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Having been living a relatively sound and stable life as a female Cinthyan for four long weeks, Beth's calm, heterosexual life gets turned upside down upon meeting Rana Snivelak once again. Part of the SARTAM universe. For more context about this character as well as the best reading experience, please read 'The Transition In Life: The Story Of Corusso Notak' first and 'On The Receiving End: The Tale Of Rana Snivelak' second.

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

It's been four long weeks since I, Ben Draco, now having transitioned into Beth Draco, had seen my newly transitioned female friend Rana last. After she blew me off, I texted her endlessly to let her know to immediately head to the doctor and get an 'Libido Dampener Injection' to stabilize her sex drive and not become addicted to sex. As I got no response back for her, though, who knows if Rana ever did it or not.

Upon arriving at the doctor's office and getting my Libido shot, he would explain to me in great detail why it was important for men who physically transitioned into women to get these injections right away. His tales of the newly turned females' bodies basically acting out sexual desires on their own accord, their male minds being so overwhelmed by how powerful the female orgasm could be that they would surrender all masculine thought and become feminine in every way. The doctor would go on to tell me that if even the most burly and masculine man who had sex with tons of women transitioned into one himself, his mind would almost immediately surrender to female ecstasy. And that alone scared me senseless.

But I would think nothing more of it after leaving the doctor's office and starting life anew as Beth Draco, the sexy waitress of the famous 5 star restaurant, 'Pollux Entrée Palace'. The owner, Paulena Pollux, would welcome me with open arms as I would go on to serve the patrons alongside her flying drone staff. I would make a small amount of 'Relevancy' (Cinthyan Money) off of this job while also getting lavish tips from very attractive men as well. One of those men would end up being my heartthrob, he and I would start casually dating while also having a very healthy sexual relationship. But none of this would last for long at all as the answer to my burning question walked right into the restaurant seeking me out in the present day.

"Welcome... Rana." I said with a plain tone while also noticing her disheveled appearance, being somewhat thrown off by her.

"You look like sh*t, girl. Are you trying to sit down and eat looking like that?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever..." She replied to me with a quickness, her entire body appearing to be jittery for some unknown reason.

"I, uh... Also was wondering if you wanna hang out with me? Hopefully today if you're free. You know, like old times..."

"Sure." I responded casually, thinking nothing of it at the time as I remembered this moment.

"I don't mind hanging out with you for old time's sake. However, we can't do it at my place since it's filthy and needs cleaning. Is your place alright to go to when I get off work, Rana?"

"S-Sure is!" Rana exclaimed excitedly as her face perked up, myself motioning her to follow me to her booth.

"That's exactly what I was hoping for! Hopefully you could stay the night, too..."

"I'd be down for that!" I replied casually as I watched Rana sit down in an empty booth table, adjusting the bottom part of her black dress with both hands.

"I hope you're willing to share the bed this time, too. You know, since it's less weird now that we're ladies as such. That and your couch is sh*t to sleep on..."

"You read my mind, beautiful." Rana responded with a right eye wink at me, smiling with joy as I handed her my right wrist to check the electronic menu.

Looking back at that moment, I should've realized that all the signs were present, but I chose to ignore each and every one of them. From the way she was eyeing up my newly transitioned female body with lust to the small puddle of her own womanly juices underneath the table that I originally thought was her drink that spilled and later cleaned up. Rana wanted to... f*ck me. And unfortunately for myself, that would eventually happen that very same day at her place and in the late evening hours.

After arriving at her studio apartment, my friend would invite me into the lovely looking place and spend a decent amount of time trying to impress me. We ate all kinds of delicious food, watched funny movies, and played violent video games. This was a side of Ron/Rana that I never thought I'd ever see in my life! Normally, my friend would bark out orders and lead me around like his lacky when we were guys, with the promise that I would get laid with hot women as long as I listened to him. Now, I liked this new version of Ron. She was kinder and more intoned with her feminine side instead of being the controlling a**hole I've known since childhood. But like all things, there was more to Rana than I'd ever thought to realize when we turned in to sleep for the night.

As we lay on her twin sized bed with our backs touching the other, I would feel my friend turn over with the seemingly erect nipples of her breasts poking into my back as she then threw her left arm over my pajama covered upper body. This caused me to turn over in response, looking Rana in her glowing lilac eyes as she smiled at me, with confusion written all over my face as to what the f*ck was happening.

"Rana..." I said to her with a calm tone before seeing her shrug her shoulders at me in a poor attempt to play dumb.

"What are you doing? Why are you touching me like... HUH!?"

"SHH..." Rana responded as her left hand squeezed hard on my corresponding breast and fingers twisting my nipple, making it as hard as a metal nail.

"Just let this happen, Beth. It's been four weeks since I last saw you, and two weeks since I had an orgasm. My boyfriend and his friends forced me to edge, bring myself close to cumming and deny it. My womanly body seeks to obey their command with enthusiastic integrity as even attempting to masturbate in private causes it to stop me. This would be my life unless... Unless I did what my boyfriend suggested and contact you. He told me that if I was to achieve climax, it could only be done by you..."

I didn't know what the f*ck Rana was talking about whatsoever, but my body... My entire f*cking body was getting all hot and bothered with arousal by her touch, my breathing growing increasingly labored all the while. I was also confused as to how I could ever be attracted to my best friend or how she could be for me, but that train of thought would immediately be disrupted when she unbuttoned my pink button-up pajama shirt and pulled down my matching pink pants.

"RANA!?" I moaned out in genuine shock, my breasts and panty clad womanhood exposed for her glowing lilac eyes to bask in.

"P-Please put a stop to this... I'm beginning to feel strange..."

"Oh, shut up before you start lying to yourself, Beth..." Rana responded as she climbed up on top of me from underneath the sheets, also revealing to me that she was completely nude.

