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The Alpha Park Jimin has been dating the omega Min Yoongi for four years now, and they celebrate Valentine’s Day together every year. Near the date, the alpha seems quite distant and they have no plans to celebrate. Yoongi is frustrated because he does not know the true reason for his boyfriend’s solitude. However, he had no idea Jimin was planning a special surprise for him.

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A Song For You

Fanfic translated by non-natives. Original version in Portuguese can be found with the same name on our profile ;)

Written by: @AneLolita| @Jeissiane79

Notes: Guys, this is my first fanfic on the project and I'm thrilled. I'd like to thank @SraLovegood for the beta-reading and ChlsHiKiZi for the beautiful cover, and I cannot forget the admins Noh and Lu for their tips and Bella for encouraging me to join the project.

Have a good read!


Jimin and Yoongi had been together for four years. They shared a relationship that was full of complicity, love, dedication and trust. A relationship that grew out of genuine feelings and difficulties that arose but were always overcome together.

Nobody expected alpha Park and omega Min to be soulmates after years of studying at the same university. They only met in their final year of college, on a date that many couples celebrate, Valentine’s Day.

Since they’re both were single and had no custom of celebrating this date, the boys had the same idea of going to the forest to walk in their wolf form, never imagining that on this day they would meet their true love.

It’s no surprise that such a date is always special for them both.

Every year the couple celebrated with something romantic and enjoyable, where they could have fun together: playing in the forest, making dinner or traveling, but always planning ahead of time since Jimin is an alpha who is not used to surprises, and Yoongi respected that.

Min Yoongi decided to call his boyfriend after not seeing him in days and only communicating through social media to plan what they would do on the very special day that would occur in exactly two days.

He was lying comfortably on his sofa, wearing dark blue pajamas with white vertical lines and holding his cell phone, looking for the contact of his beloved. He dialed and waited a few seconds for Jimin to respond.

“Goodnight, baby! How are you?” Asked the omega, delighted that his alpha had responded.

“Hey, honey. Goodnight. I’m fine now. Is everything all right?”

Yoongi frowned, his smile fading, already concerned that something had happened to the alpha. “What do you mean now?” He inquired, but did not respond to Jimin. “Did something happen?”

“Calm down. Everything is fine. No need to worry,” He answer “It’s just that hearing your husky, hot voice makes me so happy. I’ve got goosebumps all over my body right now.” Jimin said seductively.

The omega flushed.

“You fool! Don’t tease me like that. I miss you so much and you keep seducing me!” He exclaimed, making the alpha laugh.

“All right, All right, I’ll shut up now. But if something happened, you can bet I’d tell you, baby.” He replied.

“I know,” He sighed in relief, realizing that his hormones were intensifying his emotions. “Too much work?” His hands restlessly touched the hem of his shirt.

“Yeah. I am quite busy because of this project that I and my colleagues are working on as well the meetings I have to attend for the company. There is nothing more interesting then that, though.”

“And it will continue like this until this very important project is done.” Yoongi concluded, looking out the window and seeing that it was raining outside. “We haven’t seen each other in days, I wanted to spend some time with you.”he lamented. “especially now that I’m off from work. I desired more time with my boyfriend.”

“I miss you too, my love. You have no idea.” Jimin let out a sigh “But it won’t take long. Soon, I will complete a portion of my project and you will see the end result. I hope you like it.”

“It’ll be amazing, like everything you do.” Yoongi said in awe. “Changing the subject, I wanted to ask you something.” He bit his lower lip.

“Ask then.”

“You know, Valentine’s Day is coming and so far we haven’t planned anything. I didn’t want to bother you before because you were so busy, but now that we have this little time, I was wondering if you had any ideas for what we should do. I’m looking forward to that day and…” Jimin abruptly cut him off.

“I don’t know…I…Can we talk later?” He appeared to be nervous as he spoke “I remembered that I needed to finish a part of a project that was going to be built soon, I need to get some things done. Maybe later.” he added quickly.

“It’s okay,” The omega said quietly, his eyes welling up “We can talk later. Love you.”

“I love you too. Sleep well.” After finishing the conversation, he hung up the phone.

