

"What for?” Jeongguk asked wide-eyed.

Taehyung pointed his lips out for a second, a little disgruntled. "Just sit down, Jeon. On your back.” he repeated.

Jeongguk obeyed him, swallowing dry, returning to consciousness about his own state. He sat on the bed, with his back to Taehyung, holding tightly onto the towel that threatened to fall. His body was covered in goosebumps as he felt the liquid from the bottle being poured over the skin of his shoulders. He breathed deeply, smelling the soft wooden smell. The long fingers of Taehyung's strong hands touched each of his shoulders, initiating a press. "Tell me if it hurts.” Taehyung asked when he touched the injured shoulder.

Jeongguk, still forcing some discontent, mumbled: “I already said it’s not hurting.”

Taehyung blew a laugh that caused Jeongguk's muscles to strain at the feeling of hot hair on the bare skin of his back. "You don't like to admit weakness, do you?" Taehyung asked, straightening behind him on the bed, dropping his shoes to the ground as he pulled his feet onto the bed.

"Where are you seeing weakness here?” Jeongguk asked by clicking his tongue, crossing his arms strongly in front of his body, making the defined muscles of his arms stand out more.

"Okay, Macho Man, okay” Taehyung rolled his eyes knowing that Jeongguk would not see it, descending both hands covered in oil down his arms. "But just stay still, otherwise I can't do the fucking massage.”

"I didn't ask you for anything.” he grumbled, an annoyed pout appearing on his lips.

"Fucking Jeon, don't you know how to be considerate?" asked Taehyung. His hands rose again through Jeongguk's arms towards Jeongguk's neck. The thumbs exerting a circular pressure on the sensitive muscles of the region.

"I don't like to consider. I don't like means or balance. My earphones at a hundred, otherwise I don't listen to music.” he dictated in response, tilting his head forward almost unconsciously. The skin of his nape, smooth and white reddened under the fingers of Taehyung. "I like the maximum, violence, hot water, pepper, strength. That's why I can't handle half-wins in the game.”

"It's a very interesting thing to know.” Taehyung's voice replied close to his ear. "At least the first part is. I'd appreciate it if you'd take tennis off your head, your muscles are still tense, can’t you relax?”

His mind gradually went back to being clouded with pleasure. Taehyung's palms were firm, wide. The thin calluses caused the pressure on the dermis to be thicker, rougher. Jeongguk knew why his hands were like this, for his own were as well. The outcome of daily training, of several different techniques to use the racket. It took firm, strong hands and arms to play tennis.

Taehyung put all his concentration on massaging Jeongguk's shoulder and neck muscles. He was feeling guilty about him getting hurt. He squeezed and rubbed him, applying pressure on him with his digits. He applied a little more strength when he realized that Jeongguk really wasn't feeling the pain in his shoulder anymore, probably due to the muscle relaxant.

Taehyung realized that Jeongguk had not lied when he said he liked strength. When he began working on his body with a little more brutality, Jeongguk finally seemed to completely relax. A heavier breathing started coming out through his lips, along with grumbling. Eyes closed and body limp, completely at the mercy of those touches. Taehyung saw the side of Jeongguk's face: The beautiful, delivered and pleasurable expression, as well as the one that had been on his face earlier in the bathroom of the tennis court.

“Is it good?” Taehyung asked him in a low voice, not wanting to break the charm of Jeongguk lost in pleasure.

“Yes.” he answered a little breathlessly.

"Lie down a for a bit.” Taehyung offered and this time Jeongguk complied without questioning. Without thinking too much about what he was doing, Jeongguk simply straightened his body, lying face down on the mattress.

With his eyes closed, he could only feel it when Taehyung leaned on top of him, the mattress sinking to the sides of his thighs, where Taehyung supported his knees. He could only hold back a low groan, squeezing the pillow, when he felt more of the massage oil being poured on his back. Jeongguk held his breath when he felt Taehyung pull on the side of the towel but felt frustrated when he realized he was just fixing it to have it folded and straightened over the nudity of his body, without undressing him at any time.

"Your tattoo is beautiful.” Taehyung told him, his index finger running through the entire body of the long Korean dragon tattooed on Jeongguk's back. "I couldn't see it that day.”

His hard cock was now pressed between his own belly and the thin sheet on the bed. Taehyung went back to flattening his hands heavily against Jeongguk's back, going from top to bottom near the edge of the towel, rubbing his neck, shoulders, and then running them down his spine, flattening his slender waist, squeezing it tightly and forcefully. All of that, the massage, the pressure, and the strength, became even better when Taehyung gave him an intense grip in that region, as if he wanted to pull his hips towards himself. Jeongguk's imagination was not pure at the time, it was not at all good for the sensitivity of his body.

The memory of the dream was still dormant, the image of Taehyung fucking him nonstop against the mirror on the sink. With each new tug his libido increased and his desire advanced. His lips began to hurt from how much he was biting them to hold in his groans. His body itself no longer being able to bear it, completely in need of attention. Jeongguk's hips adjusted themselves on the bed, seeking, in the friction of the sheet, relief. His body reacted to the new stimulus very well and Jeongguk allowed a whimper to escape from his lips just when Taehyung had risen again to his shoulder.

