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Sabrina Louise de Leon, a lawyer who got into an accident when proceeding to the trial for one of her clients. She delievered in the hospital by Mrs. Mildred and her daughter. The Doctor Gio saved her life however she got an amnesia. This was the way they met each other and formed their friendship until fell inlove. Unfortunately, Doc Gio found out the secrets hidden by his girlfriend. The kind of secrets that have connection on his painful past. Did the guy still forgive Sabrina by not being faithful to him or he will give up the relationship they have because it unregretful for him that his girlfriend lied for years in relationship. Sabrina loves Gio so much but is this the time she will let him go and give the chance an another guy who also fell for her?

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Chapter 1: After An Accident

Sabrina Louise de Leon is wearing her black blazer and while long-sleeve blouse with dark blue slack pants as currently driving her car towards the regional trial court to attend a hearing for her clients. It was the second time she appealed the case she handled.

After a few minutes, her cellphone started ringing, so she pressed the headset and answered the call. "Yeah, I'm coming now. It is just several minutes to go there." Her response to the client waiting for her in the court.

She can't tell that she woke up late in the morning, so Sabrina is driving very fast now. After answering the call, she almost hit the car when doing an overtake as focusing her eyes on the road, but thankfully she avoided it.

When Sabrina was already on Apollo Street, there was another car crossing, so it shocked her and tried to avoid but it wasn't anymore. The brake seems not be functioning well.

"Oh my! What happened?" Since trying to operate the brake. Sabrina did everything, yet nothing came about.

Later, her car is badly hitting the other car crossing the street. Consequently, she dodged it until Sabrina struck the biggest tree along the street, which caused her to lose consciousness and bleed on her head.

Ten minutes after the accident, Sabrina woke up and looked out the window. She opened the car by herself the way she got outside, and it seemed like she was in pain.

The lady had walked alone, and she was twenty meters away from her car when all exploded. Nothing made sense to her, and she had never been startled by its loud sound. She just continued stepping forward as she reached the place. Clumping her feet, she goes near into the two people who look dumbfounded.

"Let's help her!" As the middle-aged woman responded with the daughter when they saw Sabrina was mangled.

They carried her on their shoulders meanwhile, they were treading to the side to wait for the taxi. Later on, they finally arrived at the hospital. Mrs. Mildred and her daughter both appear tense because of the incident.

A doctor who was tall, handsome with tanned-skin color has quickly come up with a patient as he lays his eyes on them. No other than Kristan Giovanni Monasterial. He already known by the two since he is Mariella's physician. It turns him into confusion after they have someone delievered a patient here.

When the doctor finished the operation, he got outside to talk to the middle-aged woman. They stand up and come near him.

"How is she?" Mrs. Mildred asked immediately with a worry on her face.

"She would be okay physically right after, but not mentally." The doctor replied.

"What do you mean, Doc Gio?" Mrs. Mildred stated his name.

"That lady has been in a coma, but it will not last longer. She recently lost so much blood." His response was to stop uttering any words for a few seconds, then speak again. "According to my observation, she also lost her memories." He was still calm as he mentioned the condition of the patient.

Though a middle-aged woman and young lady were a bit astounded by what they heard about Sabrina's situation.

"How long will it take, Doc Gio?" Mrs. Mildred asked again.

"I don't know due to the fact that the accident happened in a severe way." Her brain is almost affected by it, so I can't tell when." The doctor explained.

The conversation ended. Now, the patient was transferred to a new room to let her wounds heal.

It was a few days ago that Doc Gio encountered the amnesia girl who has brown and black hair complexion with thick eyelashes and the nurse whom he assigned for taking care the lady. He frowned as he went to where they were hanging around.

"What are you doing here when it seems cold now?" Asking them who were startled by his sudden appearance.

"Doc Gio!" The nurse said this with her eyes getting wider. "Sorry, she is insisting that I go with her." As she apologized in a prompt.

Then, Sabrina interrupt, "Can you please give me a minute to stare at the bright sky?" She has spoken now after getting into an accident the reason that Doc Gio gaze his eyes on her.

He replied, "Nothing will change whether you view that clear sky or not. It's simply part of an illusion." A doctor is trying to be nice, but sarcasm feels inside of him.

"But I have to." Sabrina protest.

His being a bit strict was not effective on this lady. He can't believe that someone like him, a professional doctor will merely disobey by the patient like Sabrina.

He did nothing but talk with the two, maintaining smooth communication. "Alright, you have fifteen minutes before returning to the room. Understood?"

A nurse agreed with humility, "Yes, we will." Later, Doc Gio walked away them.

The next day, he saw them again for another night, staying outside the building. He came near, but Sabrina is watching the stars and doesn't care about the man in front of him.

A nurse is silent and has nothing to say because she is just insisting on accompanying the patient again. She felt impatient with what Sabrina doing to convince her.

"I said earlier, isn't? It's not good to sit here this cold night." Doc Gio mentioned glancing at the nurse and then at the amnesia girl.

