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"That Forsaken Clue" is a Novella which is based on the murders that took place in a town called Valor. while the authorities were all wrapped up in solving the case, something unusual peeked the interest of protagonist- the new family that just settled in the town recently.

Thriller Nur für über 18-Jährige. © Sahil Paradox

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The Williories.

The town named Velor, famous for its dark history suddenly disappeared from the existence since the past 3 centuries. Due to civilization new towns and cities were built over its known location and as the time passed its history got forgotten in the new world. Now no one know about that town anymore until something unexpected happened out of blue.

It was evening of 20th August, a family of four “The Williories” arrived to our town, their first impression in our town was very strong and positive. They were very polite as well as very happy but on the same time their nature for me was very peculiar. Their house was just across mine, Coincidence enough?. They had two children a boy of around 16 maybe and a beautiful girl whose age was same as me, 23. What I didn’t understand was that the boy was not very talkative, introvert I thought but that wasn’t all. Its been weeks since they arrived to town but they never left their house. My parent’s view was that it might be because they were settling but I beg to differ. Our townspeople were credulous due to which our town was on top in crime’s list. I think it was night of 29th I was in my room, and about to went to sleep when suddenly I saw what I thought light flashing toward me. There she was standing in front of me naked. I thought she didn’t knew I was standing and was able to see her, but for a moment I wasn’t able to believe my eyes.

Next day I went to college where I got to know she was also admitted not only the same college but also the same course, Coincidence enough?. I wasn’t able to forget the view that I saw last night, in half time she approached me and asked if I’ll help her. The help that she needed was from escaping from her perfect family, at this point I was sure that there was something wrong with her but who knew I was only a human too, who can make a mistake. The only problem here was that the mistake I made was the sole reason to everything that happened in our town for the next few months. I decided to talk with her family without thinking there might be a chance she was telling truth. The moment I entered her house I got a tensed feeling as if someone was observing me while hiding. Their home was built precisely beautiful. But even in that astonishing moment there was something that I felt wrong. I skipped the part where she asked for my help so, it was just to confirm if they were really that horrible as she told me but it all came back negative. I spent 3 hours there, The moment I was about to leave I saw a book on their shelf that peaked my interest. It was called ‘To Aeternitatem’, very unusual thing happened the moment I was about to touch the book Mr. Williory asked me to leave and never to come without any reason. That night I remained awake thinking why would anyone think they are polite when in reality they were the most arrogant people that I have ever met.

I stood near the window again but this time my room’s light was on, maybe I was aiming to see what might happen in case she saws. That night she didn’t came, I was happy knowing she was not of that kind. But being arrogant was very different from being the murderers you know. It’s been a month since they arrived and on Thursday we got a news that a group of teen were found dead near the town’s lake. It was the first when something like that happened, I mean sure there were many robberies and kidnappings but murder never!. Authorities said that the victim’s bodies were found deep in the forest and that cause of death was unsure. I beg to differ, it was clear to me that these death were not some misfortune that might had occurred but a cold blooded murder. But I was in no way to interfere not after what happened 2 years ago. I focused on living a normal life which was not possible for me a year ago which was also a fault of mine. As soon as the news spread my folks forbid me to look into that or even watch news regarding the incident. I cant blame them, after putting them through hell. Keeping all things aside there was something that was bothering me till now- The Williories.

It was Sunday morning, to my surprise the chief detective Brad was at our door. He kept ranging the bell till we answered, to my surprise he wasn’t in his uniform but in casual clothes. My dad let him in, he removed his hat that didn’t go very well with his half sleeved blue stripped shirt and black shorts. It was first time I’ve seen him in this getup and I cant say it wasn’t amusing. He glanced over me as he went to living room with y dad and after some time my mum joined while she offered some breakfast. I stayed at the table while finishing my food, I was about to went upstairs in my room wen suddenly my dad called. If it was any other day I would have rushed but since detective was here I decide to take as much time as I could ‘cuz for some reason I knew what was going to happened.

“What’s with the tortoise walk” dad said as he looked with sharp eyes.

At that moment I knew that I was right and now all I had to do is some pretending as everything was going to be in my favor.

“Mum told me not to run at home” I smiled as I looked toward her, unfortunately she too was not in a great mood so it was kinda bust.

This time I looked at detective who as sweating from top to bottom and maintaining his composure in front of me while trying to hide his reddish face.

“How was the run? Detective.” I asked with a smirk.

