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Electron to black hole

If research we will find that black holes in this word each
subword has its own meaning to black hole .

Black means it's black in color and is made up of negative energy that is actually negatively charged particle(electrons).

(But you will think that how such electrons are present in black hole without any nucleus and if there is electrons only than how black holes are such stable because there will be repulsion in them due to absence of protons and nucleus ?)

Yeah Yeah ... I know
Actually these black holes are formed under very very very high pressure( where our body if fall then our blood will torn our whole body and comes out and hence our body blasts ) due to which electrons comes so close that they starts to immerged in each other that there repulsion acts at the circular boundary (that decrease the repulsion due to formation of tangent on boundary at 90 degree angle) and the immerged parts resist to break the inter electron bond .
Due to which when they come close to each other they form a cylindrical hole instead of forming a spherical shape due to absence of nucleus in between and even if more than 2or 3 electrons submerged in a single electron then the it's repulsion force would be greater than inter electronic bond and black hole could not be formed .
Therefore it Is hard to believe but yes black holes are made up of single layer of electrons.

And even if we fall into black hole we would not feel anything because in black hole our brain tend to stop down due to high pressure and all our blood starts to come out of our body . Even each atom of our body starts to break down and electrons and protons in them would be absorb into black hole negative energy where electrons are added in them and protons are destroyed even our soul that is immortal become mortal and will be destroyed because our soul is made up of positive energy and when it enters into black hole the high concentration of negative energy absorb whole positive energy of soul into itself to become stable .
Stability yes black holes are unstable and it's biggest example that it grows larger and larger to eat the planet to absorb there positive energy . As in this world each and every thing runs towards Stability.

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