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These records were found after the 'flower garden incident' at Gratamal Academy of Arcane Excellence. Due to the severity of this incident, the records along with the incident report are being sent to the Gratamal Agency of Magical Misconduct (GAMM) to investigate and resolve the matter.

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All that could be recovered.

These records document the illegal creation and use of a magical archive by two students of Gratamal Academy of Arcane Excellence. While the real names of the two students are unknown as of yet, these records show that they were responsible for the 'flower garden incident' recorded on the 20th of June.

Documented here is all that could be recovered from the archives, since most of it was irreparably destroyed after the incident in question.

-2023 04 January 05:43-


The first few messages we send will have to be sent twice because the first one will be lost while it calibrates. After that, we shouldn’t need to worry about lost messages unless something goes horribly wrong. Oh, also, every message needs a title but if there isn’t one, it’ll automatically make one based on the text. Also, also, if the whole text is in the title, it’ll separate most of it into the body text area... Forgot this is the first message...


-2023 04 January 06:11-


Understandable... Understandable... Oh, it’s still recording. How do I make it stop? Is there some kind of code-


-2023 04 January 06:11-


If we only take a short time between when we talk to each other, it takes it all as a single message and shows who’s talking like a chatroom... Oops, forgot that was the first one... Stop rec-


-2023 06 January 08:23-

Light Ball

Mostly used for its utility than its combat applications.

-2023 06 January 10:00-

Magic Missile

Is a geometric impossibility and no one truly understands it, but even though everyone's looks different, it's easily distinguished by that very same abnormality.

-2023 06 January 16:11-


Is considered the go-to for pyromancers. Can be held or thrown and if controlled well enough, it can even be returned to sender to be sent again.

-2023 9 June 20:45-

Conversation 79

Adddler- "So, I walked into the forest today and a wild turkey stared at me. It started following me for a while."

Balrog- "Then what did you do?"

Addler- "I went home."

Balrog- "Why?"

Addler- "Because wild turkeys don't live around here."

-2023 9 June 20:49-

System Abnormality Detected

A file on this system has been unexpectedly modified. Log-3216-a has been lost in the resulting change. User-Angela has been added to the system.

-2023 9 June 20:49-

File integrity restored

Log-3216-a has been restored.

-2023 15 June 20:23-

User File Alteration Notice

User-Angela has been granted unrestricted access to view past logs and create new logs. Further alterations to User-Angela’s file will not be noted by the system.

-2023 16 June 16:43-

Impoverished Rose

Heat rises below the town and cumulates high above in a cloud in the shape of its namesake. Such a high cost for something produced from so little...

-2023 16 June 16:48-

Thread of Life

The crimson thread that links the lives of many, manifest. One cannot perish while their thread is intertwined with another. Once the thread is severed, however...

-2023 16 June 16:51-

Royal Guard

A concept embodied by any with the will to put forth their very soul to protect those around them. This is not a title, it is a way of existing, even if only temporarily.

-2023 16 June 16:55-

Flower Blade Dance

None who have stood close enough to fully appreciate this technique have lived to share their thoughts, if any. It is, however a striking display of flourish and color from a distance.

-2023 17 June 09:11-

Nightmare Eyes

A gaze that boars a hole in the soul and leaves fear in its wake. While non-damaging, its effects can last well into the future even at a glance.

-2023 17 June 09:18-

Bloody Universe

A fragment of a realm once home to an olde god, now a bitter reminder of humanity's scrutiny. While capable of covering miles of space in all directions, no one truly knows how much is truly left of this lost realm.

-2023 17 June 09:21-

Falling Heavens

Created to ground aerial combatants, it is said to even drag the gods down to the mortal realm. With the rumored existence of mortal gods, one could wonder at the lividity of this claim.

-2023 17 June 09:25-


While simple in name, its effect is not. Beyond the control of any mortal or immortal, anything touched by earth shakes violently in deadly defiance of natural stillness.

-2023 17 June 16:37-

Horizon’s Edge

A single horizontal arcane slash, when seen from a distance at night, it appears to be a sunrise.

-2023 17 June 16:49-

Twilight Entropy

An expanding bubble of darkness that lashes all within its borders with blades of entropy. While not completely devoid of light, the environment is dark enough to give it its namesake.

-2023 17 June 20:06-

Blade Wave

Common amongst the martially inclined, a razor-thin slash of color is sent through the air or along a perpendicular surface to cut into anything in its path.

-2023 18 June 01:51-


I've been looking into the spell archives we've been cultivating, and I don't see the recent additions. I know they can't be lost but I can't seem to find the method used to access them. I need the 'nightmare eyes' spell for the practical test in Dr. Promare's class.


-2023 18 June 14:53-


I put some notes in the archives yesterday and I can't access them. Did you change the import ID? Making it different puts all new files to a new archive. You'll have to change them all back by hand to put them all in the same place.


-2023 18 June 15:09-

Cold Star

Appearing as a black void between one and ten feet wide, it is instead a solid mass of ice so dense; it portrays gravitational attributes depending on its size. All open bodies of water freeze over within a half-mile radius. While the ball itself can be launched as an attack, the frost surrounding it makes it so accuracy is almost unnecessary.

