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Hi! I'm Sophia Brown and I just entered an Art High School! Squeee! But don't be surprised if drama had a way of showing up.

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2nd April, 2019

"Are you sure you did your homework?" Ms. James, the teacher asks me as she stared at my book.

I know that sometimes, I don't do my assignments but this time I did! I really did!

"Ur.. yes I did."

"Your 'yes' doesn't sound so strong."

"Check if you don't believe me."

I open the book to the specific page sticking it in her face.

"Well, that's a first."

Well, that was rude! I drop it on her desk as I trail back to my seat at the back. I hunch over my seat as I bring out my favourite book and start reading while the teacher steps out of the classroom. Everyone is talking with their friends at their desks while I sit alone reading a book. I was a shy person who talks to no one but things and imaginary people. Some say I'm mad, but I don't care. I find talking to people a load of tasks so I'm mostly on my own. Ms. James comes back and it is a mad scuttle to the seats.

"Alright class. Welcome to the first half of the semester. As you know, we train the best people in art in the world. And the main rule is: if you don't make the three teams, you're dropping out."

There's a wave of sadness in the room. Surely, no one wants to drop out.

"I've assigned you into 6 teams: Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Silver, Gold and Diamond. I'll call out the people: Gemma, Alicia, Mary, and Isla; you're in the Emerald group. Tina, Mira, Angela and Brooke; you're in the Sapphire group. Alya, Janette, Charlotte and Cyprus; your in the Ruby group. Andrea, Stephanie, Emma and Mia; you're in the Silver group. Elena, Bianca, Gabriella and Alessia; you're in the Gold group and... Mirabelle, Sophia, Francessa and Grace; you're in the Diamond group. Do well." Ms. James says as she leaves us.

Oh great! I'm stuck with some people I don't even know! They come to my seat.

"So you're the new girl?" Francesca snaps as she looked at me.

Geez! What's her problem? She looks like a spoilt brat!

"Come on Francessa; don't be so mean to her," Grace says.

"Yeah, she's only new," Mirabelle adds.

My new 'friends' are defending me, while I sit there looking dumb.

They don't know my secret yet. And you don't know it!

"I...um...yeah...I'm...new." I stutter.

"Stammerer! I'm pretty sure your brain goes...koo-koo!"

"Um...no..." I stuttered as I ran off in embarrassment.

'Come back Sophia!" Grace shouts as she and Mirabelle run after me. I run along the corridor and lock myself in the janitor's closet.

"That was close." I sigh in relief.

I'm too scared to tell them the real truth.

"That's not how I planned to spend my first day."

I bring out my small pocket journal; the only thing I have that reminds me of my dad and start writing in it when I heard knocks on the door.

"Sophia? Come out please."

"Um... uh... who's there?"

"Ms. James."

Oh no! I was going to be in serious trouble with her.

"Uh, no one's here?"

"Very funny."

I hear the lock click and she opened the door.

"Are you okay? I saw you running off in terror."

"Um.. yes... I..."

"It's okay. I understand it may be a bit tough for you but it's okay; you can always talk to me in case of anything. I understand your condition but are you sure you want to stay here with us?"

I don't want to give up my dream of being an artist; even with my condition.

"Ur...Yes, I want to stay... I can handle it."

"Okay? Well, don't let me catch you here in the janitor's closet; it's out of bounds."


I dust myself as I go to the art room for a bit of drawing (drawinh is my own way of quiet time and talking with all the cool equipment there!)

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