“Did that hurt?" he asked in a worried tone, completely unaware of Jeongguk’s act and lascivious thoughts.

" Thigh!" he lied in a short thrill of panic.

"Oh. Here?” he heard Taehyung ask, going down his body and touching both his thighs.

" Uhum.” Jeongguk confirmed with a grumble, feeling Taehyung fold the towel up, leaving only his ass covered. He swore internally, he had worsened his own situation, Taehyung was getting closer and closer to his intimate zone, closer to his pleasure points, fingering the muscles of his leg, rubbing the thick thighs with the base of his wrist; tensing, squeezing, applying his strength. If he didn't focus, he'd expose himself. “How do you know this?” Jeongguk stuttered, trying to hold a conversation to not freak out.

" Massage?” Taehyung asked him, and continued when Jeongguk confirmed with a nod. "My workouts are usually very intense. I live with calf pain, so I ended up learning not to spend my life going to massage parlors.” he answered, massaging the inner part of Jeongguk's thigh.

"Fuck.” Jeongguk grumbled low, fortunately inaudible to Taehyung, focused on torturing him. Jeongguk had to control himself so he wouldn't grind again against the mattress. Taehyung's long fingers reached Jeongguk's upper thigh, giving him an intense massage at the base of his buttocks, pulling them as if he was going to open them for himself. Jeongguk wanted him to do it so badly. He whined. His hips were rolling incautiously when Taehyung's hands got near the edge of the towel folded over him. He couldn't take it anymore. He'd never had to hold on for so long without any kind of relief. He wanted to masturbate, to rub his hips against the mattress or a pillow, he wanted to be fucked until he couldn't take it anymore.

"You tensed up again.” Taehyung dictated in a serious tone. "Can you relax?”

"Hard to relax with you touching me." Jeongguk let it slip.

"Why? Do I make you tense?” Taehyung asked him, intensifying the massage on the inside of his thighs.

“No.” Jeongguk corrected himself with the little sanity he had left. Taehyung seemed close on purpose. The damn pitch of his voice still low in the already silent room made a chill run straight down Jeongguk’s back. His legs opening without command.

"I turn you soft, don't I?" Taehyung asked. The treacherous fingers shamelessly continuing the massage under the towel, which had risen little by little with each grind that Jeongguk couldn’t hold back, believing they escaped Taehyung’s eyes.

“No.” Jeongguk answered in a trembling voice.

"Really? I think you're lying.” he finished removing the towel, expecting some opposite complaint from Jeongguk. What came from Jeongguk's response was a breathless groan, along with his hips grinding again against the mattress. Taehyung grabbed the glass vial of oil for the third time, letting the essence drip over Jeongguk's buttocks, this time in a much larger and excessive amount.

“I'm not.” Jeongguk answered him in a low voice, holding himself back against a moan.

"I think you are." Taehyung replied. Jeongguk did not know if it was on purpose or not, but he felt the massage oil drip straight over his entrance. When Taehyung's hands touched him again, any hint of softness that had survived so far was gone. A snap echoed when he palmed his hands open on each side of Jeongguk's ass. He moved restlessly over the touch. "You were melting completely earlier in the dressing room, Jeon.”

"I wasn't.” he grumbled. It was on the verge. The apex. One move, and Jeongguk would fall into an endless slope. He's held back as much as he can.

Taehyung climbed his own body over Jeongguk’s, supporting his elbow on the bed, next to Jeongguk's head. His free hand continued to work, in what was no longer a massage, on Jeongguk's ass. He leaned over, letting his lips touch Jeongguk's ear. “You were.” Taehyung imposed in a serious tone, giving no room for discussion. "Do you know how much I wanted to fuck you right there when I saw your pretty face?”

That was the end for Jeongguk. He reached for Taehyung's hand, which squeezed his ass and just remained there, and guided it desperately to his entrance. "Are you that turned on, Jeon?” Taehyung smiled lasciviously, noticing Jeongguk's eagerness. He let his middle finger press against the wet, slippery spot covered in body oil, surrounding it without penetrating him. Jeongguk moaned while raising his hips, asking for Taehyung, rubbing himself on his fingers. "I asked you something.” Taehyung responded to Jeongguk's silence.

"Yes, damn it!” he exclaimed angrily “I am.” Jeongguk finished embarrassed, hiding his face on the pillow.

Taehyung smiled at that, but Jeongguk couldn't see it. He gently tensed even more the middle finger against Jeongguk, penetrating him. Taehyung could hear Jeongguk's dragged-out moan, muffled by his face hidden against the pillow. His hips arched and moved downwards, almost in a sort of grind. Taehyung penetrated him slowly, without moving inside him, already knowing from Jeongguk's previous sentence that he did not like it.

"That's what you were doing when I got here, isn't it?” Taehyung asked leaving giving a peck to Jeongguk's ear, before beginning to lower his lips. He saw Jeongguk nod, giving himself completely to him. There was no greater delight than that; greater than Jeongguk. He was perfect. Naturally and normally perfect; perfect to the point of thinking that he had nothing more to add in himself that would make him better, for he was the apex, eternal prime.

