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Zephir Cliffe arrives at Ridantor boarding school with one goal in mind: to find his place in Reshiam. However, his arrival at the peculiar boarding school will mark the beginning of an adventure, full of mysteries. In the company of new friends, they will face challenges and dangers that will test their courage and skills. Unraveling ancient enigmas that will lead them to discover secrets. Zephir will become the protagonist of his own destiny. Will he be able to find his place in Reshiam?

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Chapter 1: Redeemer Before Sectarian.

A dark-haired young man entered a rather cozy cabin. A red-haired woman greeted him with a smile and approached with a hot cup.

— It's good you're here, Zephir. Take this.

— Thank you — he smiled.

— How did it go?

— Well, I guess... — he said disheartened.

— Did something happen? Did you argue with a classmate again?

— No, not at all. — the young man took a sip — I was talking with June, and we came to the conclusion that it would be better to leave school and go to another city.

— What are you saying? — his aunt looked at him astounded.

— Think it over, Aunt. Graduation is far away, and I need to make a life for myself.

— Don't you think you're rushing things? You have your whole life ahead of you, Zephir. Your mom wouldn't forgive me if you threw away your future. So, you'll finish school, and then you can do whatever you want with your life, young man.

The young man rolled his eyes and stood up.

— See you later.

Zephir met with June. The kids were discussing the same topic.

— My aunt said no. There's no way she'll allow me to do that and drop out of school.

— Try to convince her. My parents had no problem with it. We're not well-off, so they didn't object.

— Lucky you, I'll have to stay in that place for a few more years.

June took a glass bottle from her backpack.

— Look what I have. It's not all bad, Zephir.

— Where did you get that? — He took the bottle and examined it.

— Well... I had to do some things to earn it.

Zephir removed the cork and both of them savored the scent.

— It must be at least fifty years old.

— My aunt will kill me. — The young man took the first sip.

— Let me try. — The young man spat out the content and grimaced — It tastes awful.

Zephir drank again.

— I thought the same, but you get used to the flavor. It's not water, June, you have to savor it.

— No way. It's disgusting; I thought it was blackberry wine.

— he frowned — That creep saw me coming.

— This is better than blackberry wine. If you don't want it, I'll keep it.

— Go ahead.

— Who gave it to you?

— I was helping organize the merchandise at the tavern when I found this bottle tucked away very nicely. I thought it was a very special bottle of wine, and that's why the owner was keeping it reserved.

— The liquid can barely be seen. The label only has a symbol, but it doesn't say anything else.

Both of them looked at the drawing of a withered flower inside a circle.

— I'm heading home. — June stood up — Enjoy the bottle.

Zephir looked at him mockingly.

— I'll try to convince my aunt, but I can't promise anything.

— There's always a second option. For example, running away.

He gathered his things and walked away. Zephir was walking home and saw a strange car in the distance. A couple of hooded people got out and entered an establishment. Without giving it much thought, he continued on his way.

— Escape? Like that's easy... — he sat on his bed, lost in thought.

The young man emptied his backpack and started packing some clothes, as well as a small bag with some savings.

Zephir opened the window and paused, thinking about his aunt's words.

— I can't do this to her... — he hesitated.

His aunt knocked on the door, and he quickly closed the window.

— Come in.

— Zephir — She approached — I didn't hear you come in. Where were you? — His aunt noticed the smell. — Were you drinking?

— No... Well, yes, but just a little.

She wrinkled her nose.

— How is that possible, Zephir? You probably do the same when you're away from me.

— No, aunt, it's the first time.

— I knew June was a bad influence. You won't see that boy anymore, and you'll end that friendship.

— Why?

— June doesn't bring anything good to your life. I wouldn't be surprised if the idea of dropping out of school came from him. But it's over.

— June is my friend. My decision to leave school has nothing to do with him.

— I won't argue about that. But I'll put an end to this once and for all. You'll surely be safer there.

