applecherrybloom Korrina Grace

Korinna, which is me! In the story I reunite with a friend of mine, Andrea was always jealous of it.

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"Is that her..?" I ask Andrea, "Kau-" "Don't say her full name!" Andrea snapped at me, "Well technically The 'full' name is first and last soo-" I said while I was OUT of It. Andrea approached Kauz, "Hi" she said very shy (Pronounced ON-DRE-UH, well her name) Kauz stared up and down, that look. "Aondrea? wow" Kauz Exclaimed. "Uh- well, it's Andrea, not a ondrea. Andrea said like it was like everybody would get IT. "Rubbish." Kauz Said giving her another up and down look. I stood there silently, until...

"Uh, Kerinno?" Kauz Said examining me very closely. "Uhm, well close. Try again." "Korinna!" Andrea quietly yelled at me, I knew she thought Kauz was gonna beat me. But before we had been best buddies, I don't know why Andrea would think less of us? Kaui Is quite tense, years ago when I was a few years I would mess up her name and call her Kaui. Sounds like COW-E. I would have NEVER ment to do that! I could tell Andrea would get jealous that Kaui likes ME more. What a shame, I accidentally said out loud. "Excuse you?" Kaui said. "mh" I grumbled. " Just joking!" Kaui said, "heh.. you still got that sense of humor!" "Awh thank you, ya know how hard it is to come back from Ireland." "Mhm.. really?" I said. I quickly ran off from my instincts, I could tell she was acting a bit off... I mean, not that it mattered much that she was different from before. "Korinna," Andrea quietly said to me, "that's not fair!" "Well life ain't fair!" I snapped back at her. "I'm telling MILA!!!" "Little rat!" I said-

"Uhm, Korinna.. is everything thing okay? Kauz asked. She is SOOO Sweet! "Yes, nothing to worry about." I said staring into nowhere, watching Andrea run away. "Sooo.. Shall we go?" "Of course, Kaui." We walked down a path, close to Andrea. "Why did she leave, Korri?" "i-uhm.. I don't know!" I stuttered. "Maybe she went to school?" "oh! that's right! we're late!"

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