However now, before the surrendered beast, Taehyung saw the apex of his own apex, and it was ridiculously even more tempting. The dragged, sly, needy voice. The sensitive, passive body, needy for any touch, reacting shakily even in his voice. Completely given, delivered, contained, with a desire to belong, willing to be taken and tamed. Jeongguk aroused the ferocity Taehyung didn't even know he had. It was visible now why Jeongguk liked violence. It was because the maxed-out level of his hard-on called out for it. Because his inner nature was asking for it.

And Taehyung, as he wanted to fulfill all his wishes, fucked him as he deserved.

"Were you touching yourself, Jeon? Like this?” Taehyung stuck a second finger into Jeongguk without warning, all at once, while his mouth was starving for his skin. He targeted his neck and bit it, holding the skin between his teeth before sucking.

His fingers thrusted nonstop, causing Jeongguk's body to move with the speed and tremble with how deep they went. Jeongguk moaned audibly, a yummy and profane sound, finally pulling his face off the pillow. His head tilted to the side, giving Taehyung more room, letting himself open for him. And Taehyung took him, his free hand running through Jeongguk's strong arms to the base of his neck, holding it and bringing Jeongguk's face close to his.

Jeongguk's moans became louder and more evident, delighting in the minimal pressure of Taehyung on his neck. His hands grasped the pillow that once hid his own face; his hips rose, steadying his knees on the mattress, getting almost on all fours with his feet and his head bent low close to the bed. He could hear the thirsty sigh that he managed to get out of Taehyung with the act; it further inflated his own smug ego. Lascivious, Jeongguk bit his lower lip, swinging his hips in the air.

"Fuck, Jeon.” Taehyung mumbled low through his teeth like a growl, completely trapped and seduced by Jeongguk's wanton posture in bed. His hand moved faster than his thoughts could process, removing his fingers from inside Jeongguk to drop a soundly slap on his ass. The sound that came out of Jeongguk's open lips was hoarse, cut off with a little scream entwined with a deep groan, as that of a harlot. The voice was so delightful to Taehyung's ears that he could not contain himself, delivering another rough slap and another on the white skin, now completely reddish by the mark of his palm.

Taehyung's free hand ran through the dragon tattooed on Jeongguk's spine, joining the other one on the reddened buttocks. Taehyung left a kiss at the end of his spine, and his lips did not move away, they just trailed downwards; tasting every corner of Jeongguk, as if he were worshiping him; admiring him with all his pleasure. He bit the sensitive spot he slapped, sucking soon after the abundance of Jeongguk's buttocks, before separating them, letting his tongue run over his entrance.

Jeongguk's knees parted, opening himself more for Taehyung. He just leaned his head on the pillow, clinging to it in a pleasurable anguish, trying to contain the spasms and tremors from his body being so stimulated. He felt it when Taehyung lowered his tongue, licking and sucking his scrotum, letting his sack into his mouth. Taehyung sucked the swollen spot. Jeongguk was dripping, leaking pre-cum from the head of his cock. The end really seemed to come to Jeongguk when Taehyung held the throbbing member.

"Taehyung... " he wept in an avid, anxious tone. "Fuck me.”

The wave of satisfaction that ran through Taehyung's body was too much to be measured and took any shred of sanity he had left, and that Jeongguk had not yet plucked from him. Blissfully, he leaned his body over Jeongguk’s, letting the extension of his rigid phallus, inside his pants, fit against Jeongguk. Taehyung moved his hand up through Jeongguk's exposed nape, moving his right hand up and intertwining it on the longer strands of his hair. With a firm grip, Taehyung forced Jeongguk to remove his face from the pillow, forcing his torso up, eventually getting him on all fours for himself.

"Speak again." Taehyung asked in fascination. "Do you want to feel my dick in you? Do you want to get fucked, Guk?” he completed, feeling Jeongguk rub himself against him anxiously.

Yes.” he answered in surrender. Taehyung was an even greater torment than his shallow imagination could come up with in the dream. "Please, fuck me, Taehyung.”

Jeongguk asked for it, and Taehyung would do it, reaching for the button of the light pants and unbuttoning them, lowering the pants along with the underwear. Taehyung let go of Jeongguk's hair, only momentarily to finish undressing, returning to the position soon after. The free hand stimulated his own amazingly stiff member, fitting it between Jeongguk's divisions, on the excessive amount of body oil on the spot and loving to see how Jeongguk grinded against him, arching his hips while feeling the wide extent of his cock in his ass.

Jeongguk had said he liked “the maximum, violence, hot water, pepper, strength," and as much as Taehyung had learned that he still could not be brutal at that moment, burying the thick member slowly into Jeongguk, for fear of actually hurting him.

The sounds that came out of Jeongguk's lips were of pleasure tied to pain. The amount of oil on his body, leaving him with even more beautiful skin, ended up helping at that moment. When Jeongguk arched his back again, Taehyung knew he could move, now with the strength Jeongguk deserved to receive, entering directly and firmly into his tight entrance.

Taehyung pulled strongly on Jeongguk’s strands of hair. Jeongguk's slender muscular body was even more beautiful on all fours, completely bare for Taehyung. The shoulders wide in contrast to his slim and sculpted waist. The flesh of his buttocks trembling at each hard thrust. The erect member coming in and out, pounding into his clear ass, dyed by Taehyung's ownership marks.

