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What would you do if you had the power to go back in time? You can ask Alisteir as many times as you want, he still wouldn't be able to answer. His world was flipped upside down when his grandmother passed away. His family has always been associated with magic and a new world, which he didn't know about at all. He was the only one left and written out as the failure of the family. The reason is very simple. He wasn't born what he was supposed to be. A wizard. Alisteir was born without an ounce of magic, regardless his parents wanted to love him, but life got in the way and he was left in the dark. This resulted in him being enstrangered from the entire family. When her grandmother dies everything was supposed to be left for his brother, but fate thought otherwise. While he tries to uncover the secretes of this world, he has been assigned a job, that he never thought it existed. A job where Alisteir needs to be acquainted with magic whether he wants it or not. (This happens in the same world as Me and My Vampire, however the stories are unrelated, so it doesn't matter which one you read it first). (Please subscribe to the story!!)

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Magic on First degree

Many people would tell me that magic is a fantasy and that it doesn't exists. And of course many people believe that, not that anyone blames them. You don't see spells being cast around you, or objects floating in the house. Of course not, that's something for another day, or perhaps another era, who knows? But if you look into the shadows, into the deepest alleys of the largest cities, you would probably see what wasn't in front of you. And maxbe magic is found in the darkest places, so they would be bright once again. Such a dark place was for example a bar, hidden from many busy streets. There were some people who passed the bar, without even looking. Looking at something, which one day may be in the history books. And one day it can also influence it, or maybe change time altogether. But for that to happen, we must pay attention to those people and events, that we would normally miss. Because magic isn't in ordinary places, but where peope never imagined. And in order to get involved with magic, you must believe in it in the first place. And that happened to someone, who believed in the magic the least. And could never imagined, that his life can change in just a few minutes.

Alisteir was sitting in front of the bar holding his fifteenth glass of vodka. His unusual blue eyes that travel in the family, reflecting on the glass. He was so drunk that he had no idea where he was. He felt like he was mourning something, but not even he knew what exactly. He felt life coming down on him and sometimes at the end of the day, all people need is a drink. A very strong one. And this Tuesday happened to that day. He didn't see the figure approaching him from behind. The unknown man wasn't trying to sneak about, but his footsteps were silent. The man was wearing a black suit, and he sat down next to Alisteir. He was dressed elegantly and everything on him was expensive. He even smelled expensive. However Alisteir judged his manner, after all he din't ask for a seat. Alisteir wasn't very surprised by that fact, after all, he is used to be look down upon by rich people. Especially women.

-Alisteir Falcions? - he asked.

-Look mate, you look like you have a job, I don’t. I don’t have any money either. - answered Alisteir, gulping down the last shot after declaring that he is poor.

-My deepest condolences, however your grandmother passed away. I’m here to discuss that. - said the mysterious man.

-That old hag? Did she leave some debt behind? I ain’t paying sh*t. - rolled his eyes Alisteir.

-There’s no debt left behind at all. And everything she owned was passed down to your brother until the very last cent.

-If it’s not money nor debt, then what’s your business with me? What did you say, was your name again?

-Andrew Leanberg. Pardon my manners, I had a long day.

-Tell me about it. - answered Alisteir sarcastically, pouring another shot.

-I'd rather not.

-It was sarcasm, plase detct it next time.

-I don't understand sarcasm. - answered the man in a posh accent. - And I don't use it either.

-Listen Mr. Leanberg, let me be. Tell your boss in the cemetery department or wherever you are from, that I’m mourning my grandmother.

-But you are not.

-I never said it has to be true. - Alisteir drank another glass.

-And I never said that I’m coming from the cemetery department.

-Then? Where did you come from?

-I work for the Department of Sorcery and Witchcraft.

-I lied. I have a job at Disney Land. - he laughed at what the man said.

-I’m serious Mr. Falcions. Your grandmother worked for the Department of Sorcery and Witchcraft (DSW), in the Defensio of Time (DT) unit, also known as the guardians of time, she achieved the Hordux title, the highest ranking…

-You are a very funny man Mr. Leanberg.

-Those weren’t just stories.


-Your grandmother. She used to tell you and Mr. Falcions how she met magical creatures, such as dragons. How she attended Axtion Magical Academy and how she fell in love. Every story about spells and curses was true and still is.

Alisteir laughed so hard that he dropped the glass of vodka he was holding, which made a loud banging noise when it hit the floor. The bar was completely empty, therefore nobody noticed it, but the bartender certainly won’t be happy when he comes back. Unlike Alisteir, who definitely laughed harder regarding the event, which was one laughter more that his partner did. He reached for his suit, and from a side pocket, he pulled out a stick, which was long and thin with small stones inside. Or at least that’s what it seemed like to Alisteir.

-Repare Vitro - he said while waving it.

The glass that was scattered around the floor, started to float back onto the table. Each piece was a part of a puzzle, which seemed to find their pieces just fine. Even the alcoholic drink went back up where it belonged. There was no more laughter, but amazement.

-I’m drank as f*ck. - he said looking at the repaired drink.

-You are not hallucinating, Alisteir.

Alisteir didn’t say a word, slowly stood up and put down a banknote on the table, and ran out. As he slowly turned his head, he spotted a figure in the shadow. A figure that or who, definitely wasn't there before. He ran even faster without looking back.

-Mr. Alisteir! - said the man, who was surprised by the reaction.

Alisteir with a million questions in his head ran from one street to another, while people just stared at him. He tripped once or twice and he may have knocked over a few passersby, but he made it to the staircase that led to his flat. He got into the elevator, pressed the button to the tenth floor, however instead of going up, it went down, probably a few inches, which was rather unusual, since they were on the bottom floor. But what was even more unusual, is that the elevator looked brand new. It really wasn't the old elevator that functioned in the building for years. Then again, he brushed it off and once again blamed it on alcohol, like he always used to whenever he doesn't understand anything or he has a problem. The doors opened, and Alisteir half awake, saw himself running out of the bar and Leanberg calling out to him. He also saw the other him turning towards Alisteir just like before. That's right, it happened already, so why is he seeing this again? Alisteir realised that when he turned around, he actually saw himself. He turned around in fear to leave the place forever and never to return, but all he could see was a door that said “Storage Room”. And no elevator in sight or the staircase he was supposed to be in. He was at the bar. Again. Fear and amazement set in at the same time. Alisteir felt like he has been played by an unknown force. Or was it really magic?

-Who the f*ck are you?! - asked Alisteir, literally shouting while being extremely confused. Anger and nerves took over and he grabbed the man's collar.

-I’m Andrew Leanberg. I work in the Defensio of Time unit, for the Department of Sorcery and Witchcraft. Are you ready to listen? - asked Leanberg as he brushed off Alisteir's arm and fixed his clothes. Alisteir didn't reply. - So? Cat caught your tongue?

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