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To Educated People About The Importance Of Understanding Epilepsy Awareness !

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Epilepsy Awareness

Hi my name is Sarah Adam's I have epilepsy I've my I had it at a very young age the reason that I'm writing this blog is because I want people to be more aware of epilepsy and the real reason realization of it anyway I'm 47 years old. Completely somewhat seizure free for right now! But I don't know down the line. In this blog is to educate and to bring awareness .I'm posting pictures just so you all can get an idea of how someone with epilepsy see the world. It's not talked about very often and I don't even know why but people choose not to know more about it and need to be less drawn off about it and distant but anyway my journey began to it these pictures and I hope you enjoy them and I hope you will advocate for someone on there be half. Be advocate and show support to people who have Epilepsy because it is a lifelong diagnosis and there is no cure and but I'm not saying that to depress you all. Just that in realization there is no care anyway I've had 3 head injuries in 4 years. In my life I have done over a 1000 EEG'S, MRI & CT scans than anyone known human should do. O my God anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures.No matter weather you're are black white pink purple yellow Orange whatever color skin you may have what or whatever ur disability you have or don't. You're Worth It. The thing I've learned in my life with havin epilepsy and having a seizure disorder is that everybody is valued & is important everybody is a good person no matter who you are or what disability you have or don't have. Always be strong always value friendships always always value yourself because you're worth it and am believe me I'm speaking from experience it's not easy to make friends it's especially when a lot of people don't understand that much about people with epilepsy, know that much about it. I have alot of knowledge about it. I on the other hand have a lot of knowledge about it because I lived through it anyway on my parents are beyond greatness love my mom and dad I think I have the best mom and dad ever they've always been a huge support system in my brother and sister are also beyond amazing. My seizures were called complex partial temporal lobe seizures in they'd start on the right side of the brain and it looks like your day dreamin but you're really not day dreaming it's really hard to explain it because most the time I was out of it and all I remember from my perspective is waken up really confused and not remember anything see the fact that I don't remember anything is not the fact that I blanked out or anything like that it's my consciousness was impaired during the seizure. See the thing is everyone talks about down syndrome and autism and all that. But 1 and 26 people in the USA will developed epilepsy. Over 50000 people in the US will die from Epilepsy Everyday it is a subject that needs to be talked about more often I have made tons of friends over the years and I'm pretty proud of myself I mean yeah I've done pretty good and I'm happy and that's good and I am completely seizure free for 3 years or more I think. I used to take 10 pills A-day with seizure medicine on top of it. Now I only take 3 and I'm currently living on my own and I love it I own my own place I have my own friends it's just like living a normal life. Wait it is a normal life. Anyway my goal is with this story and the pictures is to inspire people. And to inspire others to be advocates for other people not just themselves also advocate for yourself but also advocate for those around you be a voice be your own voice and step out of the box and advocate. And now here are some pictures through my journey through life I hope you like a and I hope you liked my story . My 1st big seizure that my parents ever remember that they told me about was when I was 6 years old and I fell to the floor and started shakin they didn't know what to do because it was up in New York and it was like 1976 in there were no big time doctors or what not and so on and I was born in upstate New York at Saint Luke's hospital and honestly New York in the winter is the prettiest Place I been in a fashion show I been to a prom I traveled to the Bahamas I've done everything I wanted to do and I plan to do more because life is too short . I plan going to universal studio this coming year . I have lost over 40 pounds just exerciseing & coming off seizure meds. All I have to say is I remember being in special ed in highschool & elementary school I met someone of the nicest people. My favorite camp I went to grown up was camp big heart & camp sparrowwood Both camps are very peaceful places very serene very quiet have lots to do my favorite thing to do when I was at big heart was the horseback ride and the climbing wall it and the dance in the corner of all it was fun. My biggest support system consist of my mom and my dad my sister and my brother my cousins my aunt and my Uncle. It comes with learning disabilities but you know what epilepsy doesn't define me seizures don't defeat me I am who I Because of my disability. I am a strong willed person I am am an advocate I am inspiring people I'm Voice for epilepsy awareness. So now y'all turn to go out and advocate for a friend or family member or cousin with epilepsy. Be a Voice. Above All Always Choose Kindness before anything else. And I also have the most amazing friends there's too many to name of them. And now I have Incredibly Amazing boyfriend names Eric hes the love of my life I'm so happy hes in my life. Here are some recent pictures.

Sincerely Sarah Adams

11/21/2019 to 6/28/22

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Sarah Adams Hi my name is Sarah I'm 47 years old i have a disability I love writing for me writting is very expressive it says how you feel just in a few short words & it says the journey one's been through & it can be very self expressive to people who are reading so I hope you enjoy my stories! ❤🦋⭐

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