The bites, hickeys and spanking stamped on the ass of the national tennis record holder. Taehyung's hips slammed frantically against Jeongguk's tilted ass; the sound was extremely sexual; skin against skin pushing and pulling, slamming against each other, tireless. Jeongguk's increasingly sly, increasingly indecent moans set off Taehyung even more, urging him to continue at that pace, pounding, at each deep thrust, against Jeongguk’s prostate.

His head tilted back, by the firm pull of Taehyung's fingers. Jeongguk could hear the rumbling of Taehyung's voice, moaning his surname in hoarseness like a wild beast, hungry feline tiger, salivating in desire to take him. "My Jeon." Came out in whispers from Taehyung's lips, not in question, but declaring that Jeongguk was his, at least for that moment. Taehyung made it clear to Jeongguk, in his grunts of pleasure, who did it from behind, who fucked him at the apex, who touched him and looked at him as if he touched and looked at paradise; touched a deity.

Own. Jeongguk loved not only the word, but the act. "Possessing" seemed to evoke the maximum physiological sensation of carnal pleasure. And that's exactly how Taehyung made Jeongguk feel. My Jeon; your Jeon.

Taehyung's free arm circled his waist. The hand coming down to the pulsating member. Taehyung's long fingers surrounded his glans, melding with taste in the pre-cum that was dripping. Jeongguk was as sensitive as he had never been before; He had held his own pleasure for too long, feeling his body get excited to the dirty dream he had, masturbating in the bath with Taehyung on his mind and still having to keep his self-control while Taehyung walked his palms heavily all over his skin, having Jeongguk, and only Jeongguk, naked in the room, completely nude on the bed; subject to the touches of Taehyung.

Jeongguk's exhausted body lost the strength to stay on his knees, falling over the bed. He trembled in unrestrained spasms releasing hot jets of cum over Taehyung's hand. At the same time, Taehyung pulled out of him turning Jeongguk carefully around on the bed. Lowering himself in between Jeon's beautiful pair of thighs, Taehyung took his member into his mouth, swallowing all the cum Jeongguk had not yet released, licking the rest that had run down his hand at the end.

Jeongguk let out a long, heavy sigh as Taehyung walked away from his soft member. "You're tired, huh?" Taehyung asked in a teasing tone.

Jeongguk did not reply, he just turned back around supporting himself on his forearms and Taehyung got the message, crawling back on top of Jeongguk. Legs parted, too tired to get his ass back in the air. Taehyung fit into Jeongguk, the hard cock going in all at once. The new position was even more pleasurable for Taehyung, making Jeongguk's entrance even tighter, contracting around his hard-on. Taehyung hugged him from behind, his arms around Jeongguk's body, one of them moving up his muscular chest and neck to hold Jeongguk's beautiful jaw.

"So, this is how you like to be fucked, Jeongguk?" Taehyung said next to his ear. The low tone dripped with pleasure of his dominance. “From behind, like a little slut?”

“No.” Jeongguk replied breathlessly. "I'm liking you fucking me like this." he completed, and it was true. He really liked to be pressured and dominated, but out of all the experiences he had with other people, only Taehyung had achieved that maximum satisfaction in him, making his body melt in delight for him.

The corners of Taehyung's lips rose in a small arrogant smile with the phrase. Maybe sex with Jeongguk was teaching him how to inflate his own ego like the other one did. At that moment savagery shone in his eyes. "To be fucked like my Jeon, then.” Taehyung said, thrusting hard into him.

"Your Jeon.” Jeongguk agreed between a dragged-out groan. The tight little eyes feeling Taehyung pound into him. His ego really was being worked harder and harder with every sly scream that Jeongguk tried to hold in due to his cock, biting his lips in wanton, which was a bit dangerous for when they faced each other again on the court, albeit sexually exciting. "You’re going to make me hard again.” Jeongguk quietly confessed to Taehyung.

"Great, get hard then.” Taehyung answered him. "I can make you cum all night long if you can stand having me inside you.”

"Taehy…” Jeongguk whimpered to Taehyung as he felt his right hand reach down to caress the flaccid, semi-rigid, still sensitive phallus from his last erection. Taehyung found out he loved that sound, like a delicious melody that he wanted to hear and hear, to rip out of Jeongguk with his great and pulsating dedication. And so, Taehyung did, pulling out almost entirely from Jeongguk, only to push back in directly into his prostate, rocking Jeongguk’s body. His purpose was achieved, from Jeongguk's desperate lips, open in want and surprise, intense and sly moans came out. He raised his hips minimally, asking for more dick inside himself, rolling them against Taehyung.

“Come here." said Taehyung sitting in bed. A crease of confusion and neediness appeared between Jeongguk's eyebrows when Taehyung pulled out of him, but he soon obeyed him upon hearing the sentence be completed. "Suck me off.”

Rising down from the bed, Jeongguk licked his anxious lips, kneeling between the other’s legs. Taehyung guided his face to his own erect member. Jeongguk didn't look at Taehyung at any time before he started sucking, his big eyes completely focused on the thick expanse of Taehyung, which was ridiculously worse and more exciting.

