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Emilia is a country girl who grew up around animals, especially horses. After her accident that caused the death of her horse which was caused by a black mustang. She gave up on hope that she will be able to save her grandfather's farm. Especially that her adversary is her own twin sister, whose horse never lost a single competition and has no intentions on helping out. However one day her grandfather loans a new horse from a friend from their last penny that could really turn the tables around. During this time, she fights different challenges and fears, as a horse thief enters the picture who gets so out of hand that it results in a murder. She finds love for the first time in the person of an another adversary, who she never met before, and they discover a new adventure in each other. However her heart is challenged to the breaking point, when unexpected things happen and the big final competition has to be won in an entirely different saddle. And that saddle belongs to a horse, whose every step causes pain and every jump a new tear. (Please subscribe to the story!!)

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University isn’t quite the life I imagined. I couldn’t decide if it was good or bad. I don’t mean the subjects here, but the people. Ms. Radisson is the worst teacher I ever met. For some magical reason she hates me. I don’t know why though, I’m pretty sure my criminal record is clean. I study at a veterinary university, and I was always wondering if this is really what I want to do. It kills me emotionally sometimes. Honestly? I feel more connected to animals than humans. Meaning I feel worse when one of them dies. I’m not stone-hearted towards people, I just feel this way. A few days ago I lost my horse, Harry. He was a grey andalusian. It was my fault, and it scared me for life. And not just my soul along with my heart, but my body. I broke my arm, and I was in a coma for three days, but the pain seemed too small than it should be. I should feel more pain, more punishment to make myself feel better. Justice. However I don’t. Nearly every day, I dream it all over again. I don’t just blame myself, but a black stallion, whose charms took over me.

The classroom was pretty chatty as always, we are going to study the anatomy of a horse. It’s going to be a boring lesson for me, since I already know it. For a rider, it is the minimum knowledge required. The massive room was nearly packed, and I was looking around for the last time before the start, when I saw a big smile in front of me in a magazine. I recognised it immediately. My sister happened to be a model, and it pained me to see her face, which is kind of ironic since we are twins and very identical ones, so I should say OUR face. The girls were comparing me and after some time, they approached me. “Here we go again…” - I thought.

-Hello! - said the girl, while the other hid behind her - You see, my friend is very shy, and she wants to ask for an autograph, so if you don’t mind… - and she put the magazine with a pen in front of me. I’m not a good liar. My stomach really hurts after that, and I don’t really like that field either. The problem was, that I couldn’t mimic her autograph at all, and I didn’t want to bring any unwanted attention to myself or negative opinions right after the start of summer.

-Why don’t we take a picture instead? - I asked and smiled at the same time.

Their delightful faces showed my victory. The only thing I asked is not to put it on social media, because I just started here. This was actually true, in fact attention was the worst one of all. I had many friends before, but most of us went our separate ways, and we forgot about each other. But I remember our last text, “See you later, girl”. And that was it, I lost my family along with them. I live with my grandpa, on his ranch. We have a large house with six bedrooms, a barn, and five stables. Which means fifty boxes for horses. We have a stallion, named Pilot and a foal named Oscar. Let’s not forget Hector, our three legged dog either. That’s it. The other horses that originally lived there, and were on my father’s name, -who now is a famous national show jumper, Lucas Westkins- were taken away when he bought his own ranch. The reason I don’t live with them is because of Mum’s death. I convinced her to rescue a stallion, but the car went off the road, and… Everybody blames me. My father, my brothers, my sister, except my grandfather. The lesson went quite smoothly, sometimes I paid attention or just played with my pen. I even read a novel of mine. Sherlock Holmes, to be specific. I enjoy them a lot, I guess that’s a reason why I never had a boyfriend. And because of my childish side. I like anime, I let my brown hair fly in the air when I ride, just like in some movies. My dressing style is incredibly casual compared to how other girls dress. High heels, expensive clothes, bags and a very weird attitude with an extra dose of confidence. I talked with a few once, and quickly discovered that it isn’t my world. However, my sister fell in love with it. She is the most likely person to follow my father’s footsteps. My brothers, -who are older than me- aren’t into horses very much and followed my mother’s path. Finn, goes to business university and Dein, graduated in criminal justice, so he could end up as a detective, which he actually achieved. I never met him, in fact he never knew I existed at least that’s what I think. The reason is, or so I’ve heard, that my dad and Dein don’t really get along, and he took off. I followed my grandpa, who happened to be a vet. He is my inspiration in nearly everything. I love animals just as much as him and sometimes I don’t regret choosing the job. Sometimes. After taking some notes from the board, I’m pretty sure I was the first person who left the classroom when the bell rang. I was devastated and all I wanted to do was sleep, but Oscar prevented me from doing it. He was Harry’s foal, who also happened to lose his mum. Now I’m the substitute. When I’m not studying, I’m with Oscar. He is quite big and in a few years I might be able to ride him.

But I won’t be able to attend a competition that comes in three weeks. I wanted to make a big appearance that I’m still alive in front of my family, to make sure they won’t forget my existence. They don’t know that I’m horse riding. Harry was our only choice, and now that he is gone, so is my beginning of a grand introduction. I turned my attention to a sign that said “Green Forest reserve and Sky ranch”. That’s right, grandpa’s ranch was in a reserve, that’s why we live in peace. However the headquarters of the reserve was so far away, that I could only see it as a spot from my balcony. I always wondered what it would be like to live on a mountain. The view, the fresh air…, but then I realised where Harry is buried, and I don’t really want to leave him behind.

