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Benjamin Black was the alpha, the leader of the Montana pack. When his mate was kidnapped, his wolf took charge, determined to tear the heads off those responsible. Because Benja had a secret; he and his wolf, Onix, were not one but two distinct beings cohabiting, sharing mind and body. Claire welcomed him into this new world, filled with dangerous beings, where her mate ruled with an iron fist.

Fantasy Nur für über 18-Jährige.

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The Montana Pack

Nicholas found himself perched comfortably on a rugged boulder, his eyes locked onto the imposing assembly of members from his pack. In the air, there hung a palpable sense of impending change, and he readied himself with unwavering determination to confront any upheaval that loomed on the horizon.

Despite his outward appearance, he was an ancient wolf, bearing the weight of countless years, and within the eyes of his fellow packmates, he was regarded as a revered elder, even though his youthful countenance belied his true age. He had borne witness silently to the reign of the former alpha and his mate, and now, his loyalty was steadfastly pledged to Augustus Black's son.

For nearly two decades, Benjamin had shouldered the mantle of leadership over the pack. He ruled with an unyielding hand, yet he stood among the rare alphas who held the diverse opinions of each pack member in the highest regard. This exceptional quality had earned him the esteemed reputation of a just and equitable leader, one under whose guidance the pack had flourished. However, concealed beneath his outwardly calm and even-tempered demeanor, shadows lurked within his soul.

As the steward of a strong and thriving pack, Benjamin grappled with the unceasing need for balance, and of late, that elusive equilibrium had proven difficult to maintain.

His inner wolf, Onix, remained restless and agitated, adding an intricate layer of complexity to his role as a leader. Nicholas comprehended that Benjamin favored a gentle approach in his rule, but circumstances occasionally compelled him to embrace a darker, more ruthless methodology. Those who dared to defy the alpha's commands were condemned to a harrowing fate in a desolate, secluded enclave, where they met their gruesome end. Within the pack, the assumption was that Benjamin orchestrated these actions, oblivious to the fact that Nicholas assisted him on certain occasions.

Nicholas bore the formidable title of the pack's enforcer, and he was the sole confidant privy to the darker facets of his alpha's character. He had accepted Benjamin's dual nature without reservation, for his own father, Augustus Black, had wielded a similar duality in his governance, and it had never stirred a hint of unease within Nicholas.

A man like Benjamin, a direct descendant of one of the mightiest alphas, could not stray far from his familial lineage. This stark contrast was particularly noticeable when compared to his sister, Alina, who possessed the innate gentleness characteristic of the ancient moon within the pack. However, in recent days, Nicholas detected Onix's presence dangerously close to the surface, and that foreshadowed a foreboding future. Among the pack's elders, a leader whose wolf manifested as a distinct entity was perceived as a potential risk.

While such occurrences were rare, they had led to the demise of Augustus Black. The elders had deemed him perilous and had executed him. When Benjamin sensed that his own wolf was treading down a treacherous path, he chose silence and resolutely endeavored to suppress it.

When the previous alpha and his mate had met their tragic end, Benjamin was a mere twenty years old, and Nicholas had been entrusted with his mentorship, grooming him for his eventual role as alpha. Typically, wolves shared an unbreakable bond with their human halves, a harmonious merging of spirit and flesh. Yet, in Benjamin's case, two distinct minds coexisted within one body, and observing his alpha's struggle to maintain control over Onix filled Nicholas with concern.

There was no disputing Benjamin's unmatched physical prowess; he was an alpha beyond compare, and Nicholas had seldom encountered a leader with such unfathomable strength. However, it was Benjamin's inner turmoil that weighed heavily on his friend's mind. Nicholas grasped the paramount importance of Benjamin's peaceful rule and couldn't help but worry if, at some point, Onix would eclipse his human counterpart.

Hence, he fervently hoped that the turmoil gripping Benjamin was solely attributable to the impending arrival of the pack's future Luna. For if it wasn't, they might soon find themselves teetering on the precipice of a perilous transition from human to wolf dominance.

Benjamin currently led one of the most formidable packs in the country, yet without a mate to share his power, the equilibrium teetered precariously, and his inner beast hung by a thread.

Nicholas found himself deeply concerned for his friend, despite his advanced age, which could have easily allowed him to lead his own pack. However, he knew in his heart that leadership wasn't his calling; he thrived in the role he held within Benjamin's pack. Of course, it wasn't an easy task. He had to remain vigilant, constantly on the lookout for the myriad threats that could encircle his alpha.

While age had bestowed upon him wisdom and experience, Nicholas understood that his purpose lay in supporting Benjamin, rather than ascending to a leadership role. His duties were far from straightforward, and he had to navigate the ever-present dangers that surrounded his alpha.

Neither he nor the other warriors had mates, and this fact contributed to the instability of their wolves. But he knew that this was about to change. He could call himself intuitive, but the dynamics within the pack were on the brink of a significant shift.

Certainly, he would cherish having a mate. He could even envision himself with a couple of pups, but the world was so grim and tainted that the mere thought of loving vulnerable beings who could be snatched away filled him with blind rage. He didn't have them yet, and yet he was already prepared to go to any lengths to protect them from anyone who dared to try and take them away.

For now, he would focus on Benjamin, on the unwavering loyalty he held for his alpha, and on being prepared for any potential threat to his alpha and the entire pack. Because he was a wolf capable of killing in cruel and twisted ways, it was best that no one crossed him.

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