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The origin of universe

"According to my understanding, our galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy, as well as every other galaxy, is akin to an atom, and our universe is comprised of an incredibly vast collection of molecules of immense sizes beyond our imagination. In this analogy, our sun can be likened to an electron, while each solar system within our galaxy consists of a single electron. The planets in our solar system are minute particles that orbit around electrons in their electron belts, which are yet to be fully understood. Asteroids, akin to dead electrons, are fragmented parts of electrons.

Therefore, we can comprehend that we inhabit particles present within an atom, which are minuscule compared to electrons, still undiscovered in their entirety. This implies that within the atoms composing us, there exist particles that sustain life, possibly similar to us.

If we were able to observe at such a minuscule scale through a microscope, where electrons appear to be the size of planets, we would observe the rest of the atom, excluding the nucleus, electrons, asteroids, and other tiny particles, to be black, resembling the universe, indicating a vacuum.

Additionally, there might exist black holes or wormholes. Through research, we would find that in this world, each subword holds its own meaning concerning black holes.

'Black' refers to its color and is composed of negative energy, essentially negatively charged particles (electrons).

(You might wonder how such electrons are present in a black hole without any nucleus, and how black holes remain stable without protons and a nucleus.)

Indeed, these black holes are formed under extremely high pressure, where, if a body were to fall, the blood would exert immense pressure, potentially causing the body to burst. This pressure causes electrons to become so closely packed that they begin to merge with each other, with their repulsion countered by the circular boundary, thereby decreasing the repulsion due to the formation of a tangent at a 90-degree angle on the boundary. The merged parts resist breaking the inter-electron bond.

Consequently, when electrons draw close to each other, they form a cylindrical hole rather than a spherical shape due to the absence of a nucleus in between. Even if more than two or three electrons merge into a single electron, the repulsion force would surpass the inter-electronic bond, preventing the formation of a black hole.

Therefore, it may be challenging to believe, but yes, black holes consist of a single layer of electrons.

Furthermore, if one were to fall into a black hole, they would not perceive anything because the high pressure within would cause the brain to cease function, while blood would escape the body. Each atom of the body would disintegrate, with electrons and protons being absorbed into the negative energy of the black hole, where electrons are added while protons are annihilated. Even the soul, considered immortal, would become mortal and be obliterated, as it is composed of positive energy, which is absorbed by the high concentration of negative energy within the black hole, rendering it stable.

Despite their name, black holes are unstable, exemplified by their continual growth as they consume planets to absorb their positive energy. This mirrors the tendency of everything in this world to strive stability.

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