Dave was 35 years but a bit bulky due to his unhealthy lifestyle. We never saw anything eye to eye which was also the main reason that we never worked well along with each other. My mum was a bit tensed while my father was annoyed all of these things were showing me that I was going back in the action. This time with the recommendation ofa detective that was also a great news.

“Dave, why don’t to tell him what you just said to us.” Dad spoke in a low voice while keeping his head down. While mum just stood up and left.

“As I was saying, I have a reason to believe that these murders and that kidnapping that took place two years ago is somehow connected. But what I don’t…”

“Then why don’t you do your job and found the culprit instead of wasting your time with us.” I burst…

“I know it is not easy for you but you gotta believe me when I say I need your help this time”

“Ohh.. Haha, so now the Great Detective need My Help! My- a simple nobody who doesn’t know what he is saying or doing… No Fucking Way!”

“Mind the language young man.” My dad shouted. “It’s no way to treat someone older than you”

“But you know what they…”

“Not A Single Word Now” he stood up and Dave followed being the odd one here I had no choice but to stand only.

Dave was disappointed from my answer and I could see that the felling was genuine. At that moment I realized that if he came here in person just to ask for my help them he was desperate. In my defense I could never work with the force as their main target was a murderer while mine was The Williories. Not a target instead more like a obsession, which was no where getting less as the day passed rather it was the opposite.

I informed detective that I’ll be joining tomorrow, which obviously was a lie as I was about to go out as soon as he leave our premises. Even though I was committed to solve this murder case but still my mind was fixated on those creeps of a family. Everything about them was itself a big mystery, in evening I went to incident place and look at it from afar. Cops were swarming the whole place even entering the forest was forbidden, it took a long compelling before even I was able to get in. While returning I saw Dave just arriving at the location which was quite unusual as he should been there while the investigation was taking place or maybe he just got a big lead. On the contrary it was too early for big lead as all the leads at this point will only be by the murderer to point us at totally different location.

“Why not ask Benjamin about them, it might lead me somewhere” A thought suddenly occurred to me. Benjamin was the forensic assistant for Dave’s team but also a total tech geek. If I wanted someone’s full info, he was the man who could do it.

I took a detour and went to Ben’s home just to find he was in the same forest from I just returned. I waited for about two hours before he decide to came back.

“Another minute more and I might have gone home” I waved my hand signaling it was important.

“No-one informed me you were waiting or I might have skipped dinner, ha ha.” He replied while making goofed up face which I can’t stand even now.

He asked me to follow him to basement where he made his own small office were he usually perform his hobby which was hacking and storing up the data for authorities and sometimes for me. Last time I came here was exactly one year ago, a-lot had changed since then. I could notice that now hacking was not his hobby anymore instead it became his passion. At that moment I envied him as at least he knew what he wanted to do with his life not like me who doesn’t even know which I even like to do.

“Do you plan to just stand there in silence” he turned his chair toward me while plugging in his headphones and opened the beer. “You want something…” as he looked at his empty refrigerator and then at me, “no worries we can share this one, like old times”

“No, actually I’m good. All I want is the info on the family that just moved last month, you know the enigmas.” There was no way I would have drink as in half an hour I was going home. I was already in enough trouble for playing detective again.

“The Enigmas, that what we call them now” he laughed as he looked over the file that he took from the police station regarding the basic info of citizen of our town.

“Didn’t you said nobody told you, I was looking for you and here you are with the file that was exactly what you needed for a job that I just told you about.”

“You know what don’t answer that. I’ll see myself out.” I left in frustration as even guys like him were able to read me like a book.

I rushed back home as it was already late for dinner. Around 9 pm I reached home and reached the dinning table after changing in my night dress. The environment at dinner was so dense that I was having hard time breathing. The biggest irony here was that even the silence was screaming at me. I went in my room around 10 pm, I sat at working chair and start taking notes of every possible situation that might have lead those guys to their death. Till now all I had in my possession was name of those 5 guys along with the family statement of 3 guys. I looked at the picture of the victims to my surprise they were all high-schoolers. Everything was normal until the moment I looked outside the window. Only to observe that the girl was also sitting in her room facing toward me while she prepare for tomorrow’s class. The moment I stood up I saw a mild reflection in their attic. I switched off all the lights and just stood there like some stalker but what could I do, curiosity get the best of me. There it was a shadow of an old lady combing her hairs slowly while looking toward me. At least I think she was as her head was down and she stood there for about half and hour after which she just moved back.

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