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The queen of fashion and the melodic prince are on the go. It took a road accident and talent for Alisha to change Amery's life from what he had thought his life was going to be as lame as he remembered it to be hurtful, to a different life. Alisha is determined to run her late husband's business but the company's Manager is stalking her. When he sees no way of being with her, he tries to defame her. ...The police are looking out for the husband's murderer.

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Chapter 1 – Road Accident

Alisha looked very excited. It was of her being glory and gleaming.

Alisha had one of the best lives for a very young woman – educated, rich, successful loving husband and best of in-laws. She chose unmindful to all of her odds. She had no chance for inexplicable thoughts and implausible experiences with the most wonderful husband whom she had found a friend in.

Yet, that happiness was exceptionally not only her. She was happier for something. She strode around her hall. It was too much for her. She could burst with amazing content. She entered her room and sat on her bed.

Taking long relaxing breaths, she tried to calm and nil her enthusiasm to some degree below the most happening joyful zone. It worked for a few minutes. Those were few minutes before she went into blissful thoughts. The thoughts of all the possibilities of how amazing her life was going to be.

Exciting life. Then, she was exasperated. When she was getting home, it was not as early as her schedule. She was sure to find Lucas by the living room only waiting for her and she would come, excited, giving the astounding news that would reason why she was late. But Lucas was not home.

She called Lucas. That time, she was sitting; she stood up. She had not known what she was doing, going around her room and standing with every comfortable posture which seemed not to be. She got more excited when her husband had been as well late at home because of a certain good news as he promised his dear wife it was going to be a surprise but he was not letting himself go by the surprise idea after the suspense had been killing him.

Alisha was ready for more good news at that time that she said ‘yes, please’ with all intent.

‘Do you remember I got a call last Monday?’ Lucas started to say his big information.

‘Why would I forget that?’ Alisha said that bitterly with the excitement not wearing off, though. She was not uptight on Lucas that moment but she had been less fascinated with him on the Monday night and two more days to follow.

She added, ‘you marooned me in the middle of dinner. That was upsetting.’

Alisha was beaming as if Lucas was seeing her. And Lucas was knowing that. They were remembering all that henpecked deeds Alisha let Lucas do for forgiveness’ sake.

‘And I apologized a thousand times already before you made me spend my whole Wednesday with you,’ the husband spoke, relatively adoringly. ‘I told you, it was an important call. I found your mother and father’s address.’

To where, the good spirits vanished. She had been trying to avoid her parents as much as she could, with booming mastery. On the top list, her parents were hateable. She never felt down in dumps once she would think about a different thing — not her father and her mother. It was different whenever she thought of them. She wound feel so bitter. Exemplar, her fanatic will was rather a depressed soul then. She had been dragged blue to the sudden.

The problem with her was that she did not want to associate with the people who had brought her to the world. To Lucas, that was incredulous. That was where they were consistently against one another. Yet, that amazing guy had many times possible dared to make prove her wife on odds. Hope against hope, he had been expecting that Alisha would break her views against her mother and father. He wanted to help the only woman he had loved.

But she had her reasons. Knowing that, after Alisha asking Lucas for why he was being adamant on what she had clearly instructed not to deal with, he said, ‘Your miff is justified. But however, they are your parents.’ The man had never been stopping saying those words to the wife.

‘Yeah, parents,’ Alisha choked, ‘they love money only. I am clearly their good of business. And, you are the customer.’

‘I am the man you love. And, they are your parents.’

‘Parents who sold me because they love money more than their daughter!’

‘They did not sell you. They gave you to me. The man you love.’

‘After knowing you are rich. They would not let me marry you otherwise.’

And Lucas again insisted that it had been so many years. ‘It has been more than ten years forthwith,’ were Lucas’ words.

Indeed, it was. It had been almost eleven years since she last saw her parents, not even knowing if they were alive or not. She didn’t want to know. But it looked like they were still breathing and probably healthy enough, after Lucas’ discovery.

‘What if they died and there was no one to perform their funeral?’ Lucas pointed on it.

‘They are still alive, we know that now,’ she threw the words quickly. She did not want to think that what she was doing was really wrong; truly, because she knew it was, but in the right sense.

‘Don’t you miss them?’ Lucas triggered her emotions.

She wasn’t so sure. Sure, she might have been missing them because they were her parents. Yet, more surely, she was abhorring them. She wasn’t sure that she missed them. But she was sure that she hated them. And she didn’t have to put an act to her husband.

Not stating if she missed them or not, harsh enough, she said, ‘you are totally wrong. I can never yearn for horror beasts in my life.’

‘Um… meet them once. Just to know how they have been.’ Alisha was going to argue, when she heard, ‘for me.’

She said yes without thinking.

That was the least she could do as a good wife. Lucas had been so great to her.

‘You agreed for me?’ Lucas joshed, ‘I should have said these words a lot before.’

Giving out the real chuckle, she said, ‘try to boast out, and I change my mind.’

‘I dare not. I will bring them soon, I am on my way to their house. I will come with them straight home, after.’

‘Not our house. Arrange our meeting somewhere else.’

‘Meeting? Well, whatever. Anything you say. You keep this, a nostalgia.’

‘Why not? You should only be home as soon as possible. We have a lot of real good things to talk.’

‘Steadfast. Love you.’

‘Love you too.’

She repeated those words again in her mind. ‘Love you too,’ her head spoke, ‘come back soon, come soon.’

Amery was quite good-looking for the youngest boy in his class. Yet no one noticed he had the looks.