Jeongguk held Taehyung between his hands, massaging his erection in a slow masturbation. Taking his face further down Taehyung's cock, Jeongguk parted open his lips, putting his tongue out, licking from the base to the head, his tongue working around the glans as he would his favorite lollipop. The feeling of the hot muscle moving around the glans was incredibly good for Taehyung's libido.

Jeongguk went further down with his mouth, casting a glance at Taehyung as he moved back up again, licking his cock. Jeongguk's small pink lips had difficulty taking in Taehyung’s whole length; the bad taste of pre-cum, mixed with body oil, filled his tongue. Jeongguk felt the soft touch of Taehyung's hand stroking the top of his head, pushing away the dark straight hair from his forehead as he swallowed his cock. Jeongguk sucked him repeatedly, increasingly intensifying his suction. He heard the pleasurable groans escaping from Taehyung, pushing him to keep going.

There was something strangely pleasurable to Jeongguk that ran fervently through his veins: the pleasure of giving pleasure. To know that he was the cause of Taehyung's lust, of the irreducible hardness on his cock, of his groans thirsty for his body. All this raised his body to an unexplored point of excitement. He was extremely hard again. Jeongguk palmed both hands open on the floor, sucking Taehyung with all his will, letting his saliva run, passing his tongue all over his body, rubbing him on his thin lips, letting Taehyung's cock enter through his mouth and reach his throat to then come out and touch his face.

He only slowed down when he felt Taehyung's right hand gently go down his face, strolling sweetly down his cheek full of his dick. Jeongguk looked up, his eyes watery and his face ruined, staring directly at Taehyung's mesmerized gaze. He stroked Jeongguk's face truly trapped in his image. Taehyung was bewitched by the beautiful face, beautifully obscene, but even more mesmerized by the pure, almost harmless glow of Jeongguk's eyes.

There was the treacherous trap for someone with a weak heart like Taehyung.

Someone secretly in love who couldn't keep it as purely carnal anymore.

Taehyung held Jeongguk's jaw pushing him away from him. Jeongguk did not understand but he did not protest and let himself be taken by Taehyung's right hand. He brought his own face towards Jeongguk's, lowering himself to touch his lips to his. Jeongguk froze for a second, his eyes wide and his heart throbbing, surprised by the sudden kiss.

It was the first time they kissed. The first... since the party Jimin had organized.

Little by little Jeongguk surrendered, closing his eyes and corresponding to Taehyung's kiss. Strange as it seemed, the kiss was much more intimate than anything they had done so far. Their lips moved together. The kiss seemed to contain the previous savagery, but not its intensity. Taehyung pulled Jeongguk against himself, without breaking apart their lips.

He tightly enclosed his arms around Jeongguk's waist, almost in a hug, making him sit on his lap over the bed. His lips caressed and sucked; the tongues intertwined, surrounding themselves in friction, taking each other in. Taehyung's hands flattened against Jeongguk's back, sliding with pressure at the curvature of his spine. Jeongguk was as surrendered to Taehyung's mouth as he was to his touches. Surrendered; committed; the complete opposite of the imposing figure that regularly crossed the tennis court.

"I don't understand you.” Jeongguk whispered against Taehyung's lips.

Completely at the mercy of his lips, Jeongguk let himself press against Taehyung's body, grabbing the threads of his nape on caresses under his fingertips. His groans and moans being swallowed by him. Taehyung pushed away a bit, only to let the kisses go down on Jeon, forming a trail of pecks wherever he passed. Jeongguk arched his back; the trail from his free neck to Taehyung's mouth. He slid his lips, kissing from the tip of Jeongguk's chin to the base of his neck, going to the side and kissing his bruised shoulder, which no longer hurt.

Jeongguk molded himself against Taehyung's body, rubbing his rigid member for friction in the smooth abdomen. Taehyung tried to bring his body a little further up, sliding his tongue through Jeongguk's chest until he reached his nipple. A tingling sensation ran through Jeongguk's body, chilling his skin as he felt the texture of Taehyung's tongue all around the sensitive area. His teeth pulling on the small nub 4, sucking it and mistreating it, leaving the skin of the defined pectoral red under his mouth.

Being kissed again, Jeongguk lowered his body. Jeongguk's fingertips reached Taehyung's erection, positioning him directly at his entrance, sitting down and taking his length completely inside himself. A rough, growling sound came out of Taehyung in unique pleasure; his hands sliding from Jeongguk's back directly onto his ass, which fit as well on his cock as his perfect waist fit into his hands.

Taehyung squeezed him tightly between his fingers, forcing Jeongguk to bounce on his lap. And Jeongguk did it willingly, driven mad by the desire to have Taehyung's cock inside him again; fucking him and pounding him with violence; unleashing the most restrained and submissive moans he had hidden; the hysterical whimpers coming out of his mouth when Taehyung's length drove into him mercilessly.

Jeongguk fucked himself on Taehyung, moving his body up and down, letting the speed be dictated by Taehyung's grip on his buttocks; every time he moved up, he pushed him down hard. His tight walls contracted around the other’s thickness. Jeongguk grinded on his lap, rubbing himself and burying him inside as much as he could, his waist modulating quickly and dexterously.

