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Title: Till We Meet Again Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Unconventional Love Story Summary: There was a little girl. There was a little boy. They met in an orphanage. The boy is an orphan. The girl is the daughter of one of the sponsors who donates at the orphanage. The girl dislikes the boy but eventually he won her heart. And they become fast friends. But one day, the boy disappears. Years passed by so fast. But the girl is still hoping that someday she will meet him again. In the dim glow of an early morning sunrise, a delicate haze clung to the orphanage grounds. It was a place of laughter and carefree shouts, where children's echoes danced in the air like fleeting dreams. Yet, amidst the vibrant tapestry of voices, a figure emerged, solitary and contemplative. Althea, adorned in the elegance of privilege, walked towards the orphanage with a heart that yearned for more than her life of abundance could offer. As her footsteps whispered against the cobblestones, Althea's gaze alighted on a tousled-haired boy engrossed in a world of vibrant toy cars. His fingers traced the lines of miniature vehicles, unaware of the curious presence drawing near. A mischievous smile tugged at Althea's lips as she inquired about his playful pursuits, but the boy, Caleb, startled and unsure, met her gaze with guarded suspicion. "Who are you?" Caleb's voice held a wary edge, the walls of self-preservation evident in his guarded eyes. "I am Althea," she replied, a genuine warmth infusing her words. "My father, a silent benefactor of this haven, has brought me here today. And you, young sir, what name do you carry?" "Caleb," his response was tinged with reticence, as if his very name bore the weight of the world's uncertainties. Days turned into weeks, and Althea's persistent determination chipped away at Caleb's guarded facade. Their shared laughter echoed through the halls, and stories danced in the air like confetti, as Caleb gradually unveiled the tapestry of his past. Althea, amidst her privilege, discovered an irreplaceable gem in the form of Caleb's friendship. But time, that relentless master, wove its web, and before long, Caleb's radiant spirit began to wane. He slipped away like a fleeting shadow, leaving Althea with unanswered questions and an aching heart. Despite the passage of years, Althea's soul remained tethered to the memory of Caleb, a beacon of hope that burned brighter with each passing day. The tapestry of fate would not leave their lives untouched. Amidst a bustling cityscape, Althea, now a poised and accomplished woman, found herself immersed in a sea of faces. Her life had taken her far from the orphanage, but her heart's compass remained fixed on an unfinished chapter. And then, like a page torn from destiny's script, their paths collided once more. Recognition mingled with disbelief as Althea stood face-to-face with a figure she had spent years searching for. Caleb, now a man burdened by time's relentless march, met her gaze with confusion etched in his features. "It's me, Althea," her voice quivered with emotion. "Don't you remember? Our laughter, our shared dreams, the bond we forged in the embrace of innocence?" A furrow formed on Caleb's brow, his memory an elusive puzzle piece that refused to slot into place. "I'm sorry, I don't recall," his words hung heavy, a shroud of detachment veiling his once-vibrant eyes. Before Althea could anchor her heart to disappointment, Caleb's figure receded, fading into the urban tapestry like a fleeting apparition. Tears welled in Althea's eyes, cascading like crystalline streams of longing. "Caleb," her whisper carried the weight of a thousand memories, "till we meet again." And so, their destinies entwined, Althea's heart clung to the fragile thread of hope, a silent promise etched in the fabric of their story, daring to believe that someday, two souls torn asunder would find their way back to each other, completing a tale of unconventional love and unbreakable bonds. From the Series "Unconventional Love Story"

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Prologue: Till We Meet Again

In the ethereal embrace of a dawn painted in soft hues, the orphanage stood as a haven of whispers and laughter, where hopes took flight like fragile butterflies. Amidst this lively tapestry, a figure stepped forth, a solitary silhouette against the backdrop of youthful mirth. Althea, a vision of elegance in her opulent attire, embarked on a journey into a world unbeknownst to her, seeking something beyond the confines of her privileged existence.

Her steps, a delicate dance upon cobblestones, led her towards a scene of innocence personified. A tousled-haired boy, Caleb, sat immersed in a symphony of toy cars, his eyes tracing arcs of vibrant possibilities. Unbeknownst to him, a curious presence approached, as Althea's lips curled into a playful smile, curiosity alight in her eyes.

"Pray tell, young sir, what world captivates your imagination?" Her voice held the allure of an enchantress, drawing him from his reverie.

Startled, Caleb's gaze lifted, locking onto Althea's. Suspicion etched lines of uncertainty on his youthful features as he responded, his voice cautious and edged with caution, "And who, might I inquire, are you?"

"I am Althea," her introduction was a gentle caress of syllables, extending an invitation to an uncharted connection. "My presence here is borne of familial benevolence. And you, dear boy, what name graces your existence?"

"Caleb," he replied, his words cautious like a deer poised on the cusp of the unknown.

Time flowed like a river, weeks weaving threads of camaraderie between Althea and Caleb. Laughter became their shared anthem, stories the tapestry of their friendship. Yet, amidst the sunlit days, a shadow took form. Caleb's spirit, once vibrant, began to fade like a whispered secret carried away by the wind. An aura of enigma encircled him, a prelude to the mystery that would cast a haunting shadow over their connection.

As seasons gave way to years, the crescendo of life's symphony ushered Althea into adulthood, her pursuits evolving into accomplishments that adorned her with grace. But her heart remained a canvas etched with the outline of a single missing piece – Caleb, a fragment of her past forever intertwined with her present.

Then, destiny's hand unfurled its tapestry once more, weaving threads of chance that pulled Althea into a bustling urban embrace. Amidst the kaleidoscope of faces, she stumbled upon a visage both familiar and foreign. Caleb, now a man cast in the mold of time's passage, stood before her, a puzzle with missing pieces.

"It's me, Althea," her voice trembled, a plea echoing through the chambers of their shared history. "Do you not recall the laughter we spun, the dreams we wove, the bond that tethered us when innocence reigned?"

Confusion clouded Caleb's eyes, the tapestry of memory frayed and fragmented. "I apologize, but I bear no remembrance," his words were a bittersweet lament, a chasm that yawned between them.

Before Althea's heart could fully grasp the weight of disappointment, Caleb slipped away, a phantom melting into the urban labyrinth. Tears painted her cheeks as the chasm widened, echoing with her whispered promise.

"Caleb, till we meet again."

Yet, unknown to them, shadowed figures lurked in the periphery, puppeteers pulling strings in the grand theater of their lives. Unseen hands would unravel the tapestry, revealing the truth behind Caleb's enigmatic disappearance, a mystery shrouded in echoes of a forgotten past.

And on the horizon loomed a specter, a looming threat that cast its pall over the future of Caleb and Althea, a storm that would challenge the very foundations of their bond. The strands of fate, entwined with mystery and danger, would draw them into a dance of uncertainty, testing the resilience of their love and the depths of their courage. As secrets whispered through the corridors of time, Althea and Caleb stood on the precipice of a destiny both fragile and formidable, their tale a symphony of love and intrigue yet to fully unfold.

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