He was throwing his eyes to the wrist every time, standing outside the school resting chairs where mostly students sat to eat and talk. He didn’t actually have a wristwatch, or even a wrist band. Maybe he always thought he had one, weirdly, then remembered he didn’t actually have any after seeing his empty wrist. But it used to happen so often that he was one of the famous ones to embarrass himself in front of his friends.

Hablo, Sophie, Miranda and Ralf were Amery’s best friends. He was waiting for them; promisingly, they were up to something that made them late. The sun was already getting to where it should have been. They were going to get home by the dark.

He sat to one of the eating seatings. He was restless. When Sophie called behind him, he got up knowing that all his friends were there and they could leave already. But it was only Sophie. He maintained his cool, asking where the rest were.

Hablo appeared, alone. That was becoming frustrating, if they were going to be coming one by one, slowly, especially when Hablo was alone. Most of the time, Hablo was hanging out with Miranda because they were in the same class so it was easy for them to be close. On the other hand, all the other three were in different classes.

Miranda was getting late and obviously, she wasn’t going to get there with Ralf. Ralf was talking to Mr. Hutts. The students had been wishing there were clubs in their school and had been making tremendous requests. Ralf was one of those impeccable students.

Amery had almost decided to go alone, or with Sophie since they lived closer. Ralf appeared. And Miranda was just behind him. They walked away hurriedly, not bothered to ask why they were late.

Amery was more worried about being late. He had been late than often for previous few days. No one was saying anything at home except one day when they thought, they needed to remind him, how dangerous it was to go late home. He was guilt-ridden, thinking, he was not doing fair to the nice family.

They were finally on the road that would take them to their shanty town. They were walking at their best speed that would not stop them from making stories.

They were behind a car which had stopped. A florist at the roadside stopped the car driver to buy his last bunch of yellow lilies. The man did not want flowers yet the florist was being insistent. He made the man remember that he might have needed them, as he thought with a smile and nodded. He smelled them, took a few notes from his wallet and took the flowers. The florist was more than pleased.

They were not looking at the scene while the car then passed past them, Hablo being spell bounded, loving the black luxury car.

‘Look the way it goes,’ he said at the smooth driving.

No one was favoring his praises since they hated day dreams. The low-class life was not helping to admire good things.

For Miranda, who was living in a well-off cottage than the small shady ones her friends lived in knew, there was a difference. She wasn’t blaming Hablo. She was either trying to show that there was no difference between the low-class and the middle-class lives. She even evaded a note and deflected the story when Hablo mentioned their only secondhand hatchback car her brother had recently bought.

The car had not gone very far when it started swiveling indifferently. Amery and his friends saw the car drifting and giving out immense screeches with every switch side it took. The driver could hardly notice the boulder in front of him. As he noticed it, he tried to control the steering wheel against his body condition. Unsuccessfully, one wheel ran over the boulder and the car was overturned with a somersault. The last sound they heard was of a hitting car then the silent screaming engine.

It was a shock for Amery. He had never seen an accident. Worse, it was a fatal one. He wondered if the driver was saved.

‘Oh! Geez!’ Hablo and Ralf shouted.

A crowd had covered the car and they hardly were seeing the scene. People had gone to help.

‘That is so terrible!’ Sophie cried.

‘I just hope the driver survived,’ Hablo said, ‘the expensive car is completely crushed.’

‘So do I,’ said Miranda.

Amery insisted, they should leave. It was getting dark.

Alisha received a text message. She was excited to check the phone, thinking, for hundreds contacts she had, the text was only coming from her husband.

The message shocked her. Tears ran off her. She ran out crying.

Amery and his friends had left the accident scene while the sun was orange, by the horizon. They reached their homes and took bushy lanes with the moon already sighting. Saying bye to Sophie, Amery took a left turn and entered his home. His father was sitting on a mat, seen just when one opens the entry door. He had a magazine in his hands. His mother came from the adjacent room carrying a pitcher just when a voice had come out, ‘where have you been?’

‘School, of course,’ answered Hope. She took the pitcher from her mother and entered another room.

Chay said nothing. He was compassionate towards the kid.

‘Come here,’ said Neila. Amery apologized. ‘Forgiven,’ Neila said, ‘your father is only worried about you.’

‘Thank you,’ Amery said by the heart.

Neila laughed. ‘I’m your mother, silly,’ she said to him, ‘you must be tired. Go and freshen up.’

Amery was sitting on the bed doing his home-works. Hope and Amery were sharing a room bed. When Hope entered in, he closed the books. He had finished his boring assignments.

W-sitting on the bed, Hope asked about the day. Amery replayed the day and gave curt details. They began talking about something else. Amery, a young school boy, he was not interested in school where he had to study science though he did not want that. Only if he had money, he would have found a different place where music was taught. His aspirations looked like the day dreams he would share with his friends and the evening dreams he would be more aspired from Hope.

‘You have got an audition tomorrow, don’t forget that,’ Hope showed him a reason not to give up.

There was always a way. If he could not find a way to get into a school that could build his talent, there was way of getting into the talent industry.

He nodded. Hope was there for him. His mother and father were also there for him.

Hope, the first person to discover his talent after hearing him sing, she was pushing him into being what he wanted. He remembered, they had combined their savings from months’ long his pocket money he used to receive and Hope’s salary then bought a nice guitar for him. He was not a pro but he slowly learned to manipulate the strings.

They really treat me nicely,’ he thought, ‘despite being no one.’

Hope was not reading his mind but she said to him, ‘you are a very important person to us. I’m your sister, right?’

He smiled. She could read him. She understood him, actually. He could never have a better family than that.

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