Yoongi looked at the phone with a tearful eyes. He knew his boyfriend had been working a lot lately, but he hoped that with the holidays so close, they would talk about what they had planned for the special date like they had in years past. Yoongi had even bought his present, which he was eager to show Jimin. He didn’t know how his boyfriend would react, but he expected him to be extremely happy.

He decided to pay a visit to his sister-in-house law’s since he wasn’t going to work the next day. Jenny was the only one who knew his secret, which he hoped to reveal to Jimin on Valentine’s Day. He would wait for him to speak directly so that they could plan what they were going to do. Yoongi wouldn’t bother Jimin any further, knowing he was probably busy.

He stood up from the couch and headed for the bedroom to get some sleep, but on the way, he felt sick and hurried to the bathroom, where he vomited up all the dinner food.


After talking with Yoongi, Jimin turned off his cell phone and put it inside the pocket of the gray pants and returned to playing the song he had composed, sitting on the bench next to the black piano that faced the living room of his apartment.

He hadn’t slept well for several nights as he was way too anxious to finish it and show it to his beloved omega. He’d written the lyrics a few months before, but he needed help finishing them. Jimin was not a music professional, so he asked his friend Namjoon for help, who gave him tips and helped him with the production. He now devoted himself to practicing, getting everything just right to surprise his beloved.

“Oh Yoongi…” He sighs. “I’m sorry for lying to you, but it was necessary,” he continued “I hope you like this song. Every second I wrote it, I thought of you. You’re my inspiration, my love, my home,” He murmured, softly fingering the piano keys. “Even if you already know I love you and you say I don’t need to say anything, it still makes me happy to declare my love for you. One of the greatest displays of love I can give you is this song.”

That evening, Jimin practiced the song he wrote especially for his beloved omega once more.


Yoongi went to his sister-in-house law’s in the morning. He needed to talk to her about things she was well-versed in. The woman was married and had two adorable, slobbery puppies that he adored.

When he arrived, Jenny was sitting in the garden chair, cradling one of them in her arms. When she saw the boy, she broke into a huge smile that reminded him of his brother’s.

“Yoongi dear, I miss you!” She rose from her seat, holding her newborn calf, who was laying his head on her shoulder, smelling the mother’s lilies scent and hugged him.

Yoongi receives the hug by kissing her on the forehead.

“Hello, Jenny.” He pulled away from the hug and stroked the puppy’s blond hair. “Hi, Hyun! Uncle missed you.” He took the child in his arms “Where is Levi? With his father” Yoongi asked as he noticed the baby smiling at him and caressing it’s adorable little cheek.

“No, Yoongi, Levi is sleeping. Hyun just woke up now, lucky for him because he can see his beloved uncle.” She said sitting in the chair again, accompanied by the omega. “So, did you tell him yet?”


She glanced at her brother-in-law with confused eyes and questioned “Why? I thought my brother already knew. Are you hiding it from him?”

“I am, but it’s for a good creason, Jenny. I’d like to say it on our favorite date.”

“Valentine’s Day,” the female omega stated.

“Yeah. I just don’t know if it will work. Jimin has been very busy.”

“Don’t worry, Yoongi.” She put her hand on his shoulder. “His head must be overloaded from work, I suppose.”

“I know.”

“My brother would never miss celebrate this day with you, he loves you so much” she continued, as her puppy messed up his uncle’s blond strands.

Yoongi noticed how firmly she said that.

“Do you know something?” He gave her a suspicious look. “Did Jimin tell you something I’m not aware of?”

“Oh! No, no.” She gave a nervous smile. “However, I’ve been with you guys since the beginning, and I know that Valentine’s Day is just as special for him as it is for you.”

“That’s true,” The omega agreed, a gummy smile on his face. “And do you already have plans for how you and your husband will celebrate?” He observed Jenny open a wide smile and begin narrating the ideas she had with her alpha.


Jimin was at Namjoon’s studio, showing the finished product of his composition and production, which Namjoon had assisted with greatly. Jimin didn’t know much about music, so he had asked for an aid in finishing what he had started. His friend was a great help, and as a result, Jimin learned a lot that he didn’t know before. He even was persuaded to leave architecture and work in music, immediately responding that he loved his job but not dismissing the possibility of attempting in this incredible field.