I dreamed about the accident, how I spotted a herd of mustangs, and how much I tried to catch one with a lasso. There was no wind, just flowers around us. Massive trees, the sound of hooves, my horse and me. That beautiful black stallion, which was incredibly unique. How fast did I chase after him while I was riding on Harry. The fallen tree that was in front of us. The massive jump of the stallion and that neither Harry nor me noticed it. The pain in my arm when I hit the ground, two cracking sounds, and I know only one of them is mine. But what I remember the most clear was the stallion. How majestically he got on two legs, and the clear sound he made, as if he were laughing at us. I woke up with tears running down my cheeks.

Early in the morning, I was playing with Hector and Oscar at the same time, while my grandfather folded the sheeps into the valley riding on Pilot. Sadly he was too old for competitions, and to be honest I wouldn’t even ride it for a million dollars. I tried it once, and I graciously admit my complete defeat. Pilot 1, Emilia Reinford -1. Since then I never rode on him. I thought of Whiskey. My sister’s horse, who I only saw from pictures, happened to be Harry’s older half brother. I know, I have no chances of defeating him. Oscar was jumping around like an innocent kid, who doesn’t know the definition of growing up. It was refreshing, but then I remembered somebody else. A girl from my college. Not long after I had my accident, she did one as well. We went to the same year, we never talked, and I don’t know her at all. I only heard that she died by getting hit by a truck while riding on her horse. Carla Hastings, as I recall. The only thing I could do was watch as my grandpa disappeared into the distance, straight after he watched the weather on the news a million times.

Quite the unexpected car appeared that day. In fact it was massive. It was a truck, filled with horses. A million questions were filling my head. A guy came out of it, with I’m guessing his dad, since they looked pretty similar. He was wearing eyeglasses, black T-shirt, jeans with some boots and a massive brown hat. He looked like a cowboy from those stupid movies, that try to copy the western life.

-Hello. -surprisingly, he had a calming voice.- I’m looking for William Reinford. Is he around?

-Not at the moment.

-Are you…

-No, I’m not Chiara Westkins (after I got kicked out, I took on my mother’s name). That’s my sister.

-I was gonna say, Emilia Reinford.

-Oh. In that case I’m that person. May I ask what you are doing here?

-We are delivering horses.

-In here? - I asked. It looks like the piece and undisturbing life officially ended here. They looked kind of puzzled.

-I think you took the wrong turn. This is the Sky Ranch, not the Clover one (my dad’s place).

-Then we are in the right place. Erik Anderson at your service. - smiled the guy - I found out that his father is Klaus.

The situation was a bit awkward, and now I was the one who was puzzled by the situation, which was saved by my grandfather.

-Ah! You came sooner! - and he got off of Pilot and gave the reins to me. - Can you please take care of Pilot for me?

I was just as happy as Pilot was. Which was equal to zero. We had a rat-cat relationship, where I was the rat.

-Sure. -I replied with an incredibly disappointed look and my voice reflected that surprisingly well.

-Let me help you- volunteered Erik-.

-No, thanks.- but he came after me anyway.

-These stables are magnificent! Why don’t you have horses here?

-We are not enough to take care of them. My grandpa isn’t as strong as he used to be, and me being a girl, then university came up… More importantly...

-My father has a massive amount of horses, and we don’t have enough places to place them, so the old ones end up here. It’s calm, the view is beautiful and perfect for retirement. He grew attached to them, and didn't want to sell them. But of course, they are here temporarily until the building of the new stables are finished

“Massive amount of horses? No place for them? What kind of ranch is this one?”.

-Black Shadow ranch.

-I knew your name was familiar! - I said it more loudly than I should have. I don’t like that stable at all. It’s said that they have all kinds of horses and perform experiments on them in order to win more races. His father owns a massive amount of hotels and is so rich, that his bank account can’t even hold it! I also know that they win by cheating.

-Is your sister’s name Diana, by any chance?- just checking if I’m right.

-Yes, I guess many people know her. She is quite famous.

-Of cheating or for her ego? Maybe it is better if you sell these horses. - When I finished the sentence, I realised that I actually said that out loud. He didn’t look offended at all.

-Look, I know the rumour, but they are just what they are. Rumours.

I didn’t apologise, because I really meant it. While holding Pilot’s saddle, I respectfully left him next to the horse’s box and while Oscar followed me, I took off.

-Where is my son? -asked Klaus quite harshly.

-He is admiring the view.

-From the stables?

-The view of the stables. I quickly ran into the shed, where we used to store the saddles.

My grandpa signed some documents and we took the horses into the paddock to graze them. I admit Erik was right. They were old, very old. My grandfather was holding the reins of a black pinto, who was one of the best horses I’ve ever seen and led him right next to me. He wasn’t an old looking one, though.

-This one was picked up from the Green Forest Reserve. It was supposed to be sold to another ranch, but apparently we were more trustworthy. - started my grandpa - His name is Domino, and is going to be yours.

-MINE? Why?

-Because who are you going to ride for the competition? Pilot? Or Oscar? Who are you kidding Em? - stated grandpa quite seriously when we were finally alone in the house.

-Thank you. And I hugged him. Don’t thank me yet, it’s not entirely yours yet.

-I’m afraid I don’t understand.

-I’ve bought him for a loan.

-I still don’t get it.

-We are… in some trouble regarding the farm. I thought you can win some competitions with Harry, like you used to and we will be fine. But now I question it. We are not in serious trouble yet, but I plan to avoid the “gone for sure situation”. I will participate in a sheep-folding competition. But the young folks are quite good and second place isn’t enough. So I’m counting on you

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