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A simple dare with my favorite female streamer led to probably the sexiest game of 'Fortnite' I've ever played... This is an Erotic Fan Fiction story based on a YouTuber/Streamer named 'Toastywiththemosty'. Please follow and support her work alongside mine 😌

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Playing Sticks

It was happening! It was finally happening! After reaching 500k subscribers on YouTube, Toasty, my favorite video game streamer, would invite me to her house to watch her play video games live and in person as a reward for being such a loyal fan!

As I was greeted by her and her cooling boyfriend, I wasn't expecting much beyond just a simple hang out session. Things seemed rather tame. The three of us sat around and got to know one another, even exchanging phone numbers and such to stay in touch! I would soon mention my original story works to the two of them, with Toasty looking at me with astounded awe.

"DUDE..." She would say in her beautiful voice before smiling in glee.


"Why of course!" I replied to her finding it hard to resist smiling back at her.

"I couldn't say 'No' to you whatsoever! A beautiful woman like yourself deserves to be famous in more ways than one, haha!"

I watched on, mesmerized at Toasty's elegant beauty as she giggled at me. She was so beautiful, so easy on the eyes, and so... perfect looking. So much so that even her baldness made her sexier! Never in my life did I think that Toasty and I would be in the same room, her getting to know me and liking my stories. It was like a dream had come true. However, absolute heaven would soon find me.

Her cool boyfriend had left to run errands while Toasty had a stream to start. She would ask if I was comfortable showing my face to her audience, to which I said that I wasn't yet. While she understood, the beautiful Latina woman would put on her headset and load up the iconic Battle Royale shooter, Fortnite. However, she didn't sit in her gaming chair. Confused, I walked over to her and tapped her shoulder from behind.

"Um, Toasty?" I asked her as she slowly turned herself around to face me, causing my heart to race.

"Aren't you gonna sit down? You're in the lobby, and your friends are waiting for you to 'Ready Up'..."

"Oh ho, I'm not playing, dude. YOU are..." Toasty replied to me after having muted the microphone on her headset.

"I wanna make a bet with you. If you win this squad match, I'll give you the wettest tongue you could ever get from a woman. But if you lose, though, you'll owe my $200."

"Aight Bet." I responded nonchalantly, thinking this would be a piece of cake.

As I sat confidently in her gaming chair, I smiled as she handed me her controller. However, all of my bravado would evaporate from my body almost immediately upon seeing the beautiful bald woman sit down on my lap!

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING, TOASTY!?" I asked with genuine shock while blushing wildly.

"What do you mean, dude? I watching your play..." She replied rather calmly after turning around with a smirk on her face.


"Sounds like you're going to lose the bet then." Toasty interrupted me, wiggling her lower half in my lap shortly after saying that.

"You gotta win with me sitting where I'm sitting. It's gonna be that or you $400..."

Dammit. The sexy Latina had me. I had no choice but to nod in compliance as she unmuted the microphone in her headset and spoke to her waiting friends, pretending to be playing the game. And that wasn't the end of her shenanigans, either.

Throughout the beginning of the Fortnite match, Toasty would speak to her friends as I played the game in her place. As she did, though, she subtly gyrate her hips in my lap in an attempt to make me lose the game. I felt myself getting aroused while this happened to me as the lewd gesture actually caused me to go down and need constant revival. The absolute most embarrassing part was the excuse she made to her friends.

"Sorry you guys. Playing stick with this controller is so f**king hard!" Toasy said casually while turning her head and giving me a knowing wink.

The innuendo made me rock hard in my pants for her, so much that I felt my manhood poking at her from underneath her dress. Part of me hated her for teasing me like this, but the other part overshadowed that side as it begged for the sensual gestures to continue. I was so aroused that I leaned forward and resting my mouth on her bare right shoulder, muffling my heavy breathing as I continued the squad match. I needed to win. I wanted that kiss more than anything.

"Almost there! Cum on! Cum on!" Toasty said somewhat lewdly as she was now aggressively thrusting in my lap.

Her three friends had gone down, and my shields had broken due to a shotgun blast. The storm was at my back, and it was a three on one, all the while the sexy bald Latina was working me up to climax. It was an impossible situation for someone to win. However, I did.

Using my expert building skills, I managed to box in the three remaining opponents with wooden walls before dropping a firefly bomb inside of it. The best part: we were in a forest, and that fire spread fast! They would all die from the molting floor below their character's feet just as I was on the edge of my climax. Upon seeing me win, though, Toasty would immediately leap up off of me and mute the headset before turning to face me with a neutral facial expression.

"Looks like you won..." She started to say before grabbing me by the shirt and pulling my face close up to her own.

"Gimme that tongue, asshole."

And I would. Saying that I was in heaven when I kissed Toasty was an understatement at the least. I felt like I was making out with a literal angel. Each of our lips slowly kissed the other's while our tongues did their thing. The whole thing was so arousing that I began unconsciously squeezing her breasts with both of my hands! That would be something that I had never done to a woman before: Feel her up without even knowing it.

"Slow down there, dude." The sexy Latina said to me as I felt her hands grab onto my wrists and pull my hands down off of her chest.

"I have a boyfriend, and I need you to respect that. Understand me?"

"Yes, ma'am." I answered with a head nod of agreement.

Toasty and I would then smile at one another, having enjoyed our mildly intimate exchange. As for myself, I couldn't have been happier to be her fan.

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