He placed his arms around Taehyung's shoulders, seeking support while intensifying the bounce of his hips. The sound of his bouncing body fucking desperately the one of the man on his bed echoed erotically through the room. When his breath and tiredness almost beat him, the echo of Taehyung's heavy slap on his ass made him go back to work, hopping non-stop on his cock. Taehyung saw, in delight, a pout of complaint form on Jeongguk’s lips, and couldn't help himself in giving him another slap, taking pleasure in his expression of complaint.

Taehyung couldn’t hold back a smile with the look of tantrum on Jeongguk's face. It was something he used to do when he had a complaint about something, he’d frown and make his complaint with a pout on his face. Now, however, his complaint had become a dragged-out moan. Taehyung went lowered his hands to Jeongguk's thick thighs, only to hold him and switch their positions, lying Jeongguk on the bed still inside him.

As much as Jeongguk was loving to hop and grind on Taehyung, he really liked it better it when he was underneath, and now it seemed even better. Taehyung's sweaty figure covered his vision, his broad shoulders rising and falling at each push; the wavy dark hair falling over his forehead; sweat dripping down his temples. The feeling of Taehyung over him was maddening. Jeongguk felt his stomach contract, his lower belly burn, and took the man’s right hand to his own dick.

"Don't touch it." Taehyung censured him, and Jeongguk did not listen to him. With his eyes closed, he held his own hard-on firmly, jacking himself off quickly. Jeongguk only realized the heartbreak on Taehyung's face when he felt his wrist being held. Opening his eyes, Jeongguk stared at him with a confused, needy look. "I told you not to touch it, Jeon." Taehyung said in a serious tone, joining his hands above his head.

" Taehy." Jeongguk grumbled in restraint.

Taehyung lowered himself close to Jeongguk's face, touching his forehead to his. "Do you want to come?” he asked him, and Jeongguk nodded, biting his lower lip, a forceful crease between his eyebrows. "Cum from just my dick fucking you." Taehyung dictated in a low, deep voice, looking into Jeon's eyes.

Jeongguk panted near Taehyung's lips, feeling himself melt completely. " Hyung…” Jeongguk moaned.

Jeongguk saw at that moment a wild glow reflecting in Taehyung's eyes. He licked his lips in a voracious desire while staring at Jeongguk. “Say it again.” Taehyung asked while touching his lips to Jeongguk's.

“Hyung.” Jeongguk said obediently.

Taehyung forgot about Jeongguk's wrists on the bed, but Jeongguk did not contradict him by leaving them in the same place, only squeezing the sheet between his fingers to try to contain the urge to touch himself. Taehyung fit his right hand under Jeongguk's nape and held his waist with his free hand, bringing his hips to himself as he pounded hard into Jeongguk's entrance.

“Hyung.” Jeongguk kept moaning and moaning, louder and louder, unrestrained, feeling Taehyung's dick go deep into him every time he moaned for him, completely passive, completely in need of his hard cock. His prostate being stimulated without a pause. His body trembling and writhing in pleasure. Taehyung increasingly yielding and avid, squeezing his waist, sucking on his neck, fucking nonstop into him. Jeongguk felt his lower stomach burn and squeezed the sheets harder between his fingers.

“Hyungie!” Jeongguk moaned once more, his cock shooting all his cum over his stomach, finally getting the relief he needed. Taehyung moved up attacking his lips, swallowing part of his moan in a hungry kiss. The next instant Jeongguk's back arched in surprise; Taehyung's hot liquid filled him from the inside, dripping to the outside of him.

Taehyung wearily rested his head on his chest, before falling exhausted on Jeongguk's still shaking body. With his ear leaning against Jeongguk's chest, Taehyung could hear his skipping heartbeat. He breathed in exhaustion in that position, not much courage to pull away at the time. He heard Jeongguk's breathing gradually returning to normal and felt the soft touch of his fingers caressing the top of his head.

"I don't understand you." Jeongguk said for the second time that night, seeking answers, seeking to understand what the difference between that day was and the first; the difference from those kisses to the first time they had kissed, at Jimin's party.

Everything seemed to have gone as well that day as it had just gone just now. Jeongguk could still remember feeling a stare direct at him and seeing Taehyung sitting in the corner of the grand apartment, away from the several dozen people scattered around the makeshift dance floor. Jeongguk remembered exchanging glances as he danced among his friends and swayed his body from side to side to the rhythm of the song, having Taehyung's stare glued on him.

He remembered things he did not like to admit and that his ego would not let him admit aloud nor even through torture; things like the fact that he had, like an idiot, thought he felt a stupid connection with Taehyung. He remembered how he had had the attitude of going up to Taehyung, how they had flirted most of the night, how he had pulled him to dance with him, how their bodies had fit together through the beats of the song, how they had moved, pulled, and squeezed each other. He remembered how Taehyung's hands had run through his body, how his own had grasped the hairs on the nape of his neck.