— There where?

— I've been thinking that it would be a good idea to send you to Ridantor.

— Ridantor? — His aunt handed him a brochure.

— This place is very safe, and there are people here who will support you in your education and prepare you for a good position in Reshiam. Studying here will be very beneficial to you. — She approached the young man and put her hand on his shoulder. — I'll be proud of you, Zephir.

His aunt was lost in thought. She imagined her nephew in a high-ranking position.

— Have you been there already?

— No. But I've had this brochure since you were very young, and I thought that one day you might consider it. With everything you told me today, I thought it might be useful.

— I'll keep studying here as well, aunt.

— But your future will be promising.

Zephir looked full of curiosity. The information wasn't entirely clear, as it had been years.

— "I won't be able to escape, I couldn't" — the young man handed back the brochure — "I think it will be interesting."

Zephir, accompanied by his aunt, boarded the bus that would take them to the entrance. Upon arrival, they observed the massive gates adorned with vines and ivy. From there, the large building was already visible.

One of the guards approached.

— Can I help you?

— Oh, yes. I want to speak with the director.

— Do you have an appointment?

— No. I had no idea that an appointment was needed.

Zephir looked at his aunt.

The guard opened the gate.

— Go ahead. If the director isn't busy, you might be able to enter.

— Thank you.

Zephir and his aunt walked towards the entrance. The garden was filled with flowers of different colors, shapes, and sizes. There was a lot of silence around.

The massive doors opened, and they both were surprised. The place looked very attractive from the outside, but inside it was even more so. The large chandeliers and abstract paintings on the walls caught their attention immediately.

— Wait here.

— Yes.

Zephir carefully examined the place. The walls had many symbolic details. There was a fountain with the figure of a woman, surrounded by flora.

— This place is wonderful, isn't it? — The young man turned his head and saw a tall, slim man wearing a dark trench coat and a top hat.

— Hello — he smiled.

— Are you going to join the group?

— Group?

The guard approached.

— You can go in.

— Thank you. Come on, Zephir.

The guard led the woman.

— Good luck, Zephir.

— Thank you.

The young man and his aunt entered the office.

— Good day and welcome to the best school in Reshiam. My name is Shevon.

— Nice to meet you, Director Shevon. I'm Roodee, and this is Zephir, my nephew.

— Nice to meet you. I assume you've come with the intention of enrolling the young man.

— That's right.

— Well, there's a protocol we need to follow. One of the points is to ensure that the young man can have a healthy coexistence here. For that, his performance will be assessed over a week. After that, it will be decided whether he stays or not.

— I understand. I'm sure Zephir won't have any problems.

— Good.

— I also need your documents and your family history.

— Nobody in my family studied here.

— I see. Don't worry, the other documents will be enough. Now — he stood up — You can join the level one group. Your trial begins today.

— Thank you.

Shevon rang a small bell, and one of the guards entered.

— Take the young man to the level one group. Then show him his dormitory.

— Yes. Come with me.

— See you later, Aunt.

— Take care, and don't get into any mischief.

— Of course.

The guard led Zephir to his corresponding classroom.

— Young Ank, could you please recite the verse?

The young redhead stood up and adjusted his glasses.

— "When the sun rises and the earth blossoms, life is reborn with splendor. In every corner, we breathe rebirth, and in our hearts, we find the strength to do the same."

— Excuse me.

Everyone turned towards the door.

— What's going on?

— The director asked me to bring a new student.

— Very well. — the woman stood up and approached the young man — Thank you, you may leave. — I am the teacher, Shubara. Go ahead. Kids, we have a new classmate, so please welcome him. — She looked at Zephir — introduce yourself.

— Hello, my name is Zephir Cliffe, and it's a pleasure to be with you.

The students greeted him from their seats.

— You can sit wherever you like.

— Thank you.

Zephir made his way through the desks. A young woman with violet eyes stared at him. Zephir, somewhat nervous, smiled.

