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Futora Romanaro's trip to the video implant store gets strange when Larsen Phillips starts acting strange to her... Part of the SARTAM Universe. For better context about this character, please read the first chapter of my original novel, 'SARTAM: Life On Cinthyatar', first.

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Today Again

I heard the familiar buzz notification of my digital alarm clock as I sat up on my twin sized bed in my basic looking studio apartment. Except for the bathroom, everything was in my line of sight. The kitchen. The dining room. Living room. Laundry room. Same old, same damn old...

"Rebotco 10th, 0027. 10:50 am, First Cycle." I read to myself out loud, blowing a strand of my white hair up with my mouth.

I'm a lonely 22 year old woman who was orphaned at a young age. As I got older, though, I found myself becoming a popular video game streamer on the internet and had gained a massive following. I would say it was my gaming skills that did it, but I'd be lying. It was my sex appeal...

I had a lot of loyal simps in my DMs, like a WHOLE lot of them. Always donating their hard earned money to me for either to shout out a username or say whatever they want me to. I used to do my streams in public and in a video game café, but I was banned from holding more of them after the manager complained, saying his male employees were "Too busy looking at your panties" for them to work. Ha! Like that's my fricking fault.

Getting up from my bed and dressed in a purple bra and matching colored undies, I bent down to pick up my what I called my 'Promotional Outfit'. A black tank top, matching colored thigh-high skirt, and black boots, with a purple gaming lanyard to add that gamer girl flair. That's my style, and I wasn't changing it! Since I followed the 'Look but don't touch' rule in life, I couldn't care less about a fan sneaking a peek. As I got dressed, though, I couldn't stop thinking about that fricking a-hole that used me just so he could get off...

Jake. Fricking Jake. That's all the motherfricker went by. I swooped me off my feet and told me all those sweet nothings that would get you in the bedroom with them. But it was all a farce. He was married. Bored. Abusive. After ghosting me, I couldn't even imagine myself getting with another guy. Not ever. All I wanted to do today was go to the video game implant store and buy the newest copy of the most popular first person shooter: Yearn To Battle and stream it in my apartment. For now, all that rang in my mind was two words: Frick dudes!

As I angrily left my place through the automatic front door with my ex-boyfriend (if I could even call Jake that) on my fricking mind, I pulled out my smartphone and began to compose a message to 'C', a popular social media app, to my fan base to update them on what I was about to do.

"Hey there, cyber simps! It's your heartthrob, Futora Romanaro, letting you thirsty guys (and my horny lesbian gals) know that I'm buying a copy of 'Yearn To Battle' to stream tomorrow at midnight! If you come to watch early, maybe it'll be a nude stream! 😘❤️‍🔥" I typed out before posting it on the app.

After I updated my fans on my situation, I shoved my smartphone into my shirt and in between my cleavage before hurrying myself over to the video game implant store by sprinting there on foot. It was a ten minute walk, but since this was my first time grabbing a game that I wanted in physical form (most of my video game implants are digital downloads), I had to be there right as the store opened so I could get my copy of that fricking game...

9 minutes later, I arrived at Larsen's Video Tape & Game Implant Shop just as the store clerk opened the door. Since Holo Vision (Cinthyatar's version of television) was only used for informational use such as news and educational purposes, all internet streaming had to be done through buying an Internet Service Provider implant to install in her head, connect to the web and eureka! You can stream games wherever and whenever you wanna. It's the same for the video tape implants as well: Pop em' in your head and boom! The movie you wanna watch is a go.

"Hey, sir!" I said to the store clerk, who didn't even react to my presence while unlocking the double see-through automatic doors via digit keypad on the right.

Even though guys were fricking a-holes, this particular guy that I hadn't seen before was cute. Damn cute. In fact, he was the first redheaded male Cinthyan that ever made me stare at him in awe for more than 2 minutes straight! But I still recited my famous two words in my head so I could maintain a level head: Frick Dudes!