"I can't see stars during the day." Sabrina answered as her confrontation without a surprise on the face.

"Nurse Kea, what did I say last night? You know how unsafe it is for her health to stay in this kind of situation." Doc Gio responded to the nurse instead to Sabrina.

"Doc..." as she continued to explain, but he stopped her.

"Either you want it or not, two of you will go inside now!" Suppressing his frustration but still using authority to let the nurse follow him. "I will no longer see you here next time.

"No!" Sabrina said. "I need to remain here; I have to see other stars appear." Doc Gio is not giving her a chance anymore, and his order should be obeyed.

"Nurse Kea!" A sign that she must follow the order of a doctor, so she pushed the wheel chair inside the hospital.

Sabrina still says something, but she can't control it. She thinks she lost the chance to view the sky with so many stars.

The following day, Doc Gio have visited Sabrina's room to check on her condition. He stated, "I would like to check if your body condition is good."

Sabrina is not responding yet and only sees her eyes in the ceilings. Afterwards, she felt like she had urinated so she stood up, but Doc Gio stopped her.

"Where will you go?" As the guy promptly examined Sabrina.

The lady didn't respond and continued to reach the door however, the doctor grabbed her arms.

"Hey!" Doc Gio mentioned with a bit of frustration.

Sabrina just looked at him without uttering any words.

"I will let you outside if you tell me where you are going." The doctor explained.

This makes the lady urge to say that she is supposed to do her necessity because she feels uncomfortable now.

"I need to go to C.R.," she said shortly.

Doc Gio nodded and said, "Okay! Nurse Kea, kindly go with her in the C.R."

The nurse touched Sabrina's arms and guided her to the toilet.

When the evening came, Doc Gio was going toward his office when he heard a loud sound coming from Sabrina's room. He immediately ran there and got inside; his eyes frowned after he saw what happened to the lady.

Sabrina is on the floor, and the hospital stuff beside her fell down. She was trying to stand by herself but her legs couldn't move properly.

"What are you doing?" He raised his voice by the time he gazed upon the position of a lady on the floor.

Doc Gio almost bit his lips for that scene, so he didn't think anymore, then let the nurse behind him help Sabrina stand.

"Look at yourself." He stated that he was pointing his finger. "Those things." The hospital stuffs clattered down the bed. He breathed heavily while speaking.

"I just want to go to the comfort room." Sabrina answered directly.

"You must consider asking for our nurse to assist you, and this will not happen." The guy is really trying to calm his voice because of what he saw. "Nurse Kea, please help her to proceed to the toilet." He ordered it then.

"Yes, doctor." The nurse responds immediately, and she holds Sabrina's arms until they enter the C.R. While, Doc Gio called their janitors to clean these scattered and broken things from the floor.

"Go to my office after you clean this room." He reminds them, and he also goes back to his own room to refresh himself.

He was thinking that every day Sabrina was turning his mood bad. Doc Gio didn't know why he felt that way, even though it was normal for him as a doctor who handles different kind of patients and is more stubborn than Sabrina. There's something about her that makes his blood lift up.

It was 7:00 in the morning when Doc Gio went home as his best friend Lorenz started his duty.

"Oh, you did overtime again uh!" His bestfriend chuckled.

"Yeah, my patients need me." He jokes then that seems doesn't want to talk about what he encountered with Sabrina last night.

As his friend divert the question, "Anyway, when is the time we go out together after a duty?" Doc Lorenz smiled while waiting for his answer.

"I don't know, brad since I have a hectic schedule. Next week?" It was such an uncertain reply to his friend.

Doctor Gio is known for being dedicated to his job. He prioritizes his work here in the hospital before his own enjoyment outside. He's both a physician and surgeon, so it's hard for him to make time for some pastimes.

When he got home, he closed the door securely before going into his bedroom. Lay down there and try to sleep until the time reaches 1:00 PM.

Gio heard his stomach is growling, so he went in the kitchen to cook for lunch.

Mrs. Mildred is holding Sabrina's hand to guide her towards the room. As she is accompanying the lady, they have crossed paths with Doctor Gio.

The middle-aged woman approached him warmly and said, "Hello, Doc Gio you're here."

The man smiled a bit, but it faded when his eyes turned to the lady. Sabrina is currently reading a book about which Doc Gio has furrowed his brow. He notices that the book is about laws. He can't believe it. He ought to have interposed that, but his bestfriend Lorenz came.

"Hey, you're finally here." He stated it clearly. "I have my overtime tonight till 4:00 AM." He continued.

"Yeah, me uhmm just at this time."

Mrs. Mildred was shaking her head while leaning over the two handsome doctors.

"So, your load schedule is not the same now?" She asked.

"Yeah, Mrs. Mildred." Doctor Lorenz answered along with it and he stared at his watch. "Anyway, I should go. I have a patient who needs to visit right now." It seems alarming to him that there's something to do about.

"I have to go." Lorenz said to leave them.

