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Joanna was a genius, rich and confident girl. But behind all that glitters lies the horror of a burning hatred, she was more surprised when she realised that most people are in the same situation.

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Love springs

Hi, I am Joanna, I am the daughter of a rich business man, and my mum is his manager so they were always on one trip or the other. so I think they're too busy to show me love and overall, I feel unloved. I'm finally eighteen, and I'm all set to finding love.

Last week, I met an old woman who I followed to her deserted old house. she said she can fulfill my quest for love and gave me a book and told me I can find love in month if I follow the book.

Day 1 did the book ask me to go to the slums of the city, in Ciara street. in eagerness to find true love, I rushed to take a taxi and rushed to the slums, hoping to find a wonderful experience but when I got there, I saw something else.

as I set foot in that wretched street, I saw a girl like my age playing with a shabby dog doll. Then a woman came and snatched the girl away brutally. I picked the doll that fell on the ground and ran to return it.

when I get to her house I heard loud cries but the house is locked.

"there's nothing you can do to help, she's an orphan" a woman said and walked away.

Still I stood there shivering and called the police as the girl was being abused, and about an hour later the cry stopped, only for the woman to bring an unconscious girl out to the odd clinic, but the girl was lifeless.

I went to the woman with red puffy eyes and she said

"you've got to be greatful for where you're born, others would trade all they had for it"

I went home and cried a lot.

When mum said dinner is ready I rushed over and said thank you and gulped down the food, that even my mum asked, "Joana what happened to that nasty you?"

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