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"Secret Of House At End Of Street" is a story which chronicles on my own life incident with a hint of fiction, That will keep the readers on their toes. The story itself is not real but the horror it contain is. This story is one of many horrific days that came in my life and might happens in future, WHO KNOWS?

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The Night Filled With Horror...

It was Wednesday's night as I recall, me and my family were living in a two floored old house. it happened about 15 years ago which signify I was around 7 to 8 years old. I use to be a poor sleeper back then even though that phase never got changed till now. I still remember that night as if it happened just yesterday. Sometimes I believe maybe it all happened because our house was near the woods but there were others in our surrounding too then why our house and why only me?

These were the questions that still sometimes keep me awake through night until I am scared to sleep anymore. Since my childhood I never liked that house. Those creaky doors, bust up waterpipe and most importantly that first floor of house. Even though I never encounter something before that night but there were time when I could sense something off. Even though it was our house, I was scared to be left alone even for a second. On Wednesday’s night I was sleeping with my grandparents but for some reason I woke up around midnight and looked for my mother. I went to my parents room and sleep on the empty couch. Around 3:45 am, I woke up again but this time to fetch a blanket as my feet were getting cold. At that moment I noticed that there were not three but four person in my parents room.

I was petrified from the view that I saw, there she was sitting on bed near my dad and simply patting his head while he was deep asleep. I struggled for about 10–12 minutes before I was able to move again. It wasn’t of any help as for some reason my voice gave out no matter how hard I tried. All I wanted at that moment was to just go back to sleep but I was too afraid to even move a muscle. Only one thought was going on and on in my mind “what if she saw me…what if she turns back”. I know it sucks but what can we expect from a scared 7 years old, no? I slowly crouched and crawled to pick up the blanket that was unfortunately on the other end. The moment I picked the blanket, her hand that was patting my dad suddenly stopped. She stood up and looked at him while she smiled, I know it sounds funny but believe me that look on her face still gives me chill. That smile, that big end to end smile which after some seconds I realized was not meant for him but me.

The instant her eyes laid on me, I could see her fainting smile and feel her glare. The most peculiar thing is that neither on that day nor today I could picture her face clearly, all I remember is that glare of her dark eyes along with the creepy smile. She slowly walk toward me while I stood there not able to woke my mum up even though she was just a fingers away. I could hear her bones cracked as she walk. Couldn’t help but notice that while walking I didn’t saw her hands at all. it was as if she didn’t wanted to touch anyone but my dad. I know it sounds creepy ‘cuz it was! haha. Till this day there was one thing that I never understood, ‘she never came toward me instead she walked outside’. Watching her silently going outside I felt a bit relived even though my heart was still in tachycardia. I covered my face with the blanket and tried my very best for the first time to sleep as fast as i could.

The very next day, me who was still dumbfounded with everything that happened was deciding if I should explain everything to my mum. The first thought that occurred was if she will even believe me. Still I explained her everything to which she didn’t say anything but she did ask me to follow her to my grandfather’s room.

“was it her? did you see her yesterday’s night?” she asked while handing me over an old pic of some lady.

“well, I can’t say for sure as I was not able to see her face clearly.” I replied while I stare at that pic.

“It’s alright. you might be dreaming last night. Cuz when I woke around 4:30 there was no one in our room and you were still sleeping with your grandparents” she smile and took the pic back while she pat on my head and went back to her chores.

“But, I was in your room mum. I was sleeping there!” I remember how much I wanted to say that but still that would not have changed anything.

There was no way anyone was gonna believe me about what happened that night but who knew there was something more dangerous waiting for me the night of next Thursday when my world just got ripped apart.

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Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
Nicely written, I got a tingling up my spine. Love it
September 10, 2023, 08:55

  • Sahil Paradox Sahil Paradox
    Thanks for your amazing remark. If you like plz give support to my other stories and novels I’m sure you’ll like it. September 10, 2023, 13:22