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Final chapter of this mystery, once he discovered the reason, he didn't think about what came next.

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He caused this whole problem from the beginning, I was confused for a moment, I didn't understand anything, but I wanted to know


—We all hide a terrible past. True? — he said smiling.

He just wanted to clear his name, there was something in his past that he couldn't allow himself to continue preserving, and he knew that he couldn't do it alone, he understood perfectly who I was in my old life, but what he didn't know was that I would go to the depths to catch the one who caused this.

I saw that he had Rose holding his arm, she was terrified and crying, I asked him just once to let her go, however, he refused, although, when he least expected it, I shot him, but I did it in his hand so that he would let go. the gun, even so, that was not enough. I didn't want to kill him, because he had a family that loved him, one to help him get ahead, that was what prevented me from taking his life.

Adam appeared behind me, and both he and I were shocked by what we saw.

—Henry? But, what the hell were you thinking? — Adam asked.

But Henry answered him the same as me, so Adam, in an attempt to help him, explained to him that all this chaos was not the right way to do things, that he could have gone to him to ask for help, so together we could find a solution, because Adam loved him like a brother, although now that relationship apparently broke down.

Then Adam sees me out of the corner of his eye and, whispering, exclaims that I should run to my wife as soon as I shoot her, and that's what we did.

Adam shot Henry in the chest and I immediately went towards her, pushing her away as fast as I could, but Henry managed to grab his gun again and shoot. We all remained silent, until I realized that the shot was for me, I fell to the ground and little by little my vision began to blur.

Adam decided to end this once and for all and murdered Henry at point-blank range. Rose approached me scared and worried, she couldn't believe what had happened to me.

—It's better this way— Adam said to Henry, looking him in the eyes.

Before closing my eyes, I caressed his face and expressed all my affection to him, I noticed his teary eyes, at that moment I began to hear the sirens, Adam comes up to me and tells me that he was going to be fine, that he had already called an ambulance and He asked for reinforcements, I thanked him for everything he did, although then everything went dark.

I thought I had died right there, but soon I began to see a white light above me, I slowly opened my eyes, I heard an intermittent beep coming from a screen, I looked around and noticed that I was in a hospital, there she was so radiant as always, a small scar over her right eye ruined my vision, she was sitting next to me, I touched her hand and she immediately woke up, she was very happy to see me, so much so that she got excited to hug me, we gave each other a beautiful kiss and thanked me for rescuing her. Right there Adam enters the room, upon seeing him, I also thanked him for all the help he gave me, this happy and carefree person explained to me what it was all about.

It turns out that Henry was being investigated by the law, and there was not enough evidence to indict him and lock him up, but after everything that happened the night before, it was solved, unfortunately Henry died at the moment of the shot.

—Oh well. At least everything turned out well— he concluded.

After all, I risked my life for the person I loved most in this world, because if I hadn't, she wouldn't be with me right now.

To be frank, I liked being the hero of the story for a brief moment, so I could rescue my damsel in distress, because no matter how short this was, I learned to love the most precious thing I have and avoid losing everything, I told Rose that, no matter the circumstances, she would always be my life, my soulmate and my eternal family.

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Pablo E. Arnau No seré un gran novelista, no seré un estupendo literario, pero de algo estoy seguro, se siente tan bien darle vida a lo que se esconde dentro de mí mente

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