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Cammie had one thing in mind when arriving in Florida. A beautiful beach, a nice hotel, and a love of the summer air. That all comes to a halt when she meets Jessie. Jessie is happy being single and free. She had no set plans on settling. Settling was far from her mind when coming across a beautiful woman named Cammie that would set her world on fire. Will this Summer Romance last forever? Or will it end by the start of Fall? Find out in this sizzling story of a hot romance that will sink your feet into the sand.

LGBT+ Nur für über 18-Jährige.

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Chapter 1

The most satisfying reality is when work finally ends and you can begin your three month long Summer Vacation down in Florida. Cammie couldn't wait to reach Florida once and for all to experience the beaches, the smell of salt water, and enjoy the summer breeze. She hadn't dreamed of a beach in years since her last one ended up being a mess with the ex-girlfriend that wanted attention and didn't like Summer.

Cammie had been working at her real estate job for close to two years but she needed a break, all she ever did was work and never slow down but her boss told her recently that she could take a much needed long vacation wherever she wanted but she had to be back by Fall for the new homeowners for a house that she just sold. It was an extensive job but she couldn't wait to hand over the keys and everything else once paperwork was all settled.

Heading home to pack was nothing for her since most of Cammie's belongings wouldn't be going anywhere and she could always buy more of anything she needed. The fact that she had a hotel, beach, and a summer breeze waiting for her is what excites her the most. Being in the North is nice and all especially when it snows but being in the tropical climate is what anyone could live for. It is the end of May which is the best time to head out when the weather finally changes from Spring to Summer, it was something that would make her happy.

Cammie decided after a long hours work to get out of her work outfit then shower, she loved being free to wander her apartment anyway she pleased without peeping neighbors like when she lived with her ex that demanded she be clothed all the time and worry about everyone around her. Cammie needed out of her head from the reminders of Naomi that still haunts her every living memory and with hopes she might make a new friend while on vacation. Settling in for the evening knowing that she is taking an early flight, she knew she needed the rest and to unwind to prepare for the best trip of her lifetime. She would finally be a free bird in the air and away from the stresses of work and also anything else that stood in her way.


Arriving at the airport to do all its procedures, following guidelines, and anything else also getting checked thoroughly. Cammie couldn't wait for her to be in the air and get to Florida to enjoy the best foods, small business, and much more. Cammie had relaxed once the plane finally lifted off the ground and knew it would take at least five to seven hours to her destination on this flight.

Cammie saw that she was sat next to a beautiful young woman about her age that looked like came out of a model magazine with her gorgeous structure and long legs in heels that made Cammie feel weak in the knees at the sight of this woman then she saw the diamond wedding band glaring at her then she turned away.

"I saw you looking at me, what's you want?" The woman said in a hush voice.

"Nothing, nothing at all." Cammie replied, feeling her cheeks getting heated.

"Is that so? My name is Victoria and you are?" Victoria responded with a smile.

"Cammie." Cammie replied, still blushing.

"Well, well, where is a beauty like you headed?" Victoria responded, winking at Cammie.

"Florida, I am assuming you are too?" Cammie asked, holding back the hotness between her legs as she felt the itch egging her on.

"Sure am, sweetheart." Victoria leans over to Cammie's ear and whispers, "Looks like you are turned on by me. You may need to go fix that."

Cammie shivered, feeling Victoria's lips near her ear. Cammie got up to rush to the bathroom since she sat in the middle, thankfully Victoria moved out of her way and she made it to the bathroom in time as she counted to ten to calm her hormones from Victoria turning her on so badly. She hadn't been around a woman that attractive in years and felt her body giving her away. Before she could leave the restroom, she heard a slight knock then the door opened revealing Victoria.

"We aren't leaving this plane until I get you released from those hormones." Victoria whispered.

Cammie didn't know how to answer when Victoria pushed her against the wall, then kissed her with heated passion as she felt Victoria's hand slide down her pants to the outside of her panties and rubbing her heated pussy that she craved would keep going. Then with the deepened passion kiss Cammie felt Victoria move the panties over then began fingering with two fingers causing Cammie to want to end the kiss to moan so badly but before she could Victoria slid her hand across Cammie's mouth.

"I am going to make you cum and you just scream into my hand once you release. Be a good girl." Victoria whispered into Cammie's ear.

Cammie couldn't help but nod with the urge of needing to release not far from how fast Victoria's fingers were pumped inside of her. Once she was finally released with a scream into Victoria's hand the woman smiled, licked her fingers and then left the bathroom. Cammie couldn't believe what happened. It took her breath away that a married woman actually pleased her but she knew that she better straighten herself out since the plane would be landing soon. Cammie rushed to her seat after properly getting herself readjusted then they sat silently rest of the way to their destination knowing she couldn't cross this path ever again with hopes while on vacation finding someone that isn't married and settled with their life. Cammie had one shot on making her life better and no more flings after this, she needed to find a calm in her life besides work and the constant sex with random women to please her. She fell asleep for the next few hours to rest before landing and relax her mind.

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