Doc Gio agreed and said a brief goodbye to Mrs. Mildred. "You can take her now to the room." He commanded.

"Yeah, Doc. We have just gone outside to unwind, and she likes to go there." Pointing out the lady beside her.

Sabrina is quietly holding the book while observing Mrs. Mildred and the doctor. She doesn't want to interrupt their conversation since Doctor Gio is not comfortable with her.

"Whereas, you didn't allow to go outside when it was already cold in the evening." Keep telling them again about the health protocol.

"Yes, Doc Gio." A middle-aged woman agreed, and Sabrina sounded out in a moment.

"Can't I see the stars now?" She looked at the doctor, aiming to convince him.

Gio breathes heavily. "No, Miss. You need to heal first." He stated it directly. "You have to follow the health policy and my order as your doctor." Gazing as if talking to Sabrina.

Afterwards, the lady didn't say anything. Mrs. Mildred spoke. "Ok, doctor. We're sorry." She mentioned it timidly.

He just nodded. "If you have some questions, you can call me there in my office." Still swaying his head to the middle-aged woman and to the lady.

"Sure, Doc." In a while, he steps away then proceeds to his room to wear his uniform.

"Please wash yourself first before going to sleep, uh." Mrs. Mildred said when they entered the room.

Sabrina nodded in response, later went inside the toilet.

"I will stay here until 6:00 tomorrow morning." The middle-aged woman uttered.

"You don't need to. I can handle myself, Mrs." Sabrina seriously said.

Mildred sighed, "You're not good yet, Miss and don't be ashamed for doing this you."

Sabrina has no choice since no one can help her like what Mrs. Mildred did. She only agreed without any question and replied, "Thanks." She smiled in a slight and lay her body on bed.

It was almost 5:00 in the afternoon, and Sabrina was simply roaming through the garden. When she was tired, she got her book and read it. One hour had passed, she didn't realize that it was getting dark. Until, Doctor Gio saw her again as he passed through the hospital building. He stopped and approached her.

"I told you earlier, right?" As he interrupts while the lady is not feeling his presence. In a few moments, Sabrina was distracted as he spoke in front of her again.

"I'm first waiting for the stars there." She directed her finger to the stars above.

"The stars?" Doc Gio sneered. "You went here just for that? Miss, your health has not yet recovered. You have to take care of yourself, uh!"

Sabrina ignored him, and her eyes kept moving around by herself as the reaction. She didn't speak any words but silence.

"Now, kindly go outside." He ordered but Sabrina remain quiet. "If you wouldn't, I'm the one who will..." It stopped him when the lady have ran away and he left.

"Miss!" Pursuing to call her name but she ignored him. Doctor Gio breathe heavily again.

The next day, Sabrina is only reading her book alone when Mrs. Mildred comes into her room. She beamed as a response.

"How's your condition?" She asked her.

"Nothing the same." Her reply in a short but straight answer. This is how the lady respond to every conversation she have encountered.

"Uh, why?" The middle-age woman confused.

"I don't know." Leaning her shoulder then return her eyes in the book. It really seems not interested to talk a lot more.

Mrs. Mildred didn't say anything too and continued to assist the things that Sabrina needs. She understand her situation. It is also a result of her accident and having memory lost. She was hoping that Sabrina easily could heal her conditions soon.

In the morning, she brought Sabrina in the garden. It made her glad as staring in the beautiful and colorful garden.

"I moved you here to get some fresh air. Inside the hospital is too much suffocating for you." Mrs. Mildred informed the lady.

Sabrina nodding and fix her eyes again to the plants and flowers around them until the other patients who also staying here for relaxation.

In several seconds, her head hurts but she doesn't show it to the woman beside of her. But, it noticed so Sabrina was asking by Mrs. Mildred.

"Are you alright?" A middle-aged woman seems worry about her.

"Yeah." She lied and pretended that just not a serious matter to talk about.

The middle-aged woman have seen Doctor Gio and Lorenz coming towards the path of an exit. She called them, "Doc!"

"Hello, Mrs. Mildred." It was Doc Lorenz the first one who approach her in a nice manner.

"You're here, Mrs. Mildred." Doctor Gio said. In a few minutes of their conversation, it caught his attention from the book holding by Sabrina. He frowned his head about that thing when he saw the book title- is a Human Psychology and on her lap is Anatomy.

Doctor Gio can't believe of what she find out about the lady that made him curious but in a remark of sarcasm. He continued talking to his friend and to Mrs. Mildred that appeared he was observing none.

When he got home, he couldn't get over what he noticed earlier. The book that Sabrina reading. It was non-sense to think of but turns him into guessing what does all about. How that weird lady interested in law and medicine.

Several days ago that Sabrina confined to the hospital. Her wounds and injury keep healing except the memories. She was dreaming but can't see clearly. It turned Sabrina from moving her head by side until she awakened and slowly blinking her eyes. Then, she noticed Mrs. Mildred was packing their things at the table that made her to ask.

"What's going on here?"

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