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Your Primer to the Daedlands and the world of Raul - it's civilizations, maladies and gods, complete with system agnostic information for inclusion into your fantasy RPG worlds. Please refer to our release tags for more information on how things are being play tested and balanced.

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What is the Daedlands?

In the beginning, several gods managed the creation of the world of Raul in cycles, called Epochs. Every Epoch would last three thousand years before a being known as The Huntmaster would be awoken by two fighting gods, and he would cleanse Raul, with each god picking and choosing what pieces of the land they would like to move on to the next generation. This cycle was ended when The Huntmaster was killed by a small group of mortals carrying a powerful artifact, leading to the 228th Epoch being the last. The heroes fell to the newly formed world, and fate assumes that they survived.

However, the cycle of rebirth had a secondary purpose, as The Gods also used the magics of their realms to restore and control The Weave, a magical aether that allowed magic to be used and controlled. This power descended from the gods to their children, the 18 species of dragon, and down to the land. With the renewal, this would reinforce the power descending and reform the weave.

This was fine for eight thousand years, until the founding of the Ara-tsat Empire. These highly xenophobic elves drove the dragons to extinction over the next three thousand years, until the final two dragons fought and were killed over the Capital of the Ara-tsat empire. This caused a rift to be created in the weave, letting unrestricted and unemcumbered magic flow through, causing a time known as The Sea of Embers. For a decade, the lush grasslands burned with the fevor of untempered magic. This was the beginning of the glass sea, a ridge of melted sand, soil and rock that surrounds a ring around the ruined city. As the sea cools, the rampant magic caused an ever expanding ring of sand to expand over thousands of years, to the point where Raul is now, where the desert is only held at bay by the Irontrench mountains and the Wood Elf Forest to the South.

(One of many "explorer maps", tagged with sites of unnamed ruins and dangers of the desert)

Table of Contents:

1) Understanding our Module Release Tags

Races of the Daedlands:

1) The Ara-tsat Elves

2) Dwarves of the Irontrench Mountains

3) Human Tribes of the Dead Coast

4) The Wood Elves of Ver'addur

Cultural Information and Lore:

1) Burial Rights and Rituals

2) The Maladies of the Daedlands

Monsters and Entities:

1) The Coffin Wight

2) Takoti Tekum(Desert Winds)

3) Kek-aladeep(Heatwave Lizards)

4) The Ekithra

5) The Kastorial

6) The Ankaran Guard

Game Handouts:

1) Advertisement: JB Wentworths Coffincurse Cream - Instructions for Use

OGL references and documents are used as per the OGL License 1.0a. As per the license, it has been reproduced here: OGL License. This work may be used and referenced under the OGL, adding the following line to section 16 COPYRIGHT NOTICE: "The Daedlands: Adapting a magical catastrophe for your game Copyright 2024 Nicholas Fagerlid ".

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The World of Raul - The Daedlands
The World of Raul - The Daedlands

The world of Raul is forgotten by the gods, left to fall to ruins after a great magical catastrophe. The Arat-Tsat empire created the perfect conditions for the rip in the magical weave that is the center of the Daedlands, and the heart of a dead god. Journey through a desert where death is never the end, and find out what happened to the creators and the empire that never fell. Erfahre mehr darüber The World of Raul - The Daedlands.