"There you go, Futora." The attractive redheaded store clerk said in a dreary, depressed sounding tone.

"Go ahead and come in..."

As I casually walked in and smelled the delicious scent of movie popcorn orbs, It had occurred to me that the clerk had said my name. How did he know my name? I've never met the dude. But as I thought about it more, it was so fricking obvious as to how. He. Was a fricking. Fan...

"Thank you, sir!" I said to him in an enthusiastically cheery voice as I saw the cute dude make his way around the checkout counter, still looking depressed.

"By the way, It's nice to know that a video game implant clerk is a fan of mine! And a cute one at that, too..." I added with a right eye wink.

"It isn't 'Sir'." He said to me while resting both of his elbows onto the counter.

"It's Larsen. Larsen Phillips..."

After saying that to me, the redheaded dude pulled out his smartphone and basically ignored me for two minutes. Somewhat irritated by Larsen's attitude, I turned around and looked up at the top shelf of the right side of the store. That was typically where the new video game implants would have been, only for nothing to be there.

"There's no 'Yearn To Battle' up there, Futora." I heard the clerk suddenly say, causing me to turn toward him in confusion.

How in the frick did Larsen know what game I came into the store for!? I never said it! Somewhat scared, I approached him and slammed both of my hands down onto the checkout counter while staring him in eyes...

"ARE YOU FRICKING STALKING ME, A-HOLE!?" I asked him furiously, causing Larsen to close his eyes and smile.

I then grabbed him by his red coat and him towards me, pissed off at the redhead's behavior. When I'm mad, I get testy...


"No." He replies calmly to me.

"Why would I need to do that when I know your fucking routine!? For 730 days straight, you come in here every fucking morning looking for the SAME game, always knocking over the SAME rack, only to talk about the SAME ex, SAME, SAME, SAME, FUCKING SAME!!!" He roared at me, causing to release him.

I began to tear up in my purple eyes, overwhelmed with sadness at the sheer amount of rage that I saw in Larsen's eyes as he continued to rant at me.

"WHY THE FUCK DO YOU TORTURE ME WITH YOUR PRESENCE? WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE YOU OF ALL PEOPLE? WHY CAN'T YOU JUST STAY WITH ME!?" he shouted hysterically in my face with tears pouting out of his eyes.

I was so lost. I didn't know what he was referring to about me not staying with him. I honestly thought Larsen was suffering a psychotic break or something. I didn't know him at all.

"You're fricking crazy, dude! STAY THE HECK AWAY FROM ME!" I said to the freaky redhead as I turned around and ran out the video game implant store.

On my way back to my studio apartment, I began to sob openly with tears and mucus saturating the front of my face. I did nothing to hurt Larsen. I didn't know why he snapped at me like I did something to him. For some reason, though, I still felt guilty. I felt like a problem. Like my life was the problem. And then I made a decision...

Upon arriving in my studio apartment, I ran into my bathroom, rummaged through my bottom cabinet, and found what I was looking for: a gallon sized bottle of bleach. Unscrewing the cap, I drank the entire bottle and threw myself in my twin sized bed as I waited to die. The very last thing I did was stare at my digital alarm clock for hours. 37 more hours...

In the first 24 hours, all of my organic body parts failed. I could no longer move my arms, legs, or head. With my face still staring at the clock, I cried for myself as I remembered my horrible love life. If I hadn't met Jake first, I probably would've ended up with Larsen before whatever happened to him had occurred. I felt like if I were his woman, we would've been happy together. But it was too late. I felt my cybernetic organs begin to shut down, removing me from auxiliary lifesupport. I couldn't breathe anymore.

As I accepted my death, I stared at my digital clock as it turned from '11:59pm Last Cycle' to '12:00am First Cycle'. It was Cinthyatar's first day of Futora Romanaro being dead...

The next day...

A young woman sat up in her bed yawning as she looked over at her digital alarm clock.

"Rebotco 10, 0027. 10:50am, First Cycle" It read...

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