Stephanie Wence

Disillusioned, Alexa seeks how to pick her life together again after being betrayed by her best friend Sabina, who took away the only man she loved. Due to the unalterable effect of fate, Draven comes just in time to soothe the wounded heart of Alexa. But will her heart; when soothed not bleed again?

Romantik Romantische Spannung Nur für über 18-Jährige.

#romance #suspence
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Chapter 1

Alexa was in a complete dwaal as she stumbled on a pudgy old man. Mumbling an apology, she felt like a dirt, she didn't know what came over her,she couldn't remember much, the hurting words Wiliams her boyfriend said to her kept reverberating I'm her head, she could hear her loudly beating heartbeat and thr splitting headache she was having didn't help matters, her teeth chatteredas she limped down an alley shivering.


Alexa was all chirpy and happy as she went shopping with her best friend Sabrina who was her roomie. Alexa who worked in a coffee shop not too far from her apartment, although she was a graduate, she never got to work in a company. Alexa and Sabrina were neighbours but due to not being able to pay her rents, she was asked to leave, Sabrina who watched how hopeless Alexa looked took her in out of pity and they became friends.

Alexa was so excited while shopping with Sabrina whose birthday was the next day, she was the first to wake up screaming happy birthday on top of her lungs "happy birthday S!!!"

she shouted causing Sabrina to stir from her sleep

"good morning Alexa"

Sabrina said smiling, she was very happy

"today is my birthday, and the day Willie is going going to detach from this scheming bitch"

she said to herself as her smile grew wilder and her eyes turned darker, Alexa not knowing what was up came dragging her blanket off her body

"you gotta get up already Sab, I've got a present for you, c'mon u'll sure love it"

she said bringing a wrapped present box forward, Sabrina collected it half heartedly knowing her roomie won't get her anything important. She had a rich boyfriend but never demanded or collected money from him, all her expenses where made from the little salary she gets from the coffee shop. Sabrina held her breath as she slowly unwrapped the present, she opened the box and all she saw was an old looking scarf that Alexa must have gotten from some flee market and a hair pin, she scrunched her face and stopped herself from calling. Alexa a scum, she looked up at Alexa who looked proud and gratifying, cite and lovely just like a little child waiting to be praised for a good deed.

"what? don't tell me you don't love my gift sab, I spent almost my life savings to get such a beautiful gift"

Alexa said, which caused Sabrina to say

"c'mon girl, I love it ,it's the best gift ever"

putting on a fake smile she got up to freshen up,

"and the hairpin, it's my mother's, she gifted it to me before passing away so, I decided to let you have it" Alexa said.

"thank you honey, I can't believe you gave me something you must have valued a lot, I really appreciate"

Sabrina replied shutting the door.

Alexa came back in the evening to prepare for Sabrina's birthday party. She became more eager excited to go for the beano when Sabrina told her where it was going to be celebrated.

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