— A mystery — her neighbor said. The young woman continued to study.

— We have a spot here, you can sit with us. — A dark-haired young man waved him over.

Zephir approached right away.

— How's it going?

— I'm Willy, and this is Obi — he pointed to the redhead.

Zephir sat down next to Obi.

— Is this your trial week?

— Yes, it is — he smiled.

— You're going to like it here. — Willy mentioned.

— Are you on trial too?

— I am. Obi is already an official student.

— It's obvious.

At lunchtime, the students settled in the dining hall.

— Remember to give thanks for today. — the teacher said.

— Thanks to whom? — Zephir asked.

— To Jubileth, the goddess of life.

— Is this a religious boarding school?

— Not exactly. You should know, shouldn't you? — Obi questioned.

— I thought it was just like any other school.

The other students exchanged glances.

— Ridantor is a school where servants for every site in Reshiam are trained, including the royal house.

— You get a good job position.

— Something like that, as long as you survive.

— How?

— Not everyone graduates. You'll have to work hard and prove you have what it takes; you must fit into one of the areas.

— The brochure didn't say that. — he took it out of his bag.

Obi reviewed it.

— Don't worry, we're on the same team from now on.

— This brochure is very old. We probably weren't even born when it was made.

— Anyway, I'm here now.

After the meal, the students went to put away their study tools in their respective lockers.

— It's time to rest, finally. For a moment.

— Will we have classes later?

— Yes, if the professor is in a good mood, yes. — Willy sighed.

— Professor Tergan is not a bad person. There's nothing to fear.

— Thanks.

Zephir turned his gaze and saw the girl from before. She was packing her things and fixing her ponytail. She picked up a book and walked away.

Willy approached and put a hand on his shoulder.

— Forget her.

— What?

— That girl. She doesn't talk to anyone other than Velvet. I'm surprised you're an easy target. How do you do it, Obi? — he patted him on the back.

— You'd better not say anything. — The guy went to his dorm.

The guard led Zephir to his dorm.

— You won't have any problems here. That's all from me, good luck.

— Thank you.

The young man opened the door and looked at his roommate with a smile.

— Nice to see you again.

Obi stood up and closed the book he was reading.

— We'll be roommates too.

— That's right.

Zephir opened the closet and tossed his suitcase inside. Then he began to inspect the place visually.

— Incredible, you've kept this place dust-free. Keep it up.

The comment made him somewhat uneasy.

Zephir sat on Obi's bed and took his book.

— What's this?

— A grimoire.

— Grimoire? Can you do magic?

— A bit, but I'm learning.

— Do all students have one?

— Yes, they use a grimoire, but it's not the same as this. What you have in your hands is Winkle's grimoire. A sorcerer who existed a couple of centuries ago. My family inherited this book until it reached me.

— Was the sorcerer your grandfather?

— No. But the book came into my family.

— I guess you shouldn't play with something like that, and they shouldn't find out either.

— Not in school. It's advanced magic. I use it as a guide.

— I understand. — He put the book down — Don't worry, Obi. I won't say anything.

— Thank you. — the young man pulled out a notebook and handed it over.

— You can take notes to stay informed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

— Thank you, my friend. — he opened the notebook.

— You need to get your identification card. I can accompany you if you want.

— Which one?

Obi showed him his.

— It's for identifying yourself inside and outside the boarding school. It helps us avoid problems.

— Oow bally Ike. So, Obi isn't your name.

— No. I have three names, and that's why I use that abbreviation.

Zephir smiled.

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The story caught my interest. One line needs to quoted! "When the sun rises and the Earth blossoms, life reborns with splendor. In every corner, we breathe rebirth, and in our hearts, find the strength to do the same." The story is heartfelt and inspiring.
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    Thanks for your comment. I'm glad to know your opinion. (◍•ᴗ•◍) May 31, 2024, 11:49

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