If he thought about it well, Jeongguk could still feel the pressure of Taehyung's hand at the base of his spine, pulling him in for a kiss. He could accurately feel the breath being ripped from him, the weakness in his legs, in reaction to how good it was to be kissed by him. In his memory it still echoed the feeling of being propped against the wall, of pulling Taehyung to himself wanting more of him, wanting to give himself to him.

It was still emanating within himself the fierce pulse of his heart, the intensity of the kiss and how he had become too obscene for a room full of people. Jeongguk had dragged Taehyung, pulled him down the hallways, and locked himself with him in the clear bathroom. In the closed and small environment, where loud music was reduced to a low murmur by the walls, the sound of pleasure that came out of both pairs of lips as they rutted against each other, was loud and served, with every grumble and groan, as fuel for neither of them to stop.

Taehyung's well-combed hair had become a mess. Jeongguk's blouse had been ripped from him and thrown to the ground. Both their bodies rubbed against each other, connected like opposing magnets. Taehyung had pressed Jeongguk against the wooden door. His nimble fingers hastily getting inside his jeans, with one hand clasping the flesh from his ass while the other one jerked him off. Jeongguk moved to touch him and then Taehyung stepped back.

He stared at him for a second, his tongue trailed over his lower lip, the taste of Jeongguk’s kiss still on his lips. And then he opened the door and left, leaving behind a bewildered, confused, and hard Jeongguk.

Taehyung did not move to reply to him, just stood in place, resting on Jeongguk's muscles. "Why didn't we do this at that time?" Jeongguk completed, pressing on the matter.

"Why didn't we do what?” asked Taehyung.

Jeongguk's caress ceased, his fingers abandoning Taehyung's head. Suddenly his anger at Taehyung returned. "What we just did, Kim." his voice was no longer as soft as he answered him.

Taehyung couldn't help but smile. Climbing up his body to lay over Jeongguk, he brought their face closer, as he had done a few minutes ago when he kissed him. " Kim?” Taehyung asked rhetorically in his teasing tone, leaving a kiss on Jeongguk's cheek. "Where's the hyung from just now, Jeon?”

Jeongguk stressed his eyes, casting a sharp look at him without reciprocating the touches Taehyung was trying to start. "You're changing the subject.”

“I'm not." answered Taehyung. "I really wanted the hyung to keep going.”

“Fine.” Jeongguk spoke angry. He flattened his hands over Taehyung's chest and pushed him to the side, pushing him off easily. "Fuck it then." he grumbled to Taehyung, getting up from the bed. He felt a little pain on his back but didn't want to show it to Taehyung.

"Jeonggukie." Taehyung called him with a sigh, sitting on the bed.

"I'm going to take a shower.” Jeongguk answered him, pulling the towel that had been forgotten in a corner of the bed and curling up in it. "When my bath is over, I hope you've already left my room." he replied roughly, his face closed off, marching to the room’s bathroom. If Taehyung wasn't willing to give an explanation, then great, they’d finish with whatever that was right then and there.

"I like you Jeongguk.” Jeongguk heard Taehyung tell him the moment he opened the bathroom door. His body froze completely with the phrase, impossible to continue and without the courage to turn around, he just stayed at the doorframe, processing with difficulty what he had just heard. "But it seems that you only pay attention to me when I disturb you.” Taehyung continued, confessing blandly. That's why he didn't want to touch that subject; because he knew the effect it had on Jeongguk's body, but what Jeongguk always caused in Taehyung was much deeper than purely sexual.

Jeongguk was adorable and Taehyung's heart was weak and silly for him.

He took advantage of Jeongguk's silence, the fact that he had his back to him and wasn’t looking into his eyes to tell him everything he wanted and should tell Jeongguk, despite his courage not allowing him. "I knew you before that party, Jeongguk. Of course, who doesn't know you? I didn't have the guts to go talk to you, but you came to talk to me, and by the time I realized it, we'd already locked ourselves in Jimin's bathroom." Taehyung replied, soon adding. "Not that I didn't like it, but it didn't feel right at the time.”

"Why?" Jeongguk asked, not looking at him still. His voice trembled as he tried to get the information in order.

"We were going to play against each other, and you didn't know who I was." Taehyung answered him sincerely. "When I told you my name you didn't even seem to recall the tennis player you were going to face in a few days.”

Jeongguk shrugged, turning in Taehyung's direction, facing him, though he kept his gaze on the ground. "I don't care who I'm going to play with, I always win.”

"Yes, but that time I was the one who won.” Taehyung arched his eyebrow as he answered him. With a sigh he continued. "I didn't want you to go into the field and faced a guy you had sex with in the bathroom of some party.”

"So, it wasn't because you didn't want me?” Jeongguk asked him in a murmur.

Taehyung couldn't help but feel astonished at the question. "Of course not!" he replied in a discontented tone, as if Jeongguk's question bordered on the absurd.

Jeongguk finally looked up, staring directly into Taehyung's eyes. "We almost had sex while the party was going on." he said seriously. "Not that it's any of your business, but I really don’t usually do that. I thought you were making fun of me when you dumped me in the bathroom like that.”