“The music is perfect,” Namjoon said as he removed his headphones, satisfied with what he heard. “It made me cry.” he joked.

“Don’t be silly.” Jimin smiled. “But, thank you. It’s important to get a professional’s opinion.”

“I’m serious, Jimin. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. You should have choose music instead of architecture.“ He stood up and walked over to the table where he had some drinks. “Whiskey or juice?


“Yoongi is a lucky man.” He’d pour the juice into one glass and the alcoholic beverage into another. “Now I see why he’s a little jealous. Since elementary school, you’ve been extremely popular, and many omegas would give their lives to have you.” Namjoon stated as he sat in the chair where he had previously been, handing his friend a glass of whiskey.

“Namjoon, I could have any omega at my feet, but I would choose Yoongi. My soulmate would always be my first choice.” Jimin stated firmly, sipping his whiskey at the beta’s satisfied gaze.


Yoongi was nervous, Valentine’s Day had finally arrived and he hadn’t even had contact with Jimin yet. He called first thing in the morning but Jimin didn’t answer the phone. Frustrated, he decided to wait for him to call; if he didn’t do what he expected, he could be certain that Jimin would pay him, good or bad, between four walls, in his bed.

Yoongi was watching a romantic movie, spooning mint-chocolate ice cream into his mouth and sweetly stroking his belly every now and then, when the doorbell rang. He got up, leaving the bowl of ice cream on the table next to the couch, and went to the door, but when he opened it, he saw no one. He closed the door, thinking someone have mistaking it, but before he did so, something was on the floor.

“Is this for me?” he asked, bending down to see what was there.

There was a tiny brown box with a yellow bow on it and a matching-color note accompanied. With hands trembling with excitement, he picked up the box containing and went inside. Yoongi wasn’t sure what to look at first, but he decided to see what was inside the box.

“I’m sure it was Jimin.” The omega murmured with a gummy smile. He opened the box and saw that it contained chocolate candies, and based on the smell, the filling could only be tangerine, his favorite fruit. He couldn’t help himself and tried one, closing his eyes and enjoying the sweet taste.

After finishing the candy, he took the note and quickly opened it, clearly seeing his boyfriend’s perfect handwriting, making his heart race.

“Meet me where it all started. I’ll be waiting for you, baby. With love, your Alpha.”

Yoongi read, his hands trembling as he became emotional.

“That idiot alpha!” he exclaimed, smiling. “You were planning a surprise for me all along! Ah, he’ll pay me back, in the best way he can.”

He stood up, taking the note and the box of chocolates with him, and went straight to his bedroom to get ready to look even more prettier. As soon as he was prepared, he gathered his car and drove directly to the location to meet with his alpha.

As he drove,Yoongi remembered the special and unforgettable moments they shared, as well as the place of many firsts for the two: the first time they saw each other, the first time they tasted each other’s lips and surrendered with passion and lust.

They met exactly on Valentine’s Day. None of them were dating at the time. While their friends were celebrating, they were alone, so they decided to go to the forest, not expecting to meet the love of their lives on this day.

It was about to rain. He’d been running through the forest in his wolf form for hours and needed to find a place to get out of the rain because he didn’t want his snow-white fur to get wet. He ran a few more meters through the forest until he came across an apparently abandoned cabin. Already close to the place, he immediately returned to his human form, wearing the clothes he had brought in his mouth. He couldn’t leave them lying around, he was afraid they’d be stolen or lost.

He walked into the cabin, which was small but spacious and well-kept. He entered the space and was surprised to see a piano there along with a small sofa and a fireplace that warmed the space. He walked a little further into the small kitchen, soon seeing that there was food on the table and feeling an aroma of almonds enter his nostrils, not so strong, but pleasant, which piqued his interest, indicating that an alpha frequented the place and more, that could be around, leaving the omega on alert.

“Who are you?” Yoongi got chills when he heard an unknown and attractive voice behind him. “What are you doing here, Omega?” He turned, wondering who owned the beautiful voice.

He couldn’t answer because as soon as he looked into the eyes of the owner of the voice, he lost his breath and a wave of emotions washed over him.

He could feel his inner wolf stirring in his chest, his entire body heating up, wanting to get closer to the alpha and smell him more closely.

