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It was a normal, boring day in the classroom. Until a horde of barbarians stormed in, killing us all. Based on a real dream I had.

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Around we go

The boredom that a classroom can exude is enough to get you killed. For the past five minutes, my head is completely collapsed on my desk. In front of me, the maths physics professor endlessly writes equations on the board.

Around me, classmates take notes and solve exercises. I am well hidden behind Danny, a tall friend who at times of need covers me from the professor's judgemental eyes when I can't resist but take a nap.

The only way out of this room is two doors. One on the left and one on the right. The clock above the board is frozen.

I don't feel like doing anything. Not now, not after class, not ever. Home is too far away, as well as the future. The clock is frozen, and the moment is eternal.

As suddenly as it gets, the right door falls and the professor turns to look at the ones who get in. Scrawny figures, completely pale, with bags beneath their eyes and almost artificial pitch-black, spiked hair. One is wielding an axe while another towers over the rest in height and width.

They storm the class with screams and soon their face is filled with the blood of the classmates who fight back. The axe flies up and down as the unarmed barbarians bury their bare hands in the soft human skin, as the tiger buries its own inside a helpless gazelle.

I wake up.

For reasons unknown, I find myself inside a trash can, where people's litter have created a powerful stench, awful enough to wake me up and make me get out. The left door is just next to me, and I attempt to see through it. No use, the classroom is silent and dark, and the door is locked. An almost soothing smell of blood comes from inside.

I decide to move forward. A long, neverending hallway with no twists or turns. Doomed to walk forever. But not much time passes before I find another trash can and another surviving classmate.

-Mary, stand up,

I tell her picking her up from the trash can. She looks worried.

-Danny is outside in the rain. He will get hit by a lightning storm!

Everyone knows you never get outside when it rains. Danny will be hit and will die. We'll all die.

We run towards the never-ending hallway. Lockers were situated on both sides. Grey and untouched. They were looking at us We looked forward. At last, we found a door. It led outside, where Danny was indeed waiting. A small dog was in front of him.

A brown dog with black stripes was wet from the pouring rain which became worse and worse. Danny looked at it with terrifying eyes but couldn't stop petting it.

-You will die, Danny, you will die.

we yelled at him but to no avail. As if we were heroes, we jumped outside, in the rain, and grabbed his shoulders. There was another door ahead. This little outside area was nothing but an extension of the hallway. Danny was too big to move. We started hitting him, wanting to get him to drop unconscious. When unconscious, his soul will temporarily leave his body, and he will be much lighter.

But to no avail. We were too late and a bolt of lightning struck. It struck our heads, making our hair spiked like in cartoons. But the dog wasn't as lucky. It got fried. Danny, not being able to resist, took a small bite of the hot, fried meat. He then followed us back inside.

Prison bars were separating us from the rest of the hallway. A door like one in jail cells was there and helped get out, but more bars, identical to the ones before were now ahead. Another door we crossed only to find more bars.

Mary screamed. How could this happen to us? She squished her head inside the tight bars so hard it made a dent on her skull, but she was now certain she didn't see any more bars ahead. We were free to cross this final door, but there were more bars in the next room.

Amongst some trash bags, we found another classmate. Saun quickly stood up to greet us. Now, the four of us crossed more and more rooms of bars. This time, we were certain to our bones that there was no room ahead.

We triumphantly entered the last one, only for some fresh, burning tar to fall on our heads, making our spiked hair pitch-black. After cursing the gods, we kept moving, saddened to find out that there were more rooms with bars ahead.

On the first one, a similar fate followed. Bags of flour fell on us, making our skin completely pale, contrasting with our hair. Before we could curse the gods once again, loud barks were heard.

The dog's friends were mad at Danny for tasting their friend, and they were now in front of us, hungry to taste us as payback. Saun quickly grabbed an axe he found in the side and shoved it on the dog's head. The rest quickly fell back and we continued along in the hallway.

The first turn was now ahead of us. We turned right after walking from that original trash can for what seemed like a year to me. But I shouldn't be fooled. Clocks are frozen and this instance is eternal.

This hallway was endless. We walked and walked in a straight line, never to find another turn again. Never stop. No disruptions, no annoyances. Just walking. Walking until our legs started shaking. Walking until bags formed beneath our eyes. Walking until we found a door.

A door made of iron bars with a lock on it. Despite it being transparent, we couldn't see what was behind it.

"To achieve freedom you must get the key from the room at your right. To do that, you must kill everyone inside." it wrote on it.

We turned our heads right automatically, in what was the second right turn in this hallway. A single, oddly familiar door was in sight and we went near it.

Danny looked through the lock to see what was awaiting us. He stood there, speechless.

-What is it? Saun asked.

Danny wouldn't move.

-What is it? Mary asked.

Danny wouldn't move.

-What is it? I asked.

Danny slowly rose, his eyes widely opened as his jaw dropped. Wrinkes formed on his terrified face as he seemed like he couldn't catch a breath. His pupils were shaking and small tears fell on his face. What happened? What could he possibly have seen?

I pushed away my other two classmates and looked through the mysterious lock. Inside the classroom was the frozen clock. Our professor is writing equations. Danny, Mary, and Saun as well as the rest of our classmates took notes and I was there, laying on my desk. I now knew what he saw. He saw us. And I saw us. I saw myself.

With slow movements, I turned to my classmates. Our tar-covered hair spiked from the lighting strike. Our pale skin from the bags of flour. The bags beneath our eyes, from the tiring walk and the axe Saun held. Danny was behind us, towering over us.

The door opened, and we stormed inside.

I woke up, for real this time, sweat flooding my head.

I need to stop watching horror movies before bed.

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