“No” Taehyung answered him in a low tone, rising from the bed. "If I won, which I did, I didn't want you to be mad at me. I didn't want you to think nonsense, that I approached you knowing who you were to bewilder you when we went to compete or something... I don't know, I didn't think it was right." he finished, frustrated with the idea that all this time Jeongguk had thought something like that. He had always found that Jeongguk's irritation was due only to the fact that they made out at the party and then found out that he would be his opponent in the next game of tennis.

“What about the interview?” Jeongguk asked in excitement at the idea of trusting all of Taehyung's words, as much as that was what his heart wanted to do.

A grimace of heartbreak appeared on Taehyung's face. "First of all, that shitty magazine is really biased, I answered that, but it wasn't exactly like that.” he said, clicking his tongue. "But anyway, I didn't lie: I think you're cute and the game was fun for me. I even tried to explain myself to you about the magazine and about the party in our first game, but you ignored me when you walked in on the court, and at the end of the game you still threatened me.

"I didn't threaten you.” Jeongguk said blandly, with a smile appearing on his face.

Taehyung smiled back going up to Jeongguk and stopping in front of him. "You did." Taehyung joked. "You said you would get all over me without any mercy and that it was for me to take it as I pleased.”

Jeongguk made a forced grimace. "Do you remember every word? Damn.”

Taehyung shrugged. You could say he remembered every second with Jeongguk, and it would be true, but it would also be a lot of exposure from him in just one day. "I have a good memory.” said Taehyung. "And then what did you do? You ignored me every time I was going to talk to you. You only said a word to me again when I asked you if you had come to lose to me again.”

"And then you really thought it would be a great thing to be bothering me every time you saw me?” Jeongguk gazed at him accusingly, putting on a fake pout of anger, but an embarrassed flush rose up his cheeks.

Taehyung couldn't not smile when he realized that things seemed to be alright between them and were finally settled now. "I found out that you get so cute when angry. And that you also answered me when I disturbed you, which to me was a really big bonus.” Taehyung confessed, sticking his naked body to Jeongguk's. He took his hands to the curve of Jeongguk's waist, and he didn’t step back, on the contrary, he let himself be held by Taehyung, resting his hands on his shoulders.

He kept talking, resting his forehead on Jeongguk’s. "My initial plan was precisely to stop you from thinking nonsense, to keep you from being angry at me. How would you feel if we'd really had sex and then after you saw the damn interview, found out it was me you were going to play against?” Taehyung asked leaving a soft kiss on Jeongguk's lips and Jeongguk kissed him again, wrapping his arms around his neck. Taehyung lowered his hands, pulling the towel wrapped around Jeongguk's waist and dropping it at his feet on the floor.

Taehyung slid his palms across his trained thighs, pulling them up. With a boost, Jeongguk climbed onto his lap, without parting their lips, crossing his legs around Taehyung's waist. Jeongguk deepened the kiss; his heartbeat speeding up. He felt Taehyung smile against his lips; his hands sliding from his thighs to his ass in an intimate caress, keeping him steady over him.

The kiss went on. Taehyung guided him back to bed, lying him again on the mattress under his own body. Jeongguk sucked Taehyung's lips between his, pulling the lower one gently between his teeth, teasing Taehyung before kissing him again. They only broke apart when the kiss became too heated.

“I'm sorry I made you angry and made you think nonsense at the party." Taehyung said staring into Jeongguk's eyes. "I'd rather you met me first. I'd rather you met Kim Taehyung as a professional player and not as the guy who fucked you all night. I'd rather you knew that I admired you so much, that I always looked at you from afar, that I had a fucking crush on you and that I was honored to play on the field with you.” he confessed, pulling the strands of Jeongguk's hair away from his face. Jeongguk nodded while listening to him confessing, his heart going a mile a minute. "And then yes we could go to that part of "fucking you all night." Taehyung finished jokingly, trying to relieve the intensity that his words had left. He hoped, though afraid of a rejection, that Jeongguk would understand what he meant between the lines of those sentences; that Jeongguk understood that he was in love with him.

And Jeongguk did.

"I need to take a shower.” Jeongguk said while gulping. Taehyung nodded sadly, already getting off him. It was like that, he confessed without admitting in clear words and was rejected without clear words.

"I'm telling you to come with me, couldn't you understand?” Jeongguk asked him, holding a smile.

Taehyung blinked, trying to decide whether he had also correctly understood the between the lines of Jeongguk's sentences. "You know if I go in this bathroom with you, we're not going to shower, right?”

Jeongguk arched his eyebrow, using the irritating tone that Taehyung usually wore with him. "What are you waiting for then?”

Taehyung smiled, throwing himself back on top of him. Jeongguk pulled him by the back of his head, joining their lips, entangling his legs around his waist again. Taehyung pulled them up from bed with Jeongguk glued around him again, mounted on him. “Hey” Taehyung called in between kisses as he headed to the bathroom with Jeongguk on him.

"What?” Jeongguk asked him, stopping the kissing for a second.

"You know that when your shoulder gets completely better and we get back with the match, I'm still going to beat you, don't you? " Taehyung asked teasingly.

Jeongguk snorted. "You? Beat me?" he laughed and pushed Taehyung, climbing down from his lap. "Wait till you see it, Kim.” Jeongguk threatened and then he got closer, dropping a kiss on Taehyung's lips, and going ahead by himself to the bathroom.

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