He’d recognized the handsome man as his soul mate, and it didn’t appear that his feelings were one-sided. The other wolf’s reactions were clear; earlier, he had a serious expression and wanted to know who the invader was; now, he looked at the omega as if he were the most beautiful being in the world.

Yoongi felt the alpha exhaling his sweet almond scent wafting through the cabin, becoming stronger and mingling with his minty one. The essence of both intoxicating them, hearts missing beat after beat, felling as if they had known each other for a long time at that point. They couldn’t explain it; all they knew was how it felt. They were so enthralled that before they knew it, they were hugging each other with their noses against each other’s necks, smelling each other and marking their scents among themselves, without caring about anything else.

Since that day, they haven’t been able to stay away from each other. They always met in that cabin, talked about everything, and discovered that they went to the same university, which surprised both of them because they had never seen each other before. The more time passed, the more they got to know each other, and the stronger their feelings became.

They’d just arrived at the cabin for some alone time. Three months had passed since they first met. Jimin was going to teach Yoongi how to play, but he couldn’t concentrate after seeing the alpha hugging an unknown woman at the University. They still had nothing, and for the time being they maintained a friendship, but seeing him with another hurt him and filled him with fear. He couldn’t stop himself from asking about the girl.

“Are you dating her?” Yoongi asked, his gaze suspiciously fixed on the alpha. “Are you two together?”

“Oh, no, where’d you get that baby?” Said Jimin, who had sensitized the omega by calling him by the affectionate nickname he had given him, leaving the same blushing.

“Sorry… sorry. You don’t even owe me explanation, I…” The alpha approached Yoongi and hugged him, his almond scent calming the other.

“Yoongi, I don’t have anyone. She’s a friend. You don’t have to apologize because I get jealous whenever I think you’re with someone else, too.” He said, as he felt the omega’s nose on his neck, enjoying his scent.

“I’m yours,” he stated, leaving Yoongi speechless. The omega cupped the alpha’s face.

“Say it again.”

“I - am - yours.” He could feel the omega’s lips against his. A gentle kiss that grew into a fierce one.

It didn’t take long for them to be naked on the floor, between kisses and passionate caresses, uncontrollable moans and disjointed words, exposing feelings and requests that excited them even more until they reached the pinnacle of pleasure.

“I’m yours too.” The omega declared, panting on top of the alpha, who was hugging him tightly and refusing to let go.

They didn’t officially date after that day because neither of them wanted to be rushed; instead, they waited for the right moment, which came nine months later, on Valentine’s Day.

They went to the forest together to celebrate in their own way, as wolves. They ran, hunted, and played together until Jimin suggested playing hide and seek again. Whoever found the other in less time could ask for whatever they wanted. Jimin was confident he would win, but the omega won.

After making love in the hut and reaching the peak of carnal pleasure, after having fun for hours, Yoongi asked the alpha to be his boyfriend, who accepted immediately, kissing the omega with all the love he felt.

Since then, they have been dating and have never let each other go, sharing happy and sad moments together.

With his mind full with memories, Yoongi entered a dirt road, where he parked the car meters ahead of the cabin. He stepped out of the car, right hand in the pocket of his dark pants, holding the small box he was going to give to his lover.

He climbed the small stairs and opened the door with trembling hands; when he entered, he caught his breath at what he saw. The cabin was adorned with decorative candles, red petals, and balloons in the shape of yellow hearts, which was the couple’s favorite color. There were pictures hanging on the tree wall sticker, which was next to the fireplace, there were wine and tastings on the coffee table, where red throw pillows were all around. But it was the man sitting in front of the piano staring that took Yoongi’s breath away and made his heart skip a beat, shivering all over his body, just like the first time.

Jimin began to play a beautiful melody, but in addition to playing the piano, he sang, a delicate, soft, and romantic song that Yoongi had never heard before, reaching his heart, which was beating strongly.

“All this is no coincidence . Just, just, by my feeling,” The alpha hummed, looking with his eyes shining with passion at Yoongi. “As much as my heart flutters, I’m worried . The destiny is jealous of us”

The omega’s eyes welled up with tears as he admired the alpha with delight, playing that instrument with such dedication and singing to him with love.