"After almost being raped for what I did to 'M', I've come to realize something about myself. I love being a dirty whore of a woman. A dirty whore of a woman who enjoys a mouthful of semen and a finger up inside her butt. And I accepted that new way of life wholeheartedly. But what about you, my former lacky? What about repenting for your crimes against 'M'? You held her down while I mercilessly beat her to a blue bloody pulp! And you think you can just live a normal life!?"

"I... I..." I stammered out, tears pouring out of my glowing magenta colored eyes from mentally reliving that day.

"I'm sorry for what I did to her, too. And I'm willing to accept whatever punishment comes my way..."

"Whatever punishment?" Rana asked me curiously as her eyes veered down at my panty clad crotch, making my face burn bright red with embarrassment as it was very wet.

I would then nod in response, not realizing that my horny friend mistook that as a go-ahead to... eat me out. As she worked feverishly to pull down my soaked panties to my ankles, I tried my hardest to quickly sit up and stop her from licking me to no avail. Rana would successfully slip her warm and wet tongue inside of my womanhood and force me back down onto the bed, basically screaming her name out in pleasure.

"YES!!!!!" I roared out in a high-pitched tone of voice as both of my hands clenched the sheets of her bed, feeling that hot tongue wriggling around inside of me.


"I'm glad you want more, but not yet." I heard her say to me as she took her mouth and tongue away from my womanhood and began gently rubbing it with her right hand.

"Believe me, I want to make you cum. But before I do that, however, you must agree to the terms. First, you must agree to cut ties with any other romantic connections you have. Next, you are to take up prostitution alongside me. Lastly, you agree to being my girlfriend as well as to servicing my boyfriend and his friends sexually."

Before I could even give any kind of answer to her, Rana leaned forward, grabbed the back of my neck with her right hand, and sat my upper body upright. She then removed my pajamas as well as my panties and tossed them away across the room, now being as nude as she was. However, I would nearly scream out loud with a burning red face when Rana inserted her left index and middle fingers into my womanhood without warning.

"ANSWER ME NOW!" She said to me sternly as I began to fall into her bare chest, my horny friend holding me up by the back of my head away from it.

"You look me in the eyes when I'm speaking to you, Beth. Otherwise, you will not cum tonight."

"I WANNA CUM..." I blurted out to her without so much as a thought to how slutty I would sound, my glowing magenta eyes locked into Rana's lilac ones as she continued to touch me to ecstasy.

"They say it, b*tch." She replied to me coyly, the index and middle fingers of her left hand reaching under my butt before slipping into my...

"RANA!!!" I screamed out with every fiber of my being into my friend's deviously smiling face, drool pouring out from my lower lip from the immense feeling of pleasure that my entire body felt.

I was a horny mess now. Rana's left thumb had pushed into my drenched womanhood, rubbing at my clitoris while the index and middle fingers wriggled around in my anus! She was giving me the 'Bowling Ball' treatment, a fingering technique Rana and I would use on every woman we had sex with back when we were men. How ironic that she'd do the very same thing on me.

As for my friend, I watched on in awe as she leaned forward and underneath my chin with her tongue stuck out. My saliva would continue to leak out from my bottom lip all the while like a water fountain, Rana audibly gulping it down with enthusiasm as if she were dying of thirst.

"Mmm, tasty..." I heard say down below before feel her thumb push further into my womanhood.

"If you aren't gonna answer me like that, then fine. Repeat after me, or this is over: 'I'll be your girlfriend'. 'I'll service your men'. 'I love being a woman'. All while sticking your tongue out of that sexy mouth of yours..."

As I proceeded to recite the three sentences that Rana asked me to repeat back to her, I felt something switch on in my Mind Palace upon my friend pressing and then swirling her hot tongue against my own. Every bit of reluctance, uncertainty, and shame that existed with it had suddenly disappeared. And then, I felt it. Arousal. It was a level of arousal so powerful that nothing but the lesbian moment that Rana and I were having mattered. All I wanted now was her busy tongue and for my friend to make me cum with her hand.

"Yes, Beth! Yes!" She encouraged me as I repeated the three lines, our tongues basically trying to wrestle the other into submission.

"Tell me that you love being a woman just as much as I do! I really want you to cum, Beth..."

"I LOVE IT..." I would repeat in a mangled up groan over and over before achieving climax, my womanhood gushing out creamy white juices all over Rana's left hand.

What happened next felt like an out of body experience for me as I proceeded to lean my face down into my horny friend's lap and in between her legs before enthusiastically sucking on her womanhood until she squirted her cum inside of my mouth! It was like my body acted on its own, and after savoring her sweet and tangy taste with my hungering tongue, Rana would do the same to me right afterward.

"I love being a woman, Rana..." I started to say as my right hand rested atop of her head, smiling from both the feeling of her lips and tongue on my pussy as well as the wet sounds being made down below.

"I really do. And I can't wait for what the future has in store for the two of us."

"Me too, Babe." Rana said aloud and down at my wet womanhood before sitting upright, leaning forward and kissing me on the lips for the very first time.

I was on cloud nine from both of our lips touching, the taste of myself as well as her saliva making my mind go fuzzy from lust. And even though I had gotten my Libido Dampener injection two weeks prior, my male mind had indeed surrendered to female ecstasy as it seemed to four weeks ago with Rana, too. We both were women now, in every aspect of our cybernetic bodies. And it felt so good.

"Infinite pleasures await us all..." My now girlfriend would say with a heartfelt smile, myself grinning back at her with happiness in my heart.

I was now ready for my new life as a prostitute as well as to atone for the sin of assisting in 'M's abuse. Goodbye manhood, It was nice knowing you before losing you to the awesomeness of being a female.

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