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Death in inevitable, it cannot be avoided yet many people escaped its hands but here's a victim who did her best to remain the last person standing even though she was friends with Death...

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The Room

"Alya! Are you okay?" Renne asked me at school.

I couldn't say I was ok for sure; I had this strange tingle down my spine and I was feeling uncomfortable. We were at the bleachers during

"Was it Mr. Stakes again?"


I had this same expression before because I was sexually harassed by Mr. Stakes until his arrest.

"I just been having this strange dream and it's been reoccuring; something about people I loved dying."

"Hmmm.... you seem to look shaken up; should I call your boyfriend to talk to you?

"As long as I'm talking to him, you're holding my hand."


She dashed off to get James, my boyfriend while I brought out Ms. Penelopye(my stuffed rabbit from my jacket and cuddled it tightly.)

Renne came later with James, my boyfriend but by then, Penelope was safely tucked away in my pocket.

"Hey babe, what's going on?"

"I don't know." I said as my eyes turned into a waterfall. James embraced me in his arms, stroking me like a cat. He carried me in his arms.

"Let's get you home; you'll feel safer there."

He carried me home after school and then took me upstairs to bed, while Renne went to her house. Luckily, Mum wasn't home.

"Should I stay with you?"

"Sure. Please do."

I felt uneasy at first;my mind was racing my heart pounding in my chest but I slowly wriggled into the arms of sleep.

This is where it began.... in my dream...

I was outside in the garden watering the pumpkins with James when I heard a ''SCREAM!" I turned around and rushed over. Ms. Presley, my neighbour also counsellor, was dead on the ground, with a doll in her chest. I heard another scream, it was Phoebe, my other best friend, Ms. Presley's only daughter; she was also dead with a doll in her chest.

I shot back up awake, trembling in fear. I could hear my heart beating so loud, I thought it might pop out and lay on the floor. I was panting, my palms sweating, teeth chattering.

"Babe, are you ok? Did you have a nightmare?"

"Yes I did, but I thought it was real; Ms. Presley and Phoebe died in my dream."

"Well, that was no dream at all." he said.

What the-?

He took me downstairs and outside. Ms Presley really was dead with a doll in her chest; Phoebe too.

"Is this what you saw?" He asked.

"Yes, and that doll; it's the same doll."

"Sophia, are you sure you're ok? Everything is fine?"

"I honestly don't know."

I reluctantly stepped closer to Ms. Presley, holding back my tears. A tear flew out of my eyes. I dried them but something odd happened; the doll disappeared.

I tried dusting my eyes and pinched myself to see if I was in a dream; it was no dream.

"Ms. Presley?" I cried as I touched her.

She was truly dead.

"Call the ambulance James." I instructed.

In seconds, the ambulance came rushing in, carrying Ms. Presley and Phoebe.

"Will they be okay?"

"I'm sure they will be." one of the responders said, trying to lift my spirits.

The ambulance dashed off leaving James and me there.

"Hmm... how can your dream be the exact same thing that just happened here? Something's fishy about it."

"Do, let's get to the bottom of the fish." I replied sarcastically.

"Maybe, stay over Renne's house tonight? Maybe that'll clear your head."

We went over to Renne's house while she was waiting at the front door.

"I saw an ambulance at Ms. Presley's house, I hope nothing bad happened."

"Well, it is strange but Sophia said she saw a doll on her chest and she did looked unconscious, I think Sophia's nightmare is haunting her."

''What's causing the nightmare?"

"I don't know. But let's cuddle up together and see if that helps her."

We went inside where she prepared all my favourite snacks for us. I munched on some crisps like I had no care in the world.

"Someone's hungry."

"What? When you're hungry, I can stuff you inside my mouth and swallow in one gulp!" I explained imitating it.

"I'm glad you're filled up. Feeling scared."


"Great. Let's sleep but with the lights on in case of nightmares."

We snuggled into our sleeping bags.

"Good night babe." James said as he kissed me good night.

I cuddled Penelope tightly as I slept off.

There was a buzzz!

"What happened now?"

"Sorry, the ambulance person just called: Ms. Presley and Phoebe died."


I started to cry again, cuddling Ms. Penelope tightly now, nearly choking her.

"It's ok." James reassured as he stroked me again on my back.

"Let's not end the night on a bad note; this afternoon was a mere disaster."

Then, the nightmare started.

This time, I was at home with Renne and James when James decides to get some drinks from the fridge. Renne paints my nails when I hear a "CRASH!" We rush inside and find James lying down on the floor unconscious with the same doll in his chest. We call the ambulance and they rush him to the hospital. We pray earnestly for his survival but some minutes later, they called and said he was dead.

I shot back up awake again, my mind racing and my heart pounding harder now like it'll explode.

Unfortunately, that dream too existed.

"Uh.. where's James?"

"He... was taken to the hospital."


"And some other people were reported dead with a doll that looked like a rabbit was on their chest; I wonder what that means?"

"Yeah me too. I must go home; Mum would be looking for me."

I raced off out of the door home. Ms Penelope was in my hands again as I bolted the door and dropped to the floor. I called out to Mum, thinking she was home.

"Mum? Hello?"

I heard nothing but cackling.

'Who's there?"

No one replied. I ran into the kitchen and armoured myself with nothing but a sieve and an iron pan. The cackling got louder and louder now. It was coming from the bedroom. I summoned my courage and charged upstairs and brome the door down. Mum was on the floor with a pool of blood surrounding her and then the doll again.

"Mum!" I cried as I dropped to the floor, sobbing but then I saw that same doll I saw again.

"You again!"

Then the doll said, "Yes... It's me, Ms Penelope."

"Ms. Penelope?!"

The doll I carried everywhere, the doll I loved and the doll I hid from people was the doll in my dream?! This was insane!

"Why are you doing this? I loved you, kept you neat and now, you're killing everyone I love?

"You hid me from the whole world to see so that you won't be a laughing stock so killing everyone would be great so you don't have to hide anything again."

"You selfish thing!" I snapped.

I threw the sieve at her face knocking her down.

Big mistake!

She jumped on me, strangling me. I tried to bite her hands but she refused. She knocked me down as I strangled for my life. I never knew I had to fight death alone. I strugggled and kicked furiously for my life. Ms. Penelope had found her way to my chest, brought out a dagger and stabbed it in. I fought hard to chase away the nightmare but the nightmare itself had greater strength than I could ever have. I closed my eyes. I just had to...

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Oghene Bassey Hi everyone. I write stories mostly in first person narrative. My genres of stories are usually: romance (young adult & contemporary), science fiction(dystopia) and teen fiction. Never be afraid to share new ideas on how to improve my stories. Enjoy reading through my stories. 😁😀✌️

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Kang'ara Mungai Kang'ara Mungai
Such a nice horror story I would love if you continued it
November 16, 2023, 08:47

  • Oghene Bassey Oghene Bassey
    Thanks. I'm not so good in writing horror stories because this is the first one, but thanks. 😁😄 January 01, 2024, 11:28
  • Kang'ara Mungai Kang'ara Mungai
    You should really make more horror stories this on is good and I think you can make another great horror story 😃😁 January 09, 2024, 11:29