The omega got closer until he sat down on the piano to be near his beloved. Hecouldn’t put his feelings into words. It was a wide range of emotions. Yoongi kept smiling at that man who was always by his side. The song evolved into one of the most beautiful declarations the Alfa had ever made for him.

“You are my penicillium. Saving me. My angel, my world.” He turned away from the piano and looked at his lover, his eyes bright and intense, his angelic voice enchanting him. “Since the creation of the universe, everything was destined. Just let me love you. Just let me love you.” he finished, eagerly anticipating what his omega would say.

“And then, my love…” He put his hand on Yoongi’s face, who purred as he felt the warmth of Jimin’s hand on his soft skin. “Did you like it?”

Yoongi opened his eyes.

“How could I not love it?! This song was amazing, my love…” he said with emotion. “Your singing and playing were perfect.” He sealed their lips, hands around the alpha’s face.

“I wanted to do something different, something memorable,” whispered Jimin. “I wanted this song to be the best gift I’ve ever given you.” He kissed him once more with a longing that lifted him to the clouds and making him gasp for air.

After the kiss, the omega said:

“And it was, my love…” Yoongi pressed his forehead against his, gently rubbing the tip of his nose against his. “Bringing me back here, to this place that is so special to us, where we met, where we have so many special memories, and doing this for me just proves that you are and will always be the love of my life.” He took Jimin’s hand that was on his face and caress it. “I also want to give you a present.”

He took a step back from the alpha, reached into his pocket for the dark box, and handed it to him, trembling with anticipation of the alpha’s reaction.

“This is for you.”

Jimin took it and opened it, his emotions rising. He took the white gold bracelet with trembling hands and a written sentence that left him with his mouth open. Daddy-to-be. he murmured in surprise, his heart pounding in his chest. “Daddy… I’m going to have a puppy!” he exclaimed.

“Yes, my love, I am expecting your child.” He stroked the alpha’s silky dark hair, who was speechless due to the unexpected news. “This song, Jimin, will be an unforgettable gift.” He gently pressed their lips together. “My greatest gifts are you and this child. I will always cherish you two. No matter what happens.”

Jimin sobbed as he heard his beloved’s words. His Omega, the love of his life, was expecting a child. On Valentine’s Day, he couldn’t ask for a better present than this.

He hugged him and said:

“I love you.” He smiled. “I love you, love you, love you.” He stood up and knelt in front of the omega. He kissed the stomach over his shirt, passing his hands lightly as if petting the puppy. “I love you too, son. Welcome.” he said fondly.

The alpha stood up and brought his boyfriend with him. “Come on, let’s celebrate.”

“What are we going to do now?” He asked provocatively, “Fuck?”

Jimin raised an eyebrow.

“I’d love to do that, but I’d rather enjoy my boyfriend and my son’s father at that time,” he explained. “I want to dance with you.” He walked into the middle of the room with the omega.

“When did you become so romantic?” Yoongi asked with an arched brow.

“I’ve always been a romantic,” the alpha said, pulling his phone from his pocket and placing it on the coffee table.

“I know.” He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend’s neck, not taking his gaze away from him. “But now you’re more, and I have to say, I’m loving it.”

Suddenly, Serendipity began to play in the studio, and they began to dance, moving slowly and enjoying the music.

“I hope you enjoy this version as well; I’m not sure if my voice was recorded correctly and —” Yoongi cut in, placing a finger on his boyfriend’s full lips.

“Don’t worry, it’s as good as sung live,” he said. “Will you dance it for me?” he asked, kissing the alpha’s chin and making his skin crawl.

“I’ll do anything for you, baby.” Jimin drew Yoongi in closer, his hands on his waist, feeling each other’s heat and the mint smell that had intensified. He slowly kissed the thin lips, then bit and sucked his lower lip, leaving it reddened, teasing his lover.

He kept caressing and going up to his neck, leaving a trail of fire where his lips passed. He caressed the mark made on his rut, the first one they passed through together, causing Yoongi to release sighs and moans that excited the alpha even more.

They danced without thinking about anything else, just appreciating that moment that would live on in their memories and join the most wonderful recollections of both, one more to add to the many that they had lived on Valentine’s Day.


End notes: I hope you liked the story, babes.
Happy Valentine's Day.
See you soon, bye.

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