-2023 18 June 16:19-

Something is Wrong With the Archives

I just checked the 'fireball' spell and fixed a small error. Now the spell is gone and I have no idea how to access it. Addler, can you look into it? I'm about to take the practical wilderness magic application test at the moment.


-2023 18 June 21:41-

I checked the Import ID

Something is wrong with the archives. The import ID is unchanged but I still can't access anything recent. There are no deletion logs and since those can't be deleted, something else is wrong. Balrog, if you’re messing with something you're not supposed to, more than just our study material might be jeopardized. You know what the enchantments on that text can do if the wrong person accesses them. Contact me soon.


-2023 20 June 01:28-

I Know What You Two Nerds Are Doing

I found your sneaky little archives and I want in. I need study materials and you two already have everything I need. Just give me a passkey, and nobody gets reported.


-2023 20 June 01:42-

Hallucinogenic Mist

A cloud of spores floating in droplets of water that both obscures vision and cause illusions to be instilled in the minds of those affected.

-2023 20 June 01:56-

The Archives Are Still Messed Up

I scribbled down a spell I saw written on some ruins so I could study it later but now I can't find it. This is getting annoying. I'll be back at campus tomorrow. If I fail this test, I'm blaming you.


-2023 20 June 13:17-


Said to have been created by a goddess and gifted to her loyalist followers. Its healing capabilities aren't fully known, but those with connections to benevolent entities have proven more proficient in its usage.

-2023 20 June 03:21-

Hey Nerds

I'm putting some of my study materials here so I can access them anywhere. If you don't give me a pass key tomorrow, I'll tell the principal about this. You both already have 2 strikes and I don't have any, so you have no choice.


-2023 20 June 04:08-

Clear Sky

Serene and heavenly, it is said to be a sight to behold when cast by a master. Even demons were once thought to behold its beauty.

-2023 20 June 05:04-

Cerulean Breeze

Being engulfed in these winds is said to give one the desire to move forward. Whether this is literal or metaphorical is of debate but the direction is undisputed.

-2023 20 June 18:03-

There is a Third User

I had to do some deep-diving into the code of the archive and it looks like someone else accessed them with an incomplete decryption key. They made a guest account but probably can't see the logs or the archives. Since the key is incomplete, I can't force them out through a backdoor, but it might be the reason things are messing up. I can't think of many people capable of this who wouldn't just report us, so stay sharp. I just hope you can read this.


-2023 20 June 22:02-

I Still Don’t Have Access to the Thing.

Alright, nerds, I can't get into your little study stuff so, I'm giving you [corrupted] to start [corrupted] and if you don't, he will know by [corrupted]


-2023 20 June 22:02-

Emergency Corruption Report

A file on this system has been corrupted. Log-4328-a User-Angela has been exposed to a catastrophic failure. Please refer to safety guidelines and call local authorities to take any affected persons to the nearest medical institution as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in loss of cognitive or motor function, resulting in loss of life.

[This message was not sent in error. If proper steps aren't taken immediately, lives may be lost.]

-2023 20 June 22:30-

I’m [corrupted] this [corrupted]

H-help [corrupted] I... I can't [corrupted] it's getting dark [corrupted] I'm cold and I can't [corrupted] help m [corrupted]


-2023 20 June 22:30-

Emergency Corruption Report 2

A second file on this system has been corrupted. Audio Log-134-a User-Angela has been exposed to a catastrophic failure. Please refer to safety guidelines and call local authorities to take any affected persons to the nearest medical institution as soon as possible. Failure to do so could result in failure of cognitive or motor function resulting in loss of life.

[This message was not sent in error. If proper steps aren't taken immediately, lives may be lost.]

-2023 21 June 14:06-

[Message Transcribed From Image]

I found out who the third person was. It was fucking Angela Vulario. I thought she'd have dropped out already, so I didn't suspect her. They found her in the flower grove behind the assembly hall. They won't tell us what happened, but I'm pretty sure she ran into a corrupted instance. Whatever you do, don't interact with the system for the time being. I have to fix this somehow.


-2023 21 June 17:55-

I Got a Corrupted Error Message

Was that you? Did something go wrong with the archives? I'm keeping the message short in case something else happens. I think there was protocol to follow for this, so I'll try to find you in person once this test is over. It's the last day so I'll be back soon.


-2023 22 June 23:18-

Attempted Program Termination

A potentially disruptive command has been executed via data link. User-Addler has attempted to terminate all program operations. All operations will cease between 1 (one) and 10 (ten) minutes from now. The system will attempt to reboot itself In [safe-mode] thereafter.

-2023 22 June 23:23-

System Shutdown Protocol Initiated

All systems and system operations are halting until further notice. This will be the final notice until systems resume operations. All files will be unavailable. System shut down in... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...

This incident resulted in the death of Angela Vulario, who came in contact with an instance of malignant maleficence. This instance corrupted her mind and body, leading to her